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    Unless I had seen it for myself, I never would have believed that such a range of economic ignorance could have been revealed in only six short paragraphs.

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    The PATRIOT Act Renewal articles are already falling off the front page. JUST HOW IMPORTANT IS PRESERVING AMERICAN LIBERTY TO FIREDOG LAKE? This is a battle, it is not won by moving on after writing a few articles on one day. You have to keep your readers rallied and focused. Is FDL here to accomplish [...]

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    The PATRIOT Act Renewal articles are already falling off the front page. JUST HOW IMPORTANT IS PRESERVING AMERICAN LIBERTY TO FIREDOG LAKE? This is a battle, it is not won by moving on after writing a few articles on one day. You have to keep your readers rallied and focused. Is FDL here to accomplish something, or only to give the few real liberal progressives a place to vent and defuse so they don’t bother the establishment?

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    They are “Wall Street Corporate-State Democrats”, (there is certainly nothing “centrist” about them, they are every bit as extremist as their coconspirators on the Right), however we don’t need all the mouth full. They are more simply “Neocons.” The neoconservatives movement started on the Left (after coming into focus at the University of Chicago, Obama’s [...]

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    It is interesting the a number of the positions you appear to be categorizing as “crazy” were at one time status quo amongst the progressive Left. Today the Left is all but bankrupt of its once proud liberal tradition. It is as corrupt and in bed with corporate and international interests as the GOP, and articles like this show that their entire Democratic platform and accepted range of liberal thinking, even in the arena of civil liberties, is being affected by their new bi-partisan associations with frauds and fascist.

    It is also interesting that the writer, as well as Bartlett, appear to be incapable of the insightful, historical contextual analysis that would recognize that the GOP is breaking down, just as the Whigs did before them, due to a complete lack of relevancy. What we see in the hodgepodge of ideas coming from the GOP field is an effort, a focus group of sorts, to find America’s new political center. When they do, a new party, or a newly reinvented GOP will emerge. That will, however, leave the Democrats still on the fringes of extremist elitism where they are today, failing to defend civil liberties, defending government intrusions at every level instead, while bankrupting the nation with failing social programs that they refuse to evaluate and hold to standards of performance.

    In short, the Left-Right political spectrum is disintegrating. The Democrats are migrating to the authoritarian position, refusing to tolerate civil or economic liberty, as the Republicans are slowing working their way back to the libertarian position that defends both civil and economic liberty. Sure, the Neocons are desperately trying to cling to power in the GOP, and the Neocons on the Left are doing everything in their power to assist them, via the media and “bi-partisanship,” but the die is cast: either the GOP will purge itself of the Neocons, or the rapidly growing libertarian movement will purge itself of the GOP (as the anti-slavery republicans did with the Whig Party). By 2016 expect the American political system to be unrecognizably comparable to today. It is already unrecognizably comparable to what it was in 2000, and that was unrecognizably comparable to 1980. Notice the pattern? The speed of change is accelerating as collapse approaches.

    It won’t be long now, either we’ll have our country back, or we’ll be in the midst of a bloody battle to get it back. Will the government let us go down the path of: Tunisia or of Libya? How we vote in 2012 may well determine that choice for us? It’s pretty clear that Obama, and his Neocon friends, are not going to tolerate any Gorbachev fast ones, so we better hope the GOP comes up with a sincere, non-Neocon candidate who sincerely respects, unlike Obama, the people’s desire for change.

  • It is worth pointing out that only three Republicans, four Democrats and one Independent voted against the cloture. On the whole though, Democrats and Republics alike voted in union to squelch debate and move forward as quickly as possible with keeping the Constitution in suspension. If we needed a clear demonstration that America is now a single-party State, today was it.

    There were also a whole lot of cop outs, who sat out the vote. Six of those were Democrats and twelve were Republicans, many of them Republicans freshman, Tea Partiers, who may be keeping their heads low out of fear, but who are most likely going to be very susceptible to furor of their constituency if they remain spineless. Hopefully their supports will be better at holding them accountable then Obama’s supporters have been at holding him accountable (which is to say, not at all).

    The most succinct, detailed, and perhaps a little too dispassionate argument against the PATRIOT Act was presented today by Rand Paul, R-KY, the guy almost every liberal in America spent the last year-and-half hating with the passion of a religious fanatic. That’s almost as ironic as the fact that it is now the Middle East that is on the verge of a freedom revolution, as America’s political parties jointly work together (you’ve got to love that word, “bipartisan”) to sells a once proud, free country into the bondage of a bunch of international corporatist bankers.

    Maybe spending all that time undermining Ron Paul four years ago wasn’t such a good idea. Strange how bad karma comes back to bite you in the ass.

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    It strikes me that Adrian Lamo is a government agent of some sort, most likely became one as a condition of his plea bargain. Further, the entire timeline is so full of inconsistencies and suspicious activity as to call into question the very idea that Manning and Lamos had contact at all. It also strikes me that Manning has been surprisingly compliant and docile throughout the entire affaire, almost as though he is a willing player. If indeed, Manning did release these documents, is it possible that he released them on orders from a higher up? Is he a willing patsy who thinks his sacrifice is simply another way to fight for his country? Or has he perhaps been threatened in some way in order to gain his cooperation with the official story? As Letterman would say, ‘this doesn’t pass the smell test.’

  • “The formal beginning of the Tea Party was a classic top-down media con. It took off after a February 20, 2009 rant on CNBC by a shameless TV douchewad named Rick Santelli, who is today considered a pre-prophet for the Tea Party movement, a sort of financial John the Baptist who was dunking CNBC-viewer heads in middle class resentment before the real revolution began.”

    Of course, despite being a good journalist, Taibbi is wrong on this point. The Tea Party movement started at a Ron Paul fundraising event in Boston a couple of months before Santelli’s famous rant. What is interesting is the degree to which journalists go out of their way to ignore this easily verifiable fact. I suspect that recognizing libertarians role in a populist movement would give them credibility that some are simply not willing to see established. As well, unless Taibbi (and others) have mind reading capabilities that would be far more alarming than any element of the Tea Party movement, it is entirely impossible for anyone to know what was in Santelli’s head when he took of on his rant. Anyone with any knowledge of the television industry would recognize that such a thing is not likely to have been scripted. Further, why would Santelli have made attacking the bank’s bailout, attacking the blatant coming-our-of-the-closet of corporate-statism in America an issue if he hadn’t truly felt threatened by it?

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