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  • What do you expect to get for a person who would take this job with the Snyder mandate to maintain, defend and enhance the closest equivalent of the N word? Supporting the terminology that almost all racists save for private conversations at Klan meetings or Republican fundraisers is a tough, disgusting job suited to those with flexible morals.

  • I always check ink consumption before I buy a printer and I try to make sure it uses a common cartridge. Last couple I got on closeout from Epson. Complete Computer Services offers cartidges with more ink in them at a good price if you buy 14 or so at a time. I am not affiliated with them. Got a bad cartridge from Carrot Ink and Lasermonks and they did not respond to my complaints. There may be other suppliers out there that have good prices and service so look around. I would like to buy cartridges locally but they are too expensive, poor quality, unavailable or a combination. Also make sure you get individual cartridges or a kid printing valentines can cost you an entire cartridge when only one color is gone.

  • Gangs are well known for non-violent protests, hunger strikes, and posting the pictures of little lost puppies and kittys on the local bulletin boards. Government officials are not even trying to make their lies plausible anymore because they know the media just reports as proclamations from God on Mount Sinai all the golden drops of knowledge as they dribble from the lips of government spokespersons.

    What are the names of the gangs that run these hunger strike schemes? The Ghandians ?, The no eatums? The rickets crips? The enemic bloods?

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    The only excitement here is that 2 members of the same fascist party want the same place from which to enact the billionaire nut job agenda. When will the tea party and the religious right understand that they have both been conned into being serfs for billionaires? Heterosexual marriage and ultimately abortion and racism will be given up as necessary to keep the billionaires tax free and in control. Until then the morons who vote against their own economic interest for principles that they won’t violate but their leaders will is going to continue.

  • This ‘DEMOGRAPHIC TIME BOMB’ is also a fantastic excuse for the Democratic Party to allow them to collect corporate cash and remain totally right wing on military, civil rights, privacy, illegal search and seizure, electronic spying, militarization of the police force, election reform, health care, privatization of government, privatization of education, UNION BUSTING and ignore all popular progressive reforms except Gay rights and abortion.

  • The Koch brothers OWN the Wisconsin Republican Party. I doubt that the slave masters give a rat’s butt about math except math that amounts to more wealth and power for Kochs and their diseased fascist ideals.

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    It is working exactly as expected. It is transferring money from the taxpayer to Walker’s campaign contributors and other friends. It is called pay for play. Bad accounting and sloppy oversight is required to achieve the desired goal. It also sounds like a government agency so it further proves government doesn’t work to the lapdog [...]

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    Their defense for sending out a report that is carefully sculpted bullshit is that they are incredibly stupid and just lucky that the right wing loves their report. They are not cheap sluts corrupted by small change from billionaire oligarchs who carefully sculpted the data to create bullshit. My question: Why do they still have [...]

  • That is why their are laws allowing you not to be told or in the case of Fracking REQUIRING that no one is told what, when, where, how and any other important fact. It is not an accident that the people living here didn’t know about it. Some of the pipe locations have also been [...]

  • Here is the significant announcement: We have a solid case against dozens of bank officials and we would be pursuing those charges except, unfortunately, the statute of limitations has expired. We have several other investigations going on and will have another significant announcement very soon. Thank you for your interest in another fine example of American justice.

  • This was not a flushing fee for using the toilet. This was a pervert weirding off in the mens room. What would happen to a regular guy trying to solicit sex from women at the door of the women’s restroom? People gay or straight have the right to use the toilet in an airport in peace. This was a fine for illegal activity. This is not an expense that is an unavoidable cost of traveling to work. That this kind of absurd legal claim doesn’t cause a contempt of court charge and a punishment for the lawyer shows you just how corrupt the system has become with every scheme cooked up to help the rich and connected tolerated and innocent people punished for the crime of being poor due to massive job destruction by the same bunch of psychopathic plutocrats and their pet Congress whores.

  • During their working years old people prepaid some of the costs of Medicare – include this among your points. They are called ENTITLEMENTS because you earn them. Moving the payoff back until only people who are very lucky or never do physical work will collect is part of the plan to destroy Social Security and [...]

  • The way this is being handled it looks like the ‘kangaroo’ court used to ‘convict’ Saddam without exposing the crimes of all the conspirators and associates who are members of the government or protected evil slime that it would be embarrassing to admit association.

    It is not that Saddam wasn’t guilty of plenty, but the hurry to knock him off on minor charges was to shut him up.

    As soon as the case against Manning has been honed to a sharp point that dooms him with minimal collateral damage he will be sent off to rot in prison or killed without possibility of his making a credible public statement.

    If they had a legitimate case, with real evidence there would have been no need to silence him, stuff him in solitary confinement until insanity is normally produced and hamstring his lawyer by withholding evidence, claiming national security, and limiting contact with his client.

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    He is being interviewed for Treasury, Federal Reserve Chairman, or the Medal of Freedom – they can’t decide.

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    AARP IS MUCH WORSE THAN YOUR AVERAGE INSURANCE COMPANY. They violate their members trust by betraying them every day. AARP should fight to the death to raise benefits for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the safety net for younger people too. The younger people are the children and grandchildren of their members. Certainly the majority [...]

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    Any politician who acts against your interest and is under a recall is a blessing. ANY TIME THEY SPEND FIGHTING RECALL OR RAISING MONEY TO FIGHT ONE IS TIME THEY CAN’T SPEND SCREWING YOU OVER. The big money may tire of wasting cash on a person who can’t serve as a lackey due to the [...]

  • The Clash, “You have the right to free speech, as long as you are not dumb enough to actually try it.”

    Welcome to FitzWalkerstan – formerly known as Wisconsin. I signed the recall petition. If the voters don’t recall this turd they should give up all pretense and join the Nazi party. The Republicans in this state are already there.

  • It is hard to restrain the racists once you have fired them up. I am sure that there are plenty of Klan descendants who are just itching to put all them non Americans back in their place. They will be disappointed when they find out the whole racist law was just to pander to low information voting bigots to get elected and the real beneficiaries will be the 1% or 0.1% of the ruling elite.

  • They will need to increase the prison population to provide enough slaves. Perhaps this is why legal Latinos have left the state. Watch for trumped up charges yielding long sentences for young, healthy, people with agricultural experience.

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    Any police who engage in this must be shunned in all social settings. Imagine crossing the street, leaving parties, refusing invitations when these jackbooted thugs are included. Tell the host exactly why you left and that you will not associate with people who assault peaceful people. Do not go to the charity event etc. I would certainly not allow my children to play at the house of known felons, even if they do it in a police uniform.

    Do not shun police who behave properly, but ask them why they associate with thugs.

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