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  • every clause is another nail in her coffin, given obama’s ass kissing on wall street greedy pigs.

    too bad.


  • this is 1 of those tidbits where I don’t give a crap about the reality of the study – was it 100,000 people from all walks of life with REAL science … or

    did 3 peeps sit around doing shots on Friday night, and just flat out figure out something that is OBVIOUSLY true?

    is it just my corrupt 53 year old brain that thinks back over campaign after campaign and thinks … YUP ??


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    other than reading the communist manifesto in high school in the 70′s, my contact with marxists / socialists has been pretty limited, despite living in Boston and Seattle for 31 of the 35 years.

    ya see – I have the misfortune of getting stuck in a mental block that I’m dealing with dolts who can read and write all kinds of big words, sentences and paragraphs, and who haven’t a fucking clue what rotters so many people are, or, to use a horrible phrase, make the trains run on time. Much of that mental block has been created by spending my teen years in the 70′s on welfare, and transitioning to financial aid and mega debt and scrape by jobs and by having severely limited experience with programs which work worth a shit – programs which aren’t subjected to incessant stupid changes administered by the beaten, depressed and ennui addicts.

    given how relatively slowly things changed in human societies over the millenniums, the 19th century was a time of staggering change. marx seems to have figured out a lot of cool insights in 1850 or 80 or whatever it was. the dolts I get exposed to, while they’re critiquing the idiocies of capitalism, seem to living in some kind of Christian phantasy world – ‘this anti greed philosophy will work ONCE we get everyone educated and on board!’

    oh gawd – selfish is hard wired into the genetic code, so, systems based upon a Blanche Dubois reliance on the kindness of strangers are just guaranteed to fail, hence, they’re a fucking waste of time. IF we learn how to reward selfishness for that which creates community good, we’ll have more community good than we know what do with.

    The Crazy Thing is, when you look at the basic human needs of housing, eating, transportation, raising young, caring for the sick, clothing, sewage and clean water, retraining and retirement, leisure and recreation … there is PLENTY of work to do.


  • WOW – it sure will fix things when we all agree what Marx said, what he meant, what he intended, how he said it, who thought he said it …

    let’s NEVER deal with making shit work!!!!

    here is something which will NEVER work – ANY ‘ism’ which requires people to NOT be selfish rotters for the ism to succeed! get rid of private property – yeah … let’s all hum and hug and just locally trade our organic, biodegradable tofu shingles that can be flown, worn, slept in, and eaten.

    I know – let’s ALL go to college and let’s all get advanced degrees and we’ll ALL just write papers and write books and go to talks and to symposiums, and … rub our chins … and do our Rodin thinking pose!

    ANY system which is closed will be corrupted. period.

    why can’t we figure out how to channel human greed into doing good stuff for the community’s wealth, hence our own personal health, housing, eating, job, retraining, retirement, education security – oh yeah – and punish the fuck out of greedy bastards who COST us all security by ripping off the community? (pst! cuz we’ll need money, and production, and math, and science, and engineering, and finance, and stats, and accounting … and we can’t do that cuz everyone is going to get advanced degrees writing Tomes Of Truth!!!!)



  • definitely need a different meme.

    1 huge problem – who doesn’t want to collect rent? I’d love to have my mailbox stuffed with rent checks! yeah!!!

    oh yeah – the “rentiers” phrase sound french? like courtiers ?? and …

    while I understand the concept is supposed to be kind of a polite short hand for f’king leeching parasites who didn’t invent the Model T, google or penicillin … the word requires me to think about the definition – NOT the kind of word right wing liars would use to beat us.


  • jon comes through for dailykos style 0bama ass kissing. oh well, if he does a good job maybe the DCCC or DNC will pay him to be a paid hack this year or next.


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    possibly – I’m 53, so Ms. Jackson was a bit before my time. I did a quick wiki on Ms. Jackson – 4 years with the Royal Shakespeare Company – at 77 she delivers her lines ;)

    glad you enjoyed it – I’ve watched it 3 times now!


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    a friend from across the pond posted the following on her facebook

    Glenda Jackson is BLUNT on the … wonders… of Thatcherism. ‘they knew the price of everything and the value of nothing’


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    how much of the NON-fighting diaper pissing liberal thing is due to post WW-II affluence?
    I’ve been a serf of various kinds in Boston or Seattle for the last 35 years – there is this whole goody-goody noblerer smarterer betterer upper middle class Democratic crowd who’ve drunk the kool-aid on the meritocracy in part cuz they’ve benefited from having the right test scores, the right schools, the right degrees, the right vacation homes … they did NOT grow up around really really broke people who fight over everything cuz they’ve nothing to lose.
    There is NO middle class, but, there are still appx. 24,000,000 making over 75k a year and there are appx. 40,000,000 households making over 75k a year – so, it is easy to NOT see the 214,000,000 BELOW 75k and the 80,000,000 households BELOW 75k, cuz ya don’t live with ‘em.
    I’ve been doing the teacher thing for 8 years – teachers are currently really highly paid, after 4 decades of wiping out family wage jobs. Teachers bitch about all their degrees and their low pay compared to the bandits of Goldman – and there are 190,000,000 over 15 with money income below 50,000 a year.
    Too many are mesmerized by a replay of “I have a dream” & we’ll all hug and we’ll all weep and Sally Fields will hold up her “union” sign and all will sort itself out … hardly anyone watches the committees f’kign with the rules after the legislation is written, hardly anyone watches the legislation being written – they’re all too busy weeping at the noble speeches, getting another graduate degree, leaving the nitty gritty work to the little nitty gritty people …
    People didn’t fight in the 30′s by sending a email through moveon after they watched “I have a dream” for the 444th time and got fired up … they fought cuz with 25% unemployment they were f’king starving.
    oh well. bread and circuses, anyone?

  • In 2006 when I was 46 I did NOT vote for Cant-Do-Shit and I wrote in … whatever … AND it was the first time I did not vote for a major office Democratic candidate. I puked in mouth voting HOPE in 2008 … and then voted for NO statewide / federal Dims in 2010 … and I ALWAYS feel good !!!

    Everytime I read about Cant-Do-Shit selling me out, it feels better that I did NOT vote for her … just like I didn’t vote for Raygun-Cheney.

    I had assumed that this CON$ultant piece of crap had nothing in it good for us little peeps – looks like I was right!

    Oh yeah – great dkos front page “coverage” …

    can’t get your head around the fact that these sell outs are just sell outs, can you?


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    1 of these days … I randomly see the local news where some slimeball rips off 100k or 300k from Boeing or from little old ladies & the slimeball gets 3 or 5 years.

    When the business you work in affects tens of thousands, or … tens of millions, and you rip off 7 or 8 or 9 figures, you should be looking at 20 years BEFORE the parole board can even open your file.

    skeptonomist above says fear of punishment isn’t a deterrent – bullshit. lots and lots of people will NOT participate when they see bandits getting 20 years – oh yeah, and while the bandits were obviously not deterred before, they’re deterred NOW, cuz they’re pounding f’king rocks.

    IF we had a truly fair justice system, I’d vote for putting them in a gibbet. (how many junk derivatives do you sell hanging in a gibbet? )


  • Jon’s writing, again, makes me sick. It has taken about 5 minutes to remember that his DLC DNC stenography / world view is what I go to dailykos for – NOT FDL.

    Ashley is gonna scare the middle, and, we’ll lose!

    “Funny” thing is – 25 years ago when I was 28, and I was 9 buck an hour cook in boston, and dud-crap-kis was running, this was the rap / knock on people like Jesse Jackson, AND, I believed it.

    I thought these Ivy’d lying thieving DLC sell out scum were on my side, AND, they were using some kind of sophisticated strategy to turn right wing lies on their lying f’king heads.

    screw you jon.


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    IF we’re risk averse, and too many are, it is because it if OBVIOUS that the rewards of taking risk will just be hoovered up in the rigged casinos run by the big boyz, for the big boyz, of the big boyz. Oh yeah – it is also OBVIOUS that if you lose a job [...]

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    I think some of your wording doesn’t help “suppose that our lowest paid workers shared evenly in the economic growth over the intervening years.” f’k “shared” or sharing – it took the entire community to create all the wealth, and some pigs at the top take what isn’t theirs – they’re in charge to be [...]

  • ANOTHER complete failure of the Dim-0-Crap Party —- ‘let’s have unity and solidarity and let’s all go to a park on mlk day and get our picture taken having a march and weeping while listening to “i have a dream”‘ do anything which requires REAL work to really fix f’ked laws and f’ked regulations ?? [...]

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    The Split is really among a Sliver at the top – In the Sliver are the millions of households with over $100,000 a year in household income – NOT Rich!! like Gate$ or Trump, but far enough from the day to day travails of the junk-mart economy (the other 60 and 80%) to not have a clue of what that daily life is like.
    The junk-marters know that the pile of student debts will be probably rewarded with default and shit jobs. The junk-marters know that their health “insurance” is a legal sham available to those with the money to play legal games – not them. The junk-marters know that unemployment is unreliable and retraining a gamble, and that before their retirement check is direct deposited, all kinds of thieving lying yuppie scum and just flat out theives are gonna dip into that check.
    Economically, there are roughly 2 kinds in Sliver. There are people like obama and clinton — pretty much up by their boot straps. Most of the Sliver are people more like Gore, Kerry and Dukakis – they came from that Sliver.
    Politically, the progressive “leaders” in that Sliver are political incompetents, diaper pissing cowards, or a mix of each. Their “compromises” don’t count as sell outs to them cuz they’re not part of the junk-mart economy. The Corp-0-rat DLC Third Way New Dem lying, yuppie scum sell outs are just the top of the management scum sewage tank. They’re democrats cuz their NOT racist, sexist, bigoted drooling 13th century flat earthers – even though they’re rich pig ass kissers.
    The “division” in the dem party is at the top, in the $liver. Then there is the other 60 and 80% of the population …


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    let me put my prejudices up front and center – since I was 15 in ’75, or before, I’ve suspected that most white collar workers aren’t particularly useful. While I spent most years from ’78 to ’95 slaving in kitchens as a cook, I did start a ‘white collar’ … career … in ’97 as a enterprise support serf at Microsoft, with my new math degree.
    Thank you personal accounting class in 1993 for helping me decide on a math degree!
    5 years in that gawd-awful snake pit made me 99% sure that 95% of white collar workers ain’t inventing the warp drive, despite their degrees, credentials, and job titles, but, they are just shuffling stoopid paper in stoooooopider processes.

    About Tax Rates: Given my prejudices, there was a dinky appeal to me for flat tax rates. I think there should be 3 levels, period.

    I also think there are ONLY 7 kinds of financial transactions:

    1. I work for you, you pay me.
    2. I loan you money, you pay me interest and the principal.
    3. I invest money with you, you give me a cut of the action.
    4. I get money from you cuz you gave it to me.
    5. I get money from you cuz we gambled and I won.
    6. I get money from you by selling you something you want.
    7. I get money from you cuz I took it from you with legal bullshit / robbery.

    Really – with some rewording, maybe there are few more ways to get money, or a few fewer ways to get money, but –

    WTF are we as a community doing these days, other than most of us are working stiffs and paying interest, and all our surplus goes to support those running pyramid schemes of legal bullshit / robbery?

    (ding ding ding! Watching Football!)


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    there were a lot of reasons I voted for these dukakis-clinton-gore-kerry-obama yuppie sell outs over the decades:

    1. as someone who grew up on welfare in his teens, and transitioned to the Perils of Pauline financial aid system for college (1970 age 10 to … ’85) I really really HOPED that these yuppie’d ivy’d phake ass moderates would actually make stuff work – then we could shove the raygun lies back down the dark holes those lies came from.

    2. I really really thought they were going to use those high powered degrees, credentials, rolodexes, contacts, brains … to do more than just be another lying fucking elite of parasitic aristocrats. yawn. oops.

    I was 43 10 years ago when Howard Dean came out with “I want to know…” and I was 46 when Nancy The Dilettante took impeachment off the table, so we could win Congress with a big majority …

    and pretend to cower to Stupid-pak and Lieberman all through 2009-10.

    oh well – 0bummer has freed me from doing anything for the yuppie sell out scum he leads, so, thanks for that! It is kind of fascinating watching all the Stockholm Syndrome / Patty Hearst stuff going on today about how 11-nty dimensional 0bummer is … ha ha ha.


  • Peterr,

    I use household income or personal money income tables a lot – these work.

    One table you’ve referenced in your linked to diary is finc07 – I think The Story of the Jelly-Bone of the Democratic Party is in these numbers –

    appx. 59,076,000 families are below $100,000 a year,
    appx. 21,453,000 families are above that $100,000 a year line

    appx. 48,082,000 families are below $75,000 a year,
    appx. 32,447,000 families are above that $75,000 a year level.

    when you’re 1 of 21 million or 1 of 32 million, you actually live around lots and lots of people just like you! it is REAL easy to not see the millions working the junk-mart-barista jobs – these neo-lib sell outs that cost your family a few hundred here and a few hundred there —

    all so cheney’s buddies at exxon or timmy’s buddies at goldman can rip you off —

    you can ‘afford’ those f’king sell outs – oh yeah, and when you look at money income of individuals, if your 1 of the millions making over 75 or over 100k a year, you really really really can’t rock the boat, cuz if you do and if you’re tossed over the side, you’re fucked.

    happy new year!


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    maybe the village is gonna turn on 0bummer so that he gives away EVEN more! it kind of makes ‘sense’, when you think of it … all the diaper pissing upper middle cla$$ … ha ha ha … ‘progressives’ who can AFFORD to call bullshit like AHIP-Care a compromise – they’ll really rally around the [...]

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