• I switched to vaping over the course of the past year. My sense of taste came back, my breathing improved, and I don’t stink of tobacco or burn holes in my clothing. Vaping has become a sort of hobby: I enjoy checking out new products and juices/flavors, and I have cut my nicotine consumption by over two-thirds.

    It was inevitable that when Big Tobacco noticed the monetary drain into e-cigs/vaping, that they would fight back and try to take over the market. I’ve read a lot of “hit pieces” that are very similar to the climate change arguments…”the science is still out” yada yada ya. Well, I know how to build my own atomizers and make my own e-juices, so if the FDA stays true to their corporate ownership, I will continue to vape at my own pleasure. It would be a serious shame, though, because it really is a good way to “smoke” more safely than using tobacco.

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    Jane, take care of yourself first. Know that your extended family is behind you, rooting for you. We will be here when you get back.

    Now….what kinds of trouble can we cause while Mom’s not looking…. ;-)

  • Yes, DW….it will take “something very fundamental have to occur BEFORE it is possible for THE PEOPLE to exorcise that failed “leadership” and institute their own participatory democracy … one that is not dependent upon a political class that “tempers” and tamps down the will and desires, the genuine needs, of the people.”

    This is why we have “Homeland Security”, why the cops are armed like an occupying army. They are not stupid, and know they need to be fully prepared for we the people should we the people decide to actually do that fundamental something. I believe, in the long run, that Malcolm X is more accurate than Dr. King (though admittedly less inspiring). But hey, I’m an old lady, what do I know? :-)

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    The worst thing that can happen to a parent is to bury one’s child. Sen. Inhofe may be vile personally, but I grieve for him losing his son. If it brings him to an epiphany politically, cool. If not, the grief is still there.

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    Hey, pups. How y’all doing?

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    The title alone earns praise from me…I didn’t think anyone else listened to, much less remembered that little ditty. :-)

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    Something similar happened once before, if I recall correctly…were you not then yelling at St. Satchmo and were recognized in the process?

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    I do have one teensy problem with da Ho’s logic chain. I don’t like wine, I like Pepsi. At 53, I am not a “kid”. If he’s immature, just say the word.

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    Don’t forget….after reading the marvelous reviews of this product on Amazon, delete your browsing history so that you don’t get stuck with recommendations that are based on the product.

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    Never had your hair cut at Fantastic Sam’s? Hell, I’ve done that and I live in flyover country.

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    Now that is the perfect way to end an otherwise noxious day. Thanks.

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    Abe might have dithered a bit, but it’s for damn sure that Grant and Sherman wouldn’t have.

    I don’t think Cruz or little Rand would have a single problem with drones if the right sort of people were wielding them, rather than Obama and his secret Muslin socialista friends. Like Grayson said, if Obama spoke positively about his BLT for lunch, the ‘tards would be trying to ban bacon. This whole fashion show is just the latest in reflexively opposing anything Obama is doing.

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    Thanx, Tom. I don’t know how you do it, personally. I have a “job”, and it is sometimes too taxing to freaking read blogs daily. I can’t imagine having to write them too. Then there’s that whole burnout thing….one just gets tired of the endless bullshit stupidity (and that’s just McMegan). So, thank you for hanging in.

    That being said….guys? Don’t forget to show your gratitude! TBogg has a link to his Amazon Wish List, up there above his blogroll. Feed him now and then to renew his spirit and give him ammo. Also, too, music for that sexytime thing with the missus.

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    Really good article, c….you marched right into one of my pet subjects. I do firmly believe ” generational” is the best term possible to describe what’s going on right now. The Boomers, and to a certain extent the Gen Xers that have to follow them, do look back at “the American High” as what’s normal. It [...]

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    Peace, friend, from the flyover garden spot of Jeff City, Mo. Tanx for the lovely bassets!

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    Greenville, South Carolina? Where was Greenville’s savior, George Tierney, Jr., when they needed him?

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    I’ve been okay, love my new job to death. :-) Things are much improved in the Shadowstalker house. We need video of your granddaughter, though!

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    Perhaps, then, you should take a side trip over to TBogg’s place. I’m sure he and his commenters will give you the respect you deserve.

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    I have to ask: a single parent with two children and an income of $260,000? Whose fantasy world is this, and where can I find it? Has NYT looked at reality anytime lately?

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