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  • Scrappy commented on the blog post London Riots: The Boundaries of Freedom of Expression

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    “To relate this to the London rioters, it seems very likely that youths sent out messages without ever actually intending to commit arson, looting or vandalism. The messages would essentially be a political statement (albeit a militant one).”

    What a load of speculative hooey.

    2:21 PM There is no doubt that that BBM — Blackberry Messenger — is being used to organise disturbances. Again, I’ve had multiple sources confirm that this BBM message, encouraging people to loot in Enfield Town, was widely disseminated as early as 2pm on Sunday. It appears to have been the main message that was being shared, although there were variations.

    Everyone in edmonton enfield woodgreen everywhere in north link up at enfield town station 4 o clock sharp!!!! Start leaving ur yards n linking up with you niggas. Guck da feds, bring your ballys and your bags trollys, cars vans, hammers the lot!! Keep sending this around to bare man, make sure no snitch boys get dis!!! What ever ends your from put your ballys on link up and cause havic, just rob everything. Police can’t stop it. Dead the fires though!! Rebroadcast!!!!!”

    If you think that message is a political one you need to get your head examined. These riots should not be confused for actual legitimate public protest. The Met commissioner is absolutely right: “We need to separate grievance from criminality.”

    Good to see the people in the streets protesting the greed and power of corporate government…may it continue. And just and the corporate governments excuse the death and injury of “innocents” as collateral damage so let it be with the protesters.

    This would be good to see–if this is actually what happened! But it’s not. This should not be confused with the awesome and laudable UK Uncut action. This is anarchy and nihilism at its worst.