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    eCahn, you may want to consider keeping a check on the “pretentious git” aspect of your personality. At least in mixed company.

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    Brandon, you are improving. I was a bit disappointed on fatsters departure because of the occasional optimistic snark that made me chuckle, but I still read you most every day.

    I have been irked by some of your typos and confusing titles, and would like you to try to refine your summary phrasing so I can get your initial take on the topic. It’s OK if I may disagree with your opinion of the linked material, but at least it will give me a brief description of what I might be reading.

    You do cram a lot of material on the page. I probably won’t spend the time for a second cup of coffee on a Roundup, so if you carefully pick content and summarize with your take in the title, I will be more likely to follow 70% of your links instead of the 20% I do now.

    Also, I can’t disagree more with the comment that Truth-out, Counterpunch,and AlterNet etc are not worthy of display. Of course, that comment came from a dKos reader, so I will make allowances. :)

    I have my usual round of news sites, and you sometimes focus on less obscure sites that are repeats for me. Try digging deeper with an eye for insight into the extraordinary. Seek links and commonalities that compliment each other. And it’s OK to have a larger daily focus sometimes: poverty, inequality, banking, corruption, foreign, health, etc.

    You’ve done a good job with tough work. I can get what I think I want any time, so find what truly interests you and I may follow your passion and learn more than I ever knew.

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    Always playin’ it safe: follow the big unions, follow the big parties. I’d rather be a wobblie and vote Green than have on my head the small part of responsibility that my vote would have aided the corporate stooges. Oh, and thanks for that Dean Martin blast from the past. He sings the hell outta [...]

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    This is horseshit. I lived there from 1961 to 2004 and these snippets don’t even begin to scrape the surface of Puddletown. Besides, Portland is not all of Oregon. There are hokey hipsters in every village, but when it boils down to the folks and their foibles, this blurb is looking from the outside in. Not worth the read. Try again.

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    No pro here, just someone who killed enough plants to learn what works. Sad but true.

    There is a spot in my yard that you stand and when the breeze blows westward it smells of tangerine, orange, and tangelo blossoms; and when the wind is eastward it smells of lemon blossoms and roses. I just stand there until I’m ready to pass out.

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    90′s just north of Red Bluff CA today, zone 9a. Started eating our first strawberries last week: seascape and alpines. We’ve had lettuce from the greenhouse since Jan and Kale for the last month. Tomatillo and eggplant seeds are in and we almost forgot the okra when we planted.

    All of it in raised beds. Plant anything in ground and risk feeding the crabgrass. Mulching the trees keeps it away, but you just have to let it go among the raspberries if you want to grow in-ground. I sold my Dad’s old Troybilt because we just don’t do soil work anymore. The sheep and horse keep the boxes and pots full.

    All is blooming; aronia, goumi, oranges, tangelos, lemons, mandarins, medlar, azarole, pawpaws, and the olives are showing to be packed this year. The gravenstein apples bloomed well with only a hint of fireblight…whew. Peaches and nectarines took the lime-sulfur to heart and I only had leaf curl on one leaf from a redhaven I just planted. Fully drip irrigated and we had to start in april. Otherwise this country only grows oaks.

    My hardy kiwis look great on the trellis over the well house. Gotta plant two!

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    I tried cold-hardy bananas in the new greenhouse this year because in the norcal heat the citrus trees go dormant and I need the shade. The nanners grew so fast this last two weeks I had to put them in the ground. If they get 10-12 ft before they too slow down I will have [...]

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    That redhead in the back has it all goin on.

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    I dropped $40 at Dkos before I realized how vehemently they attack any dissent. The response that drove me off the site was Kos’s reply to a member considering a third party vote. He responded “Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. Banned” That was the last day I viewed the site. There was no recognition that [...]

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