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    Best synopsis of the problem I have seen in a long time. Second, and move the question.

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    It’s just so sad. So much that comes out of this administration reinforces conservative messages. As a federal worker I am constantly dismayed by the on-going war on public employees. In DoD there is in effect a hiring freeze in place. A hiring freeze at the moment when everyone is talking about jobs. A hiring [...]

  • I think that this is the real thing. The beginning of what will probably be a long, hard climb back to be a country that inspires others by our imagination, passion and ingenuity. The system we have now is hopelessly broken and corrupt and needs to be radically shaken up so that the tiny elites don’t call the shots on everything. I saw a sign today ‘you can vote in America, you just can’t vote for the people who really run the country.’ We must get the corporate money out of politics so that one person, one vote actually means something. We need to break up the ‘Systemically Dangerous Institutions’ aka Too Big to Fail institutions so that they can’t bring down the world economy again and we need to get rid of ‘Socialism for bankers, wrenching capitalism for the working stiff.’ These are all courtesy of Barry Ritholtz on his blog the Big Picture. I think he makes great points.

  • Brilliant piece. I so hope that this is the real thing (and I do) and it isn’t either (1) co-opted by the instutionalized left and/or (2) brutally crushed by the powers that really run the country. I get the feeling that (1) isn’t that likely but am afraid that once this starts being a real threat that (2) will take off.

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    Excellent commentary. I’ve said this elsewhere it’s pretty sad that it took Obama for me to lose what was left of my idealism about America. Not what you would have expected. All that is left is the stunning realization that the system is run by people who don’t think like me and don’t have my [...]

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    Absolutely nothing to see here. I have to admit that in the last decade I stopped watching the Sunday shows altogether. In the last six months I have almost completely stopped watching any TV news, except for BBC which I discovered during the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis. They were a safe have of reasonableness and meaningful content at least until the Libya attacks.

    In DC we will all be enjoying a beautiful Spring day and will come back to FDL to see if there was anything worth noting during today’s “news” programs.

    Best to all!

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    No offense taken. As I said in my post I think as President I would have made different choices based on deeply held beliefs rather than making the ones that I thought would help me get re-elected. I think Americans are looking for principled leadership that doesn’t by default defer to powerful special interests which [...]

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    Every few days I call my dad and check in.  He’s 82 and lives in San Francisco.  I’m 48 and live in Arlington, VA.  We usually talk about any of three things; politics, religion, and the Giants.  I’m lucky in many respects, and one of them is that my dad and I are on almost [...]

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    I am planning on sitting this one out. I gave a crapload of money to Obama in 2008, personal max both during the primaries and the general election. I learned my lesson and no politician will ever get my money again without proof of backbone and actual belief in something that I believe in too. The jedi master meme is just so much BS. Obama is screwing up at every turn, admitedly operating in a system which just doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know if it is malicious, but the accumulating serial mistakes are harder and harder to attribute to simple miscalculation. The idea that both he and Reid crowed about how the budget deal included the biggest cuts in spending in history may have been the last straw for me.

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    Last week I saw a report of a shooting rampage in South America. The news showed a “man on the street” interview where the guy said something to the effect “it was just like something in the United States where someone goes wild and just shoots everyone.” Proud moment! Our reputation isn’t what it used to be.

  • I sit here and read through all this stuff, Jones’ incitement, the Tennessee anti-Darwin bill, Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich in Ohio, the slow motion nuclear crisis which isn’t getting better but no one is really talking about anymore, and to top it off another elective war. On and on, and all I can wonder is where in the world can I take my family to escape this?

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    That’s the problem with cracks. For some reason that made me laugh. Sorry

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    Check out this site for interesting comment and discussion on Fukushima.

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    This article was very informative as it explained that the level of a nuclear accident is a function (largely) of how much radioactive material escapes into the environment. According to the calculations reported in this article the Fukushima event has released between 30,000 and 110,000 terabecquerels. Chernobyl by comparison released 1.8 million terabecquerels.

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    With all the petty and not so petty outrages inflicted by these rat bastards, something about this just pisses me off more than I can say.

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    What’s sad to me is that it took Obama for me to finally lose all faith in the system. Who would have imagined that Hope would turn to hopelessness so quickly? I’m nearly 50 now and probably should have known better a long time ago. I should have know that there are people who really call the shots and that the grassroots are just something that the real powers like to walk on.

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    Its funny. I have seen that comment several times but because I am relatively new to FDL comments and I have used to this type of presentation more than the numbered comments one I don’t notice any problem. Just what you get used to I suppose.

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    Lawrence ODonnell had a good segment last night and reminded me of something I came across awhile back. Japanese Doctors do not typically tell their patients how serious their medical conditions are. They don’t tell terminal patients that they are going to die. I wish I had better documentation of this phenomenon. If it is true, or substantially so, and it suggests a cultural trait, then it might explain why revealing the magnitude of the crisis is unlikely. Lots of caevats there. I also recognize the desire to avoid panic and cover up mistakes but there may be an element which is not purely sinister in their avoidance of facts.

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    The physical damage from the explosions is a lot worse than I imagined. It seems likely that a lot of the systems inside some of those buildings won’t work even if they get power to them.

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    This looks like a very recent picture posted in a comment on the UCS site. Seems hard to believe that they have any control over what is happening in whats left of the uper floors of the comtainment building.

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