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  • Your neighbors would not vote against you if you did not throw your perverted lifestyle in their faces. Dude, average homosexual has like 40 partners a year, your community is spreading HIVs and you actually want the government to recognize and promote that lifestyle?

    Come on now, you KNOW you are in the wrong here. Do you think your own brother or sister want to tell their kids that you are gay and what that means? No.

  • You not the only one, all liberals do.

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    “How about we require all banks to immediately count homes they foreclose on at current market value as determined by actual sales in the area?”————–From an accounting perspective it they will take a hit, but the market has already priced that into the equation. This goes to Romney’s point, system can not be healthy again until we clear out this whole housing mess.

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    More and more i feel like Romney is THE guy for this country. This was one of the dumbest things he ever said, simply because it is true and frankly most people do not want to hear the truth. But the economy can not start growing until the housing issue is resolved, so many economists out there say it. People need to understand that not everyone is born to own a house, not everyone has a steady job that provided a high enough of an income. I can’t afford to own, so i rent.

    Romney is right, we need to clean up the foreclosure mess, banks can start foreclosing on those people who do not have any meant to pay their mortgage and will never repay and start working with those who are behind but are still making payment. Those who will lose their homes should not despair because they can simply rent, but the system needs to be cleaned.

    You know i voted for Obama in 2008, but he is so incompetent, he simply gave up on USA, he still has 13 months to govern and he is compaighning out there.

    I think the best thing for this country would be if Romney wins in 2012 the Republican nomination, asks a moderate like Scott Brown or Chris Christie to run win him, WINS and holds only one the Senate or the House. There’s a need for checks and balances.

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    I think everyone missed the point of this whole story, CEO of Solyndra gave Obama and Democrats a lot of money, and Obama rewarded him with a contract…..even thou he was told the company will run out of money by Sep 2011.

  • But Obama is not cutting the deficit at all, all the cuts will come in 2014 or later. The budget deal that took place in April actually ended up increasing the deficit and once again if you read the details there are NO SHORT TERM CUTS. All cuts are long term, that is why so [...]

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    MM, racial discrimination? Come one now this is the type of talk that makes normal conversations impossible. Ron Paul is not a racists, he never made a single statement of the sort, the guy is all about wars, government and spending.

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    This is the problem with liberals, you guys rather see Obama as your president who would continue wars than see Ron Paul who would stop them.

    If you hate these war you have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Had he done it back then he could have, but he CHOSE NOT TO DO IT.

  • Again i wrote the same thing in another post, there are a set of issues that USA has to address before taking Office Obama knew that there would have to be changes to Medicare and Medicaid, to deficit and other. When he was at his height of power he could have gave a speech on TV and said that we need to deal with these damned deficits, the key is back then he could have fixed them on HIS TERMS, he did not need Boehner or any other Republican, but he did nothing so now that Republicans have all this power they are cutting the deficit on their terms.

    If not for Boehner markets would have forced Obama to cut the deficit, it was coming in any case, but the fact that he waited and waited and did nothing will now end up costing him 3 additional trillion dollars.

  • Cave on what? She has no power. She is about as important as i am.

  • Dems knew that Deficit had to be cut at some point, they could have done so when they had the power, they could have done so on THEIR TERMS. When Obama had super majority in the Senate if he came to McConell and told him hey lets cut it by 1 trillion Republicans would have jumped for joy and right now this would not have been an issue at all. But Obama did nothing, so now anything below 4 billion dollars will not pass.

    Obama needs to avoid the same mistake with public unions, weaken them somewhat, give people what they want. Because if Republicans win in 2012 and many to project that they will take the Senate, so there’s a possibility that they will control House, Senate and WH. If that will happen it will be illigal to unionize in USA.

    So do something now not to cry later on.

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    Obama would never do that, no balls. He is a weakling and a coward.

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