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  • scrambler commented on the blog post US Aid In Syria Going To ISIS

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    Wasn’t the plan a little over a year ago to have ISIS in charge of the entire nation of Syria?? Wasn’t it?

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    I know this as I am an “essential” federal government employee and I have never not gone to work during a “government” shutdown. The one’s I have been involved with I just don’t get a paycheck or a full paycheck, then eventually I get back pay. More of the same.

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    You know how this works, it’s why the government shutdown ploy works so well in their minds. There is no such thing that has ever happened as they separate out “essential” employees who still have to go to work such as federal air traffic controllers. These federal government employees whom are “essential” continue to go [...]

  • I was simply answering spockos request in 121 not realizing he had already answered himself. Sorry.

  • Rush Limbaugh did throw out it’s a distraction from the border issues rather than Benghazi. So your number 3 point was hit within an hour…wrong issue however!

  • Regardless of his mental state, that is desertion plain and simple. Trauma can take many forms. You have the guy who walked in and simply started gunning civilians down (can’t remember his name), and you have the opposite reaction in Bergdahl’s case where he just walked away. Based on the Hastings article I read, I’m not sure his mental state was all that bad. What is a normal reaction when you experience trauma?

    What I am seeing and reading about the reactions to Bergdahl speaks to the sickness of this country in it’s entirety. This is yet another sick episode in the “war on terror”.

  • I read that entire article. And it’s why I don’t think if Bergdahl deserted it is a sign of mental illness. I would argue the opposite in fact.

  • In my opinion “desertion” may actually be an indicator of stable mental health rather than the opposite. I am speculating that he deserted, but I do think it is likely.

  • I’m not sure what you’re talking about. The Taliban exists whether we have solders or not. So if Bergdahl didn’t do what he did, the Taliban ends? What are you talking about? It’s 14 years and the Taliban exists still. Bergdahl is meaningless to the story of the Taliban.

  • “Desertion” is an interesting concept. alantx offered his opinion on the type of soldier Bergdahl was. I will offer mine. My guess is he witnessed crimes being committed by the military and simply got sick of it. You cannot go through “proper” channels. Bradley/Chelsea Manning is in prison going about it the way he/she thought he/she should. Let’s say a German soldier in 1943 showed up at a “final solution” camp and couldn’t do it. He simply one day walked off and turned himself over to enemies as a POW. How would we view that deserter?? Yes, I’m likely comparing apples to oranges but not really. Horror is horror. Many have differing levels of how much they can take. We have zero clue if Bergdahl turned himself in to Taliban or simply tried to escape and was caught by them.

    And in the end, all this is simply another sad tale of the empire.

  • So you were in Bergdahl’s unit to have an expert opinion on what type of soldier he was?

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    I agree. I’m close to 100 percent certain it was an inside job. You look at everything, it becomes almost as plain as day. I know this is anathema for a “liberal” to be declared a “truther” and agree with Alex Jones on this, but you know those conspiracy guys when everything is a conspiracy [...]

  • I don’t “know” it…I just think he’s FDLs version of Colbert but rather than portraying a right-wing media doofus, he’s portraying an Obamabot. I think he’s pretty talented. I’ve reached the point where I look forward to reading his inputs!

  • If he puts a tag it sort of defeats the purpose. I’m still a bit surprised people are still criticizing erik. He is 100 percent parody, I think it’s pretty awesome myself.

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    That’s fine. I understand it. Putin may be venal and Russia as well, but I think what people don’t understand is how his Crimea action is anywhere as close to as venal as our Iraq venality. I think what a lot of people don’t understand is how someone like McCain is aghast at this yet loved our Iraq action and again comparing the two is perhaps apples and oranges. From what I’ve read Ukrainian politics since the USSR breakup has been corrupt beyond comprehension regardless of whether US or Russia puppets the de-facto leader at the time. You ask 100 Ukrainians what they want you may get 100 different answers. Same as if you ask 100 Americans what they want. I do not want for this country what John McCain nor Barack Obama want for this country.

    Putin is an ego-maniacal leader of Russia, yeah, that tends to be how leaders of powers are. He is a homophobic douche…yes. I honestly don’t think Putin’s foreign policy is right now as venal as the US. Does he make weekly drone kill lists and perpetrate it throughout the world. did he impose “shock and awe” on Crimea? I think it’s just hard for many on here to look at the US belligerent foreign policy as better than Russia’s.

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    I’ll play billwarren. What do the Ukrainians want?? You complain no one mentions it then you proceed on about a 20 paragraph screed and not one time mention it. You wrote about what China wants. You go ahead and tell us exactly what the Ukrainians want.

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    Like here, why are you arguing with yourself? You spend an enormous amount of time debunking the CO2 climate change argument, which if you convince people would lead to them not really caring about CO2 emissions, but if that’s the case then the logical result would be for them to not really care then about [...]

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    My question metamars would be what do you know? How do you know that your particular point of view/research whatever is the correct one on this issue? How do you know that as you call them CO2 catastrophics are completely wrong and your particular research on the topic is correct? What makes you viewpoint on [...]

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    I think you are correct about this. Violence is loved…especially in this country. I go back to the NFC championship game, where Navarro Bowmann had his leg snapped in half….probably 10 to 20 percent of the lineman and linebackers will develop serious brain damage and die young and what really, really upset most Americans was [...]

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    You’re right. I was raised catholic and still attend mass…not sure if I’m still really catholic, but I can guarantee you I will not see that questionnaire ever that you linked at my church. I was aware it was being distributed and have actually looked at it. I did however get propaganda on Veteran’s Day [...]

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