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    You mean the Sgt. Rock kinda stuff? None of that obvious macho bullshit interested me in the least. Nor any of the superhero stuff either. My only comic-book interest was Archie, which I adored. Just loved the silly fun. Speaking of comics – omg, Peanuts. I devoured all the paperback collections, just couldn’t get enough. [...]

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    Also, our local Peoples Drug store (now CVS, alas) had a paperback rack that actually included titles like William L. Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” Damned if the sheer size of that thing didn’t fascinate and challenge and compel me to buy it (roughly around sixth grade) and read it. I think [...]

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    Half way! That’s awesome!

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    I can’t imagine that nowadays a teacher will sit and read a book to a class, over a period of days or even weeks – but it is still so memorable in my own life. Two standouts were “Pagoo” by Holling Clancy Holling, a very educational, gripping, and beautifully illustrated story of a hermit crab [...]

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    Great subject! My fav Seuss:

    I like to box.
    How I like to box!
    So, every day,
    I box a Gox.

    In yellow socks
    I box my Gox.
    I box in yellow
    Gox box socks.

    (from “One Fish ..”)

  • Another good update Jon, thanks.

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    Rep. Barbara Lee on the anti-war voices in the media

    Well, that should be a quick segment.

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    It certainly should win that same Best Advertised Product of the Year award that Obama did.

  • Drug warriors = racketeers.

    Drug war = extremely lucrative racket.

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    I’ve been using ixquick for months and don’t miss google at all.

    (Still use G Translate here and there, but I love not giving google all the tons of clicks I used to.)

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    NIce that both Ritchie and the cops seem to be graduates of the George Zimmerman/Fox News School of Criminal Analysis. This time it’s two people dead for absolutely no reason.

    Nice obstruction and witness tampering there, DeCline.

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    Well, to be fair, this is about foreign “lobbyists” as opposed to foreign countries who simply own us lock, stock and barrel.

    Srsly, does AIPAC even have to bother lifting a finger anymore?

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    Will ISIS 9/11 us?

    No, but the same Cheneyite bastards who 9/11′d us the first time probably will. And just like before, they’ll get clean away with it too. I wonder if Schieffer’s ISIS infomercial will have sneak preview clips of the actual attack to come? (Why not? When you’re rolling out a product, go big!) [...]

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    Thanks for posting this excellent and comprehensive update. I can only take dropping by ENE News about once a week anymore.

    This always especially kills me:

    there is little or no reliable, systematic, continuous measurement of radiation levels anywhere, not just related to Fukushima.

    Trash the biosphere and RUN, baby!

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    Woo-hoo! Finally some good news!

    I’m gonna sit on my porch and play my ukelele and sing asteroid songs.

    (to the tune of Madonna’s “Holiday”)

    Celebrate! …

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    Thanks for saying that for me, colorado blue! :)

    Anyways – why do we keep those superfluous middlemen, the congresscritters themselves, around at all?

  • Yes, I do know that it means “with.”

    All the more reason it’s a dumbass usage.

    And do you realize that “with” often encompasses “and”?

    And that the latter would convey Hirsh’s meaning better and more simply?

  • Thanks for this post. I read Hirsh’s Greenwald piece earlier today and found it barely worthy of the word “hackery.” No teeth, no facts, nothing at all but breezy kool kid bitchery, and phoned in at that. Then again, I’ve always found such to be pretty much the standard at Politico, another Beltway waste of electrons if ever there was one.

    Oh, and of course Hirsh has to use one of my favorite little annoyances -


    Can I just ask, why are pretentious and lazy writers (almost always male, quelle suprise) so fond of this awkward construction ( “___-cum-___” ) when the simple word “and” is almost always better and smoother usage? Are they really that eager to impress with their knowledge of (one word of) Latin? Or could there be some other reason they just love to bandy and look at that porny little c-word? Gosh, I wonder.

    Btw, Glenn’s book (at least the first 2/3rds of it) really packs a wallop. I expected a mere rehash of the Snowden reporting I already knew about, but somehow the impact of it all (both old and new stuff) in one place, and the sheer depth and scale of the insanity, was fresh and utterly overwhelming.

    Oh, and even The Intercept has started to wake up – some stellar stuff over there lately. Quite a contrast in fact to the last-week’s-cold-cocktail-weenies fare served up by our pathetic Politicos.

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    Well, to me Putin looks like Atticus Freakin Finch. While we look like both Bob Ewell AND the rabid dog.

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    The US neo-cold war propaganda saturation is stunning. Almost everywhere I go it’s completely accepted that Putin is an evil, menacing, warmongering psycho. Has there been some overnight mass-lobotomy-by-chemtrails or something? I feel like I’m in some hideous movie mashup of the Stepford Wives and Gaslight. This country has finally gone off the deep end [...]

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