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    I recall hearing very recently about a disabled guy (living in Europe) who had designed an app to provide accessibility information for various buildings and locations in Europe. They don’t have ADA there, so you can imagine his app filled quite a niche. You have to imagine not being able to visit a famous landmark because there isn’t an easy way for a disabled person to do it, becaue we haven’t had to in about 30 years.

    That Mike Lee is a complete dope who should have been laughed out of the room with all his “concerns.” The very fact that nobody did speaks volumes.

  • Hey, we DO get an “I Voted” sticker. It’s in the pamphlet we get with our ballots!
    I LOVE voting by mail, but then, I trust my local officials.

    I hope that if this is a squeaker, that two things will happen:
    1. People will seriously start to review vote by mail or other improvements to the existing systems.
    2. There will be a serious look at getting rid of the Electoral College.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this story. More of us need to do the same. I had an abortion in my early 20s – I was living on my own, didn’t have steady employment, and didn’t have health insurance. I also didn’t want to continue the relationship with the father. I considered adoption, but, [...]

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    Stewartm – I agree with your points. The stories about CHinese labor made me even gladder to not be an acolyte of Mr. Jobs and his “wonderful” products…. However, my point is that when confronted with these abuses, a company like Apple doesn’t need the threat of boycott – it just needs the threat of [...]

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    Hey Spocko! CPM here…I love this approach. And for those who say it doesn’t work, note the recent actions by Apple in light of various revelations about working conditions in China….they have taken action to clean up the situation over there, FoxConn has provided raises to employees, etc. (I know none of this is enough [...]

  • That was a response to 16.

  • but at some point we should cut back on something in order to try and stay within budget.

    That’s fine, except for two points:
    1. The GOP always, always refuses to cut a single penny from the Pentagon budget, citing that we will all be murdered in our beds if this happens.

    2. No Congress has EVER done this with disaster funding, so it is an obvious political ploy on the part of the far right to move the goalposts (yet again).

    Also, the fact is that cutting back on government spending isn’t the only way to balance the budget. There is also the issue of raising taxes. Which the GOP also refuses to do, even on people who make millions or billions of dollars and enjoy 15% tax rates. Because they’re “the producers” or something.

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    I posted on this over at Naked Capitalism, but beyond Ben’s Ivory Tower approach (“Why won’t these peasants buy cake?”), he also totally ignores the role of our “elites” in INSPIRING any kind of confidence.

    How are hundreds of millions of Americans supposed to feel confident when everyone in power denigrates their unemployment, blames the worker for a “skills deficit” instead of corporate masters for a “vision deficit”, refuses to prosecute a single banker who broke the world economy, and spends months and months wailing about Social Sec and Medicare, as though these teensy life supports had anything whatsoever to do with the Economic Collapse?

    Americans are rightly scared out of their wits, since it seems both the politicos and oligarchs are not just winning, but stomping their boots on the faces of the middle class.