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    Nonsense, we know damn well who they were. Stop making excuses for these kinds of acts.

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    - “Gaza is facing a significant economic crisis and the only one who can provide a major change is Israel; Not a good sign with the current reactionaries in charge”

    Yes, Hamas is a gang of anti-democratic right wing religious fanatics and terrorists, whose charter specifically denies the existence of Israel and calls for a holy war ( Jihad) to ethnically / religiously cleanse Palestine of Jews and Christians and turn it into an Islamic State under Sharia law . Oh and then there is the coalition Gov’t in Israel elected broadly and yes led by a Conservative, who has within his power the ability to easily invade occupy and eject the present Population if he wanted to. He hasn’t and won’t, that said being at WAR doesn’t mean he has to do anything for his sworn enemies, no matter what segments of the western left want.

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    Its been all downhill since the Ford pardon of Nixon.

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    Just living through these times is becoming a form of torture.

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    SCOTUS to BP = BETTER PAY ( or else)

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    BV$H 2 was by far worse. Obama’s failures pale behind the messes BV$H 2 left behind.

  • Just what we need another Cold War with Russia. NOT! We barely escaped the last nose to nose nuclear stand off. Nobody remembers the Cuban Missile crisis or the Soviet computer test accident in Nov. 1983 that came within a few mins. of a massive Soviet response to computer generated test scenario. That very yr. Hollywood had a movie out that was eerily almost the same scenario. “War Games.” The last 20 yrs. as bankrupt as Russia was she still managed to upgrade and modernize her nuclear missile systems and subs. Today, Russia might be a 3rd world country economically, but she still has a 1st world nuclear strike capability. Corporatist America faced off against Neo-Fascist Russia is not a happy beginning to a NWO. The crazy neo-cons in DC are busy thinking this is some kind of Int’l chess game their winning and it could still end in a world destroying Nuclear Apocalypse if they lose. Putin is not an idiot and he’s also not someone to be trifled with. God help us if this Ukraine thing blows up.

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    Where I live the main Industry is shutting down and everyone is losing their jobs, its like the end of the Earth. An Asteroid strike couldn’t do anymore damage then this.

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    The Obama Admin. wants to talk with as the Native Americans said a forked tongue. They want to make lofty pronouncements about what everyone else should be doing about Climate Change and then they go ahead and actually do just the opposite policy wise. In short, they’re hypocrites and they don’t give a shit about [...]

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    Actually, your right dead the models are wrong as are most of the predictions by the IPCC, NOAA , NASA etc. Unfortunately, for you and the denier set they’re wrong not because they’re too radical in their predictions, but because they’ve been if anything way too conservative. The warming is coming on faster as are [...]

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    Maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t Hamas’ own charter call for the destruction of the “Zionist entity” and for the killing of Jews everywhere? I tend to take such people at their word. Israel has been at War with these people for 66 yrs. The latest battle is just that a battle in an ongoing War. [...]

  • Its really simple math isn’t it? If 1% own everything then 99% own nothing and have no discretionary income to spend. Eventually, this kind of economy starts to take down portions of the 1%. The only reason this guy is whining is he’s being told by his own nos. cruncher s that some of his businesses are failing because they have a shrinking customer base. Guys like the Koch’s couldn’t care less if the rest of us have any money , because they sell basic shit like coal, oil, and Nat. gas and other Industrial level feed stocks. Their business plan won’t be hurt if nobody can afford more toys from China or the best food. Billions of peasants paying for the basics,people with NO power is what they would prefer. They want the LIBERTY to do business as they see fit. Other people’s freedoms and needs are of NO consequence to them. Your on your own in KOCHville, if you didn’t inheriet a hundred million like them tough shit that’s your problem LOSER.

  • Both so called wings of the money party are deeply involved in the slow motion destruction of the public commons and the handing out of it to their pals. Its wide open corruption that’s been re-framed as reform.

  • The town I live in was taken over in a similar way. The GOP Gov. decided that the town had an economic emergency so he pushed aside the elected Admin. and appointed an un-elected board of Corp. shills to run whole sections of the town. He left the Mayor and Council in their offices with little to do. These kinds of actions are happening all over the country.

  • Unions bad, corrupt banks good. So says our 1 party the $$ party.

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    We might take a look back in human history to see what happens to societies that have collapsed from various causes. The collapse of Mayan society should be of particular interest.

  • Obamacare is a shit sandwich being served up as A sirloin steak. I think, Obama’s infamous quote , “it was the best he could do,” was total BS. It was what he intended to do from the start. He basically, got huge pay offs for the D party and himself to run on for a second term, as the price for this REPUBLICAN created Corp. Health Insurance system. He told all of us he didn’t have the fucking votes for a Public Option when in reality he had already sold us all down the river to the HealthCare vultures long before that statement. He is in fact a friggin corrupt shitbag. His latest lie and disinfo deal is his so called EPA regs. forcing Energy companies to lower CO2 emissions. Its total BS again. In fact, his so called regs. on emissions don’t kick in till maybe after he’s out of office and only after the same polluters can fork over lots of loot to his party pals once again. The Parties are nothing more then extortion operations since Citizens United. The rest of us have been thrown under the wheels of these pirate operations. Only some kind of rebellion or Revolution will stop this now. Scalia and the rest of the SCOTUS need to be shown the door ASAP. Congress next. Elections under the present rules are a farce no better then the old Soviet system. You can VOTE day and night and you will never get near the real power in this country, the Int’l Corps. that now own the system.

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    We’ve returned from whence we started and simply don’t recognize the place its been so long since we’ve been here. For the last 34 yrs. we’ve been steadily heading back to where society was prior to the Great Depression. We’ve now reached the place where great wealth once again holds almost all the reins of [...]

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    My guess is you look close enough at this so called law you’ll find ALEC lurking somewhere in shades behind it. Like the infamous voter ID laws this kind of law is designed to circumvent Civil Rights laws, but is primarily aimed directly at minorities, any minorities these folks decide they don’t like at the [...]

  • Thanks, I didn’t get to read the entire poll. Anyway, it wasn’t much of a guess was it?

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