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    I want some fiscal sanity above all else at this point. As soon as the new congress is seated, you can bet the focus is bound to turn to deficit reduction. The first target will be entitlements of every sector, except the ones designated for corporations and businesses. Adding these additional billions on top of the deficit already in place is just going to make those cuts more severe for the ones least able to bear them.

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    No, I would not. You have to anticipate this being nothing more than theatrics with the Dems caving again in the end. Sad to say.

  • The amazing thing was that Obama pre-empted the capitulation that Boehner conceded he would have made by coming out front and capitulating voluntarily himself first. WTF? Good luck with ever trying to get these extensions curtailed in 2 years. Social security will be sacrificed before that ever happens. Obama is the front man for the international crime syndicate doing their best to drive this country into default and ruin.

  • Haven’t listened to Rhodes since 07 and wasn’t aware that she was a capitulator too. Who else is playing that line on the left? I wouldn’t tune Rhodes in anymore.

  • Since you are from Obama’s staff, I am requesting that you return individual campaign donations. You guys promised to let the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire. Yet, you deliberately kicked the can until after the midterm elections and then caved completely. Like the healthcare sellout, I believe you actually wanted the end result from the start.

  • Knox, we got to this point because we assumed that voting for the lesser of 2 evils was our only logical choice. That was a cave-in itself. We may have to take short-term losses to get the point across to the DNC and the DLC that we will not become members of the new Corporate Party of America. We must primary this corporate puppet or forever roll over and die.

  • You got that right. I’m just sorry someone else isn’t taking up the reins to primary this corporate puppet in 2012. We need a leader, not a capitulator. Obama has caved so many times, he’s become a fulltime spelunker.

  • I love you, Jane. Not only do I agree with you politically, but I love your passion and love to see your cute little face on the TV. Thanks for your service to the common people.

  • For several decades, Democrats were able to unite under one central theme; Labor. Despite all the haggling over peripheral issues, the party could always regroup under the flag of Labor, being that the economic well-being of an American labor force was paramount to most Americans. As American labor has diminished in the wake of Reaganomics, which gave the corporations the power to dissolve and reform using a cheap offshore labor force. Clinton’s NAFTA sellout further contributed to the erosion of an American labor force and the effect is still being felt today. American labor, which was once the central unification point for Democrats, has dissolved into a weakened shadow of its’ former self and barely exists today. The last remnants are in the service sector. Now the Democratic Party allowed this erosion to occurr with its’ DLC capitulation, so they have no one else to blame. The rest of us feel abandoned by both parties and desperately would like to find an alternative. So far, none exists.

  • I sure agree with that notion. I don’t recognize the Democratic Party anymore. It has compromised all its’ core principles. If anything, the Center wanted to see some results. Instead all they saw in 2 years of Obama was watered down legislation that was short on substance.

    It is time for Labor to form a party of its’ own. The Republicans have always ignored working people, if not had a disdain for them. But the Democrats are ignoring them too in recent history.

  • No sane, responsible American believes tax cuts across the board would be wise given the huge deficit spending occurring during the expenses of 2 wars. The first Bush tax cuts got us into this massive deficit, and extending them only exacerbates the problem. Because of the slowdown of this long recession, tax cuts for working middle class Americans might prove necessary to help spur growth. However, tax cuts for the wealthy at this time would be reckless and the resulting debt bubble created by it would draw the ire of all bond holders including myself. It is insanity to even consider it at this time.

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    Oh, I know. I agree with you.

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    So true, juslin. The rightwing Teaparty howled about the size of the deficit, but apparently they were insincere and just wanted tax cuts for the wealthy. Maybe we need a genuine Teaparty movement that scales back the size of the Military and its’ Industrial Complex that provides some real government savings and a balanced budget that doesn’t destroy the middle class. Most Americans could never seriously aspire to be super wealthy, but we once were able to aspire to be or remain middle class. Now we don’t know if we can do that much longer.

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    That cuts to the heart of the matter. When you have congressmen from your country bargaining for release of a man committing one of the worst national security breaches ever, then you know we have problems with this special relationship with Israel. That special relationship needs to end. We have millions of citizens of Arabic descent and always have, but we certainly have no special relationships with Lebanon or any other Arab nation. You all know this.

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    I am not convinced that individual rich people even believe this would be wise. Of course, they are not going to cry over an extension, but I believe it is the corporations mainly and their prostituted politicians who are clamoring for tax cut extensions for everyone. At least, I would like to think so. Wouldn’t [...]

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    I cannot conceive of anyone earning over a quarter of a million a year not being willing to close the gap of the deficit for a return to the pre-Bush rates. Although the 98% below this level needs extensions of the Bush tax rates to spur immediate spending and growth, I believe most people realize [...]