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  • Well said Big Al. I was duped by the Democrat’s in 2006-8 by thinking that once the RW coup of 2001 was voted out, our democracy and rule of law would be restored. I was wrong it was a by-partisan coup which had been in the making for decades. When Senator Obama voted for FISA [...]

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    Hey ek, The steady drip, drip, drips that coal and grease generate do not penetrate the reality we as humans face. What buzz? I hear no buzz except for the wind ripping through my house this November at 65 mph. Surely humans can stick their fucking heads out the window or door and see that [...]

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    You said it joe
    “carnival act” is what it is. It is how ever a bad carny act so why pay even 3$ to get in a tent that doesn’t even bother to put on a decent dog and pony show and worse fines you when you slam the door.

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    Enough with ‘existential crises’ or threats, they are mental mind jerks. Talk about your white privilege, jeeze. The real crises we face are physical especially global warming and climate change. Cassidorious is right more and more people are so engaged in staying alive on a basic level that these so called existential threats are irrelevant. [...]

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    Preach it Joe, It needs saying. Obama outdid himself with this one.I thought nothing he said or did could shock me but this is a whole new despicable low. How do people reconcile let alone defend this obscene cold blooded folksy utterance as being any better then the despicable garbage spouted by Bush. In some [...]

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    My block has a party every summer. Almost every block in our urban neighborhood has a block party. The city even allows the blocks to put up road blocks at the ends of the streets. Community is alive and well if you seek it out or make it happen. The suburbs might not have them [...]

  • Thanks Kevin,

    I appreciate your writing as it seems harder and harder for people to see beyond partisan D and R politics. In a time when their is no meaningful difference other then one side is theocratic and will Ayn Rand your ass and the other is just useless. This to me is almost more alarming then the by-partisan destruction of the rule of law, The Great Writ. People seem unable to look at what is being done to human and civil rights, globally and here in der Homeland in the name of the Orwellian GWOT. Instead most focus on the absurd political kabuki show that pits teh evil maniac Republicans as the enemy while ignoring the fact that the Democrats are much better at implementing the same agenda. I do not care whether Rand Paul is a freaking lunatic on most matters or what his callous political motivation is at least he mounted a real filibuster and objected to this odious nomination. Where was Bernie? hummmm…Thanks again for your writing on civil liberties or any subject you take on.

    Im not a libertarian, just a liberal lapsed Democrat who has let go of the fictitious political spectrum until it offer humans something that isn’t anti-democratic and more then varying shades of nasty ass fascism.

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    Fuck this shit where does she stand on fracking, the grease, climate change, and global warming. I’m sick and tired of these creepy, yuppie CEO’s being appointed to positions where there is a direct conflict of interest. The banks? great! she worked for Wamu? The oil industry and canoes holy shit she must be a [...]

  • I never thought occupy was a occupying force. I think they are a horizontal populist peaceful global movement. One that is about power to the people as were getting screwed and “This is not what democracy looks like”. Nothing was destroyed that’s the beauty of a movement like this, It’s a sane response to this NWO and our nations absolutely insane politics. They are adaptable and fluid and will find new ways to be relevant and stay alive. They are needed and I think they have just began.

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    Thanks Cassiodorious for this needed discussion and thanks Jane for front paging it. Just filled out my ballot today and I voted for Jill Stein. OR is most likely going to come in for Obama. I hope even if I lived in a swing state I would refuse to have my vote extorted out of [...]

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    and the money changers out of the temple in DC. Sounds like a platform I could vote for.

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    I don’t think Obama was changed by the ‘owners of the place’. They just saw his talent and slotted him in years ago as the perfect bait for the switch they needed to sell us after the Bush regime. People had had enough and the Bushies went to far. They needed a change candidate in [...]

  • The number do not lie, but as I understand it over 500,000 of these jobs are part time and God knows what they pay. Do I think the BLS is cooked? Maybe not but every time during this whole economic meltdown I read the BLS numbers released I automatically up the % points to account for actual jobs that allow people to live decently. The employment counting is meaningless other then showing how screwed workers are. My daughter has 3 part time jobs and goes to community college in her spare time. She may be employed, does she count as one or 3 jobs on the bogus BLS. She recently acquired her third job at Pier1 where she asked if she could possibly be full time. No, they said no one but the store mangers are full time. Her other two jobs are at a local pizza chain. She works at two different locations part time which enables them to work her double shifts and still not pay benefits or overtime. All in all these numbers do not reflect the underemployed, part time workers, the self employed, those that have stopped looking and those who are not even counted.

    While maybe not a conspiracy on the Dems. part its still a highly dubious assessment of jobs and our economic recovery. Simply a snapshot of how screwed labor is in this by-partisan NWO. When 3 jobs are needed to sustain a 20 year old living at home and trying to get an education these numbers are meaningless. She’s lucky but what about the people who while counted as employed are trying to survive on what passes for a job these days. Tragic when both sides banter these meaningless numbers of misery around for political gain. Who cares if the bogus data/numbers tally gets better. What about the freaking working people who cannot put food on the table or live a decent life without 3 jobs that all suck. How many angels can fit on the head of a pin type of talking point.

    btw I make my living off stats and numbers they do not lie but how my clients interpret them and use them is not necessarily or usually anything but voodoo to back their selling points. Methodologically/mathamatically sound does not mean shit when your measuring the common good and peoples economic inequality and misery.

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    No 3rd party is going to get corporate funding, no way, no how. Any ‘change’ we get will have to be from people, ordinary ones who have just had enough of this shit. The Mormon sucks, Obama sucks, both are just the spokesman for the brand of poison you get to chose between. They like it that way, keeps the options where they want them. What choice do we have? None other then cosmetic. That said, this registered Democrat voter, who’s a card carrying member of her county Democratic party is voting for Jill Stein.

    Fear doesn’t cut it when your vote is nothing but extortion and even when you cast it opposition to the maniac’s on the other side, you still lose. Fear the Romney, fear the Mormon, fear the vulture capitalist, but don’t expect the Dems to actually do anything other then not be them while at the same time following their agenda. Instead of a loyal opposition, you will get the same shit via grand bargains and unbelievable kabuki. So if they are so scarry.

    Why do I have to listen to Bill Clinton,in full wonk mode tell me why Bowles/Simpson and the inevitable NWO is so cool and isn’t a total fail. But hey lets give up everything for the entrepreneurs and billionaires who rule the party. After all, look what I did for Haiti. Lordy. Mittens may be the worst ever and Bush was scary as shit and yet his doctrines lives on alive and well thanks to the Democratic party. Worst choice I ever had and I’m old as dirt. Occupy and vote for Jill Stein, the alternatives are negligible and nothing but aiding and abetting the real villains in this absurd kabuki.

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    Unless I’m way behind the latest changes to Obama’s administration he has the CEO of GE, Jeffery Immelt, as his jobs czar. Dimion is however one of the savvy businessmen he so loves to use as an example of American entrepreneurship. After all as Obama says ‘we do not disparage wealth in America’.

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    Happy birthday Jane. I have not ever really posted here. I am a member and I have always admired, read and supported both you and Firedoglake. Thank you for your spirited defense of democracy, justice and real politics that rise above insane partisanship. I’m glad your still going strong and wish you many more birthdays. [...]

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    hey edger

    Liked your picture post.Guess I’ll have to stray off my beaten path to find you now. Humanitarian intervention in the US is scheduled for half time in the football game so don’t miss it.

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    you forgot to turn your irony meter on.

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    Hey wheres my rec button. Good link Cassiodorus, thanks. I like this comment live blog thread even though Obama is long gone and good riddance, It is reality based and funny. Appreciate the non subservient attitude here. It’s much saner then the we the people ought to be grateful for our servitude which is about to go into high gear and be billed as winning the future. Were all Raygun Democrat’s now it’s the 21st century and this is your new Democratic party. What a dick.

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    Hardly ever post here, but always read. The confines of dkos are getting me down so here goes. I’m tired of the same old grind of proving my loyalty to either pol or party once they are revealed as toxic and undemocratic..

    Obama is not a Democrat. Everybody including himself says he’s not ideological but this is pure bs. he is a free market fundie and a frontman for the Democratic version of the PNAC or The Heritage Foundation. Tjis is nothing but ideological it’s free market world domination carried to the max. The Democratic Party should declare him a non Democrat and he should run as a third party candidate as he is one. He should run under the name The Third Party, which has no ideology other then unfettered crisis capitalism and neocon global supremacy. He’s as I said not a Democrat.

    As for his intentions and loyalties who cares he certainly isn’t a Democrat nor does he care about the common good or our laws and basic principles so really fuck him. I guess I’m just a troll but seriously what good is this for any one other then the obscenely rich and those that seek to to rule the world. The ones who always call themselves inevitable and preach the gospel of a New World Order.

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