• The fact is, America is now an Israeli puppet. We protect them militarily and politically (at the UN) so there are never any consequences for their illegal actions, and the thanks we get is their government spitting on our president, vice-president, and secretary of state every chance they get.

    Supporting Israel’s current behavior is bad for US interests and bad for the middle east. But nothing will every happen. Israel is the nation of Jesus, and America can’t criticize Jesus, can it? Not if you want to survive politically. Someone should ask Obama how the world looks from inside Bebe’s ass.

  • Obama is a sellout.

    And until liberals and progressives stop voting for sellouts, that’s all we’ll likely get.

    I’d use another term to describe him, but it has too many racist overtones, and that has nothing to do with the point I’m trying to make. Point is, he said what he could to get elected and then turned his back on some of our most important values once he got in the big house. Enough said.

  • While I am, I guess, happy that Obama finally decided to do something on guns, I was NOT impressed with what he actually did. Yes, all 23 things he did by executive order seem entirely reasonable, and there is certainly nothing wrong with any of them. All 23 can be found here: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2013/01/obama-executive-actions-gun-list/61075/ And also, [...]

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    Amen to the OP. The cliffs we should be worried about going over are not fiscal, but ecological.

  • Don’t y’all get it? Or, in fact, I think you do.

    They got your votes, or at least enough of them to win re-election, and now it is time to get to the back of the bus where you belong.

    They just can’t come right out and say it.

    Medicare and Medicaid will but cut because we have to cut the deficit. Top tax rates won’t increase (so the GOP can say they didn’t raise taxes), but some loopholes will be closed. Corporate tax rates will be cut (to help spur growth, Obama has already said he is for it). Corporate loopholes won’t be mentioned or touched.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I very seriously doubt it.

  • Look, when will Dems and Conservadems and Moderndems learn?

    The GOP has little to no respect for liberty and individual rights, and just sees the arms of government as a means to make them richer, or given them power. All else is dross.

    The only way to really protect Voting is to federalize it.

    1) Add the right to Vote to the Bill of Rights. Let republicans vote and argue against that. Even it it doesn’t pass, it is a discussion well worth having.

    2) Pass more expansive Voting Rights laws. Again, make them defend their intent to rig things.

  • Well, unfortunately, I don’t think there is much the President can do in this case. First, the Presidents pardon power is limited to “crimes committed against the Unites States.” That means federal crimes. And excludes state ones. A state crime like a murder, seems to be outside it. And there are court cases to that [...]

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    Obama’s team are a bunch of gutless idiots. But that isn’t news.

    So, the reason they didn’t prosecute, is because they feared the GOP might attempt to block his agenda in Congress?

    Memo to morons, they are the other party, it is what they do. And they did in anyway.

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    Good. He hasn’t stood up for Union/Working people. His jobs part of the stimulus was laughably too small. He hasn’t really stood of for the importance of rebuilding infrastructure. He pledged to march if Union rights were threatened and hasn’t lifted a finger.

    Meanwhile, on the environmental front, we have no new regs on carbon from the EPA (can’t blame the GOP there), the kid glove treatment of BP during the spill, and now Tar Sands. No wonder the kids are leaving in droves.

    Unfortunately, moderate democrats base their entire philosophy on misplaced assumptions about voter self-identification on political electability. They are not moored to any specific policy goals or programs. If they were, they wouldn’t be moderates. Hence, the only was to get them to see reason is to not vote for them.

    The Republicans started doing this with their moderates about 25 years ago, and look how many are left. We should absolutely do likewise, especially since the progressive ideas are better economically and environmentally and morally and ethically.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Progressives should leave the Democratic party, which, while better than the GOP, has stopped serving the interests of working Americans for about the last 30+ years. ConservaDems can have two choices: 1) Become Republicans 2) Move to the left Any other move will result in electoral [...]

  • No experience with PDA, but got banned from Daily Kos for saying I wouldn’t vote or work for Obama. And would work or vote for a challenger (another Dem/Progressive/Green).

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    Seems to me like it could also be used to be an energy source.

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    He’s lost my vote. And it ain’t coming back.

  • Obama is weak. As is much of the political left.

    As stupid as much of the right wing/GOP policies are, they at least grasp some basic political facts that escape the left/Dems:

    1) Don’t keep voting for people who never do what you want. It ensures you’ll never get what you want, and it marginalizes you politically. The people running should FEAR their base, not take it for granted. That’s why both Dems and GOP tilt right instead of left.

    2) If your opponent always caves in, keep pressing for more.

  • Look, this guy (Obama) is none too bright. And neither are we (myself included).

    We’ve been giving unconditional support for a political party that steadfastly refuses to fight for: working people (mean income down flat/down for the last 40 years NOT including health care/college eduction in the price index); the environment (seen any greenhouse gas regulations, or speeches on climate change?); human and civil rights (no stand for = rights for gays, Gitmo and rendition to black sites still going on; Bradley Manning); a faithful execution of the laws (no prosecution for torture, rape and murder, no prosecutions for spying, no prosecutions for mortgage fiasco; more likely to prosecute whistleblowers than whistleblowees), etc.

    Basic political theory. If you continually support a party that does not support you or your agenda, they have to reason to change. You will be taken for granted in favor of compromises for factions that WILL vote elsewhere (independents/conservative dems) while you have no leverage.

    Our votes are the only leverage we have. I say it is long past time to use it effectively.

  • The check is in the mail. Global warming isn’t real. Nuclear power is safe. Tax cuts create jobs and don’t explode the deficit. Trickle down economics is a fact. Evolution is not real, as the earth is only 5,000 years old. Obama was born in Kenya, or Indonesia. If peope were constantly in competition with [...]

  • You can add me, though I’m not one of his constituents, down here in Ohio.

    Jason Wilder.

    Thanks for the work and effort.

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    There are elements in the Marine, Army, CIA, Wall St, military, and the Democratic party that are all POS. Females in the military are more afraid of our own troops than the enemy. Torture, murder, and rape is practiced freely by the military and CIA without consequences. This administration does nothing, and even continues the [...]

  • No more votes for corporate dems. Period. And that includes Obama. I wish he was better, more courageous, more of a fighter, and more on the side of everyday Americans. But he just isn’t. Our only chance of winning in the long run is to lose a couple first. Or do like Lincoln did and [...]

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    If you (we) are so upset, we should just vote for the 3rd party candidate. While I agree with the sentiments of the OP, Jane’s assessment, in near-term political terms, is correct. In base political terms, even a primary challenger doesn’t really send the message. If we run a challenger, and they get wiped out, [...]

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