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  • SensiStar commented on the blog post The Industry Divide in the Election

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    If you think that’s what those people are thinking. You would be thinking wrong. They don’t know any of that.

    They do know Obama is black and the country hasn’t been the same since Bush left.

    Even though they are too stupid to realize why the country is in this position in the first place.

  • I’m sure those cops got plenty of practice doing this.

    In the hood everyday.

  • TheCallUp KrisAinTX .

    This has got to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever heard.

    When did the Democrats stand up against Bush and stop him from doing whatever he wanted. Did they stop the tax cuts. Did they stop us from going to Iraq. Pelosi got the house and they didn’t prosecute one crime of the Bush admin.

    You two are thinking. I use that term loosely.

    That letting Romney in the WH as fascists and as traitorous as the Republicans have been acting that this will be good for the country how.

    Since you don’t remember history let me remind you that Bush started with a surplus and left us a depression. What do you think the GOP will do to the country if they get in control when we are hanging on by a thread.


  • I would disagree with you on his accomplishments.

    Far as the economy. After Bush we are lucky to have one. To make those type of statements shows some serious ignorance of the facts.

    We just came out of a depression. A DEPRESSION. I guess your like the Republicans asking where are the jobs.

    If Republican governors weren’t laying off government workers left and right unemployment would be near 7%.

    We Could Be Near 7% But For…

    May 08, 2012

    …job losses in the public sector.

    Nice blog from the WSJ on where the unemployment rate would be absent all those layoffs in the public sector (h/t: HS).

    This chart does include hiring a single worker after Dec 2008. If we just wouldn’t have let them go it would be near 7%.

    That’s Obama’s fault. I know.

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post Obama Brings Back the American Jobs Act From the Mothballs

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    Interesting quick read. Chart Included.

    We Could Be (Well) Under 7% But For…

    May 08, 2012

    …job losses in the public sector.

    Nice blog from the WSJ on where the unemployment rate would be absent all those layoffs in the public sector (h/t: HS).

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post Romney Has a Slight Edge on the Economy

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    Voting Republican because of the economy is like smoking a cig when you have lung cancer from 20 years of smoking.

    It’s suicidal.

  • The fear and ignorance of the American voter with the lies coming from the Republican party. Killed their chances.

    The same thing that led us into the Iraq war.

    The healthcare plan is the Republican plan for healthcare. It’s been there plan for over a decade. It was so much their plan that Romney being the good Republican he is got it enacted in his own state.

    To only now act like the good Republican he is and lie about it.

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post Good Night for Santorum and Great Night for Romney

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    I don’t think it was a good night for Romney.

    Since 75% of their voters still don’t want him. I’m willing to bet that 10-20% of the hardcore conservative GOP base would never vote for him. Even if it means Obama stays in the WH.

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post Truer Words Never Spoken

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    I have the sound on my PC going through my music studio and I can’t tell what he said.

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post Sunday Late Night: “Cleanse the White House” Really???

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    Sounds like the talk before Bush was elected. They wanted Bush in office so he could bring respect to the WH after Clinton.

    Unfortunately for us Bush brought shame to the WH and our entire country.

    Kind of makes you wonder what fricking Zeus they are praying to.

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post The Eternal Sunshine of Erick Erickson’s Mind

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    It’s not that he’s not conservative enough.

    I think one of Red State’s posters has found the problem.

    It’s women. Who the hell gave them the right to vote.

    jacobite Tuesday, November 8th at 1:15PM EST
    “Women, children, and lunatics were prohibited from making valid contracts under our Common Law, because they lacked the ability to make rational decisions. This is also why women were not allowed to vote. This entire Cain/Gingrich discussion just points up, yet again, the superior wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and other men of the 18th Century, who were still guided by actual observation and experience, instead of ideology. Historians who live in the real world have observed the rise of Leftism of every sort in countries after womens’ sufferage was adopted. Coincidence??”

    The comment section over there is insane. You would think that if Conservatism was so great they could find someone sane who could represent it.

    From the comment section the time has come to label Conservatism a mental illness.

  • SensiStar commented on the diary post Oakland: This is what a police state looks like by Janet Rhodes.

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    The genius of the powers that be that got Obama elected is that the black community is basically silenced.

    As they get hit the hardest.

    Cornell West was right.

  • SensiStar commented on the diary post Inside/Outside Occupy Philly by RevDeb.

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    “What was troubling for me wasn’t about them. It was about me. I am by far not part of the elite 1%. I’m a clergy person serving a smallish suburban congregation and getting close to retirement age. I am not wealthy, but I do have a nice house, drive a nice car, have a rewarding [...]

  • If the GOP didn’t destroy the country in 8 years I would agree with you. But they did.

    The only way anyone could think the GOP would make this country more prosperous in the future they would have to be insane and totally ignorant of the last 30 years in this country.

    What this poll says as do most elections is that anyone who is not very very rich and vote Republican are insane.

    From the last presidential election we have about 50 million insane people in this country.

  • SensiStar commented on the blog post Sarah Palin to Attack Rick Perry’s “Crony Capitalism”

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    Fools arguing over the fools who follow them.

  • I don’t know if this is funny or sad. Common sense people. If Bin Laden was already dead he would have been a martyr the day he died. I have never seen a case where this group of Muslims has faked a death or kept it secret. If they did not get Bin Laden they [...]

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    “If not, then, Neo-Cons/Neo-Libs, had it correct, in that America will never leave Afghanistan for the next ten years in order to provide the “buffer” that Iraq needs for the removal of Iraq’s oil into the geographical environs that is Europe.”

    News flash. The Iraqi oil was divided up years ago.

    U.S. Companies Shut Out as Iraq Auctions Its Oil Fields

    Read more:,8599,1948787,00.html#ixzz1LIn1XPOB

  • SensiStar commented on the diary post Am I the only one Suspicious: Osama Buried At Sea? by vector56.

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    If Osama was dead before this weekend we would have known. Muslims don’t usually fake deaths when someone really dies. He would have been a martyr. If he was alive they would be telling us he’s still alive. Your conspiracy theories have you a little worked up. Everybody is out to get you. Thanks for [...]

  • And I thought the Republicans had the market cornered on conspiracy theorist.

    So this is where our teabaggers hang.

  • If Obama was into taking hostages this would be a good time to to duct tape Boner, throw him in the trunk and tell him we are going to feed you to the American people if you don’t do what we want.

    Tell Boner.

    “You can’t pass anything without Democrats support and this is what we want in the bill or the debt ceiling gets it.”

    Only if.

    ~~~Mod Note: No violence please – not even as a fantasy~~~

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