• I guess this means galcondo, bollocksref and the rest of The Pure will have to find somewhere else to fuck off, but them’s the breaks.

    I’ll think of you whenever our basset does something to piss me off. That is to say, daily.
    Will look forward to your occasional twitterings.

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    She is nearly immune to parody.

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    Also, the picture is proof that bassets aren’t as dumb as their reputations. They’re deceptive and opportunistic. We employed a dog trainer (I pause to laugh heartily at the idea now) to help us solve the riddle of our rescued basset. We asked him once if he thought bassets were stupid and he said, after a pause, `Nooo, they’re not stupid…. They just don’t care.”

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    I’m not sure how I’m supposed to deduce a David Vitter reference from a comment that seems obviously to be about Tbogg’s inexcusable support for our murderous president.

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    …. and we have troll lift-off…

  • The caveat here is that Ed Rollins hasn’t backed a winner in about 20 years and was last seen slipping out the back door of the Michele Bachmann campaign, which was a terribly embarrassing job to have in the first place. If Rollins is backing Enzi, Enzi is doomed.

  • Hey, California passed a big tax HIKE in the last election, so, yeah, we might even be able to exorcise the Jarvis Demon one of these days.

  • I like the apocaloptics of that.

  • What happens if Obama’s secret league of Muslim drone pilots drop their drone bombs on the four-level interchange at rush hour before a Chivas-U.S. friendly at the Coliseum? What about that? Did you ever think that could happen? I didn’t think so.

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    Coincidentally, I just bought the “All The President’s Men” in blu-ray. I like to watch it in August, the best time of the year to wallow in Watergate and remember when Beltway journalists competed with each other to land REAL stories instead of suckering for every piece of bait the right wing tosses in the water.

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    Straight question for Greenwald fans: Aside from having the Snowden story handed to him wrapped in a big shiny box and not including his opinion pieces, what stories has Greenwald actually broken in the last 10 years? Not defending Bernstein, who hasn’t done anything in probably 30 years worth mentioning, but at least Bernstein has an actual body of reporting he could refer to. I don’t know what Greenwald has done that isn’t polemical.

  • Running for Senate is fun, goin’ ta dinners, ‘n’ raisin’ money, ‘n’ travelin’ ‘n’ posin’ for pic-tures ‘n’ so on. And Republican Senatoring is just showin’ up ‘n’ makin’ a speech ‘n’ pressing a button every now and then. It’s not so hard.

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    “freefall?” Do these jawjacking nitwits ever look up anything, ever?

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    “one QUARTER of the Senate” and you’re talking about a fool’s errand…

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    You have asserted a negative. Prove it.

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    Greenwald’s brand of leftism isn’t the issue — as Chait points out in gentle and respectful terms –it is Greenwald’s thin-skinned, obstinate, belligerent and compulsive insistence on assigning every liberal who disagrees with *anything* he says to a camp that includes every gradation of liberal not in thrall to his select ideology *plus* the entirety of the knuckle-dragging right wing. As an advocate, Greenwald is a stalwart, committed champion of many good causes; as a journalist, he didn’t know what to do when a gigantic story landed in his lap.

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    In one comment you claim that Tbogg uses five or six fallacies in every post, which would indicate some experience actually reading Tbogg. Then a salted-dick reference reveals you as a pathetic poser.

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    –Actually he inherited a tech bubble that was built up thanks to Clinton. Obama had it tough, sure, but could have done a whole lot more.–
    The tech bubble was a creation of Wall Street and venture capitalists in over their heads that Clinton took political advantage of. He didn’t create it.
    Obama could have TRIED to do more, but the political reality was that he never had a super majority of any sort. That’s a right-wing myth that the mainstream media dutifully propagated. Obama handled the stimulus inadequately, even ineptly, but the problem HE inherited which was absolutely created by his predecessors, was mammoth. And if you will recall, McCain’s answer to the mortgage and bank meltdown was that while he didn’t know anything about economics, he’d for sure get right in there and fire the head of the SEC.
    –Anyways, it’s quite pathetic to see Tbogg (Christ, that’s a dumb handle) trying to smear GG and Nader when they both tower over him intellectually and morally. I can completely understand why people would vote for Nader. Clinton killed a million Iraqis including 500k children, which I’m sure Tbogg, a clear sociopath and narcissist, supported.– Homework for you, fascisthateme (kind of on the nose, though I suspect you don’t actually have a working definition of fascism): look up “ad hominem;” then provide citations for the million Iraqis “Clinton killed.”
    –You realize that you’re an utter idiot, right Tbogg? I mean, you commit like five or six logical fallacies per post.–
    Is an idiot capable of knowing he is an idiot? Oh … I probably should ask someone else.

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    A salient point is that Hastings gave Obama the ammunition he needed to get rid of a slug malcontent, McChrystal. So, really, it’s pretty obvious that Hastings and Obomber were in league … to kill Hastings.

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    Sorry. But I promise to send money to the gunsbeforebutter memorial fund from an undisclosed location.

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