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    This is ALMOST as classy as the Christmas card I received from a 1st grade grade teacher, her husband and two grade school kids posed with a whole bunch of survivalist gear and assault weapons. The joke was supposed to be about the Mayan calendar. It arrived on December 14, the day of the Sandy Hook massacre. I took one look at it and dropped it like it contained anthrax. If it weren’t for bad taste, some people would have no taste at all.

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    Typical that Republicans measure “The American Dream” by the yardstick of accumulated stuff. Talk about missing the point of FREEEEDOMMMM11!1

    And Mr. Bogg? This. I vote this post as being your best yet.

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    I say Hatmandu @8 for the win. Hilarious.

    All of this Bain and tax shelter stuff should more than disqualify Rmoney from getting the votes of anyone other than the 1%. Alas, the obscene amounts of cash the Swiftboat/Rove/Adelson superpacs are spending is more than a mite troubling.

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    Our friend Charlie Pierce is on this as well. I like how he puts things.

    “The problem is not that the attack on the nuns was a public relations debacle. The problem was that it was a thoroughgoing debacle. The problem is not that the institutional Church has an image problem. The problem is that the institutional Church is openly insane right now, and everybody can see it. The institutional Church, desperately attempting to reassert the authority it squandered during its days as an international conspiracy to obstruct justice, is barging around the landscape, reeling like a crazy person drunk on absinthe, doubling down on policies concerning human sexuality that people stopped following in 1965, and making life difficult for the fking Girl Scouts. This is behavior unsuitable for an authoritarian middle-school principal in Donkey’s Balls, Texas, let alone the Church of the Gospels.”

    Read more:

    Italics mine.

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    I see the talent for creating word salad is multi-generational.

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    Congrats to both winners. I voted for BartCatCopter for first and BartHilda for 2nd, so I was pleased that they both won.

    Funny thing is, I laughed out loud when I saw BartCat and didn’t even know why it was as funny as it is. So that’s pretty damn funny, huh?

    Also too, the whole voting thread that got hijacked by the anti-Barry O troll was hours of fun and amusement all by its ownself. All in all, a very entertaining tbogg weekend.

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    You answered your own question.

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    #4 was my favorite shopped entry, I lol’d. #1 made me laugh too, and I liked #5 for the concept.

    Win – #4
    Place – #5
    Show – #1