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    Oh, man…do we know how to keep it classy in SC. He must be an upstate hillwilliam, you know, the proper term for an unregenerate redneck. He knows not of which he speaks cuz he’s fucktard stupid.

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    My wife, a physician, sued Wal-Mart after a nasty slip and fall where they clearly hadn’t cleaned an aisle of some powdery substance. Fortunately I work for a law firm that took the case for a greatly reduced fee (we don’t normally do plaintiff’s work). It took forever, and she was pretty severely injured, but she prevailed.

    They fight every case, tooth and nail. They paid for a private investigator to follow and film her to see if she could “lift” something. Crap assholes.

    In another instance, there were two cases pending in Federal Court where in one state the Waltons were denying having a document in the discovery process, when the very same document was being provided to a Texas court. They’re beyond contempt.

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    Victor Borge was a staple of my youthful TV fare. He was simply brilliant. I know I’m late to the thread, but I thought I’d come back to the video.

  • I am so fucking sick of being “represented’ by Miss Graham and the evil Dr DeMento. It’s like every day being cloudy and grey. Full-time seasonal affective disorder.

    This Congress is attempting to return us to the late nineteenth century, union busting, daily corruption, robber barons, the whole enchilada. May the protests continue…if we give up now, we’re fucked.

  • So when do we get rid of the guns? I fear we’ve in a new stage of American development, one big shape-shifting necropolis.

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    Well, I signed. This is an attempt by the military to skull-fuck a kid who saw wrongdoing and reported it. One does not dare to bring such distasteful matters to one’s superiors. Tillman, Lynch, Manning…who will be the next to have his/her history altered for the benefit of the defense dollars? I shudder to think.

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    How about “despotism?”

  • Richard Stengel is one of the people who prove the Peter Principle. He’s shown himself to be an ass many times over. I rarely watch Morning Blow, as I’ve few masochistic tendencies, but I have caught a few seconds of panels such as Mike Barnacle (yes, I spelled it wrong), Harold Ford, Tina Brown, sorry “Lady Evans,” and then Richard Stengel seems to pop up.

    Can’t someone rid us of these troublesome persons? Anyone – de Moreville, FitzUrse…Bueller?

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    I’m sorry to hear of his passing. By most every account he was an arrogant fuck, but a pretty brilliant one. I think we are so screwed now in Afghanistan that there’s precious little he, or any one person, could do. Still, he tried, and having the Balkans in his plus column makes up for [...]

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    Only rocks? No flaming bags of dog shit? No shit-stained panties? No pissed-filled balloons? Shit, I used to respect Portugal.