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    So last month 142,000 jobs were created. But the news reports forgot to add that at the same time almost a million people gave up looking for work and fell off the rolls, thereby lowering the unemployment rate. I know you put a lot of effort into the report, but I stopped believing in Government [...]

  • sharonsj commented on the diary post Jimmy Carter Demands “War Crimes” Be Investigated In Gaza by CTuttle.

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    And I demand that Jimmy Carter stop taking Arab money to shill for them.

  • If the media is pro-Israeli, then why haven’t you seen any coverage of the pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Europe screaming “Slaughter the Jews,” “Jews to the ovens,” and attacking worshippers trapped inside synagogues?

  • ” extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice ” depends on the definitions of extremism and liberty. So you think that the left is accusing the right of extremism but not vice versa. Then how to you explain Republican state legislatures passing laws that criminalize: animal rights protesters, people who photograph animal abuse, people who “disparage” vegetables, people who want to know what’s in fracking fluid, and people who talk about climate change?

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    And now here’s some equal time for the other side of the story. I think it was Blumenthal who lamented the “Judaizing” of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, forgetting that when Jordan controlled those areas, it expelled all the Jewish residents. Meanwhile in Tunisia, considered the “Switzerland” of the Arab world, militant Islamists call [...]

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    Weeks of round-the-clock coverage of anything and everything to do with the Zimmerman/Martin affair leave me asking, “Is there no other news in the entire world?” While the media covers this, state legislatures are regularly screwing voters, women, and taxpayers. And Congress is blocking any bills that might actually help the country. Meanwhile, Europe is [...]

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    Why assume that Israel needs encouragement to come to the table with Palestinians? What about the other way around? The Gazans call for the destruction of Israel and so refuse to negotiate with the “Zionist entity” they don’t recognize. The West Bank is busy teaching their population that the Jews never lived in the entire [...]

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    Here’s my “safety” net: I get $899 a month after Medicare is deducted. Food stamps are a big $25 a month. In the summer I get $20 in vouchers to buy vegetables at a farmers’ market. After I have paid $2200 in school and property taxes, gotten official receipts, and filled out special forms, Pennsylvania will send me a refund of $1000 six months later. Which, if I don’t need glasses or a dentist or car repairs, I can then put towards my next taxes. Whoopee. And to conservatives out there: I do not have a smartphone, a giant wall TV or drive a Cadillac.

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    If Gaza is a ghetto, might it not be because the Gazans have chosen to run off or kill their political and religious enemies? Hamas has committed plenty of “war crimes” against their own, but it’s not politically correct to point that out. Also, doesn’t their charter call for the expulsion of all Jews who [...]

  • Except that if Romney should be taken out some day by a flying dog cage from a vacationer’s car–in a perfect karmic demise–then Paul Ryan would be president. And in place of Medicare I’d be handed a pink slip.

  • And I’ve read that the average Social Security is $12,000 a year or $1000 a month (before Medicare is deducted). Which is exactly what I’m getting after 6 years of collecting. Plus, I’d like to point out that my friends get even less. Even after the paltry COLA raises, I’m trying to decide if I [...]

  • So $170,000 is a net after the mortgage–how do you know that’s true? No one I know has anything near that amount unless you add in the value of their home, and even then they still don’t come close.

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    Speak for yourself. By the way, from your comments elsewhere, you sound like a clueless fool. Not voting is precisely what the Republicans want.

    The percentage of actual voters keeps going down so that we have a president and congress elected by maybe one-third of the country. That allows the crazy right-wingers to come out in droves and shove their ideology down our throats.

  • If you were the one borrowing the money, and your repayment rate was higher than everyone else’s, you’d be screaming about it. P.S. If you know nothing about money, maybe that’s why you think nothing is wrong…. P.P.S. And you sound like the average idiot American who has no clue how they are being ripped off.

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    My Social Security is $1000 a month (before they take out for Medicare), so I qualify for food stamps which, in PA, is a big $25 a month because I have a tiny mortgage. I have a better vehicle because I live in a rural area, I have physical limitations, it’s not possible for me [...]

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    One of the well-known financial sites banned me from further commenting when I said that (1) the stock market is nothing but a gambling casino operated for the benefit of insiders, (2) no one is actually investing when more than half the trades are flash trades, and (3) speculation in the commodity markets caused death [...]

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    At one time, the people with the highest I.Q.s in the world were Eastern European Jews. Personally, I think intermarriage and the lack of culture in America has made us stupid. In any case, I don’t know how much you think we trust the Mormons either. They are just as busy trying to convert Jews [...]

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    Americans have to work for 45 years before they can get SS. If they retire at age 62, they are forced to give up 25% of what they are entitled to. A senator only has to put in one term of 6 years to be entitled to a full pension at age 62. The average [...]

  • Although both the FBI and the Justice Dep’t say that the majority of banks and mortgage companies committed fraud, there are no prosecutions. So why would you expect it to be different at the state level? Our governments are so corrupt now, that nothing will get solved without the news actually reporting the truth AND average Americans rioting in the streets.

    Even if we throw out every politician, the corporations and lobbyists are still there, handing out money. We need major changes or every one of us, even if we do have a job, will be asking, “Would you like fries with that?”

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    People are unaware of just about everything that matters. National TV and radio no longer give us the news, just entertainment and speculation if not outright lies. We need to keep spreading real information via the internet (before the gov’t shuts us down).

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