• New Zealanders are holding major protests against the privatization of their power companies, terming it Treachery and a majority of them are against the TPP

    People Power Ohariu spokesman John Maynard said it was particularly concerned about the Trans Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement being negotiated among New Zealand, the United States and at least eight other countries.

    “The deal could open the Government up to being sued by a foreign investor with as little as a 1% share in energy companies,” Maynard said.

    Wellington orthopaedic surgeon Russell Tregonning is the spokesman for OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate and Health, which represented 150 doctors around the country.

    He, along with other submitters, raised concerns that partially privatised energy companies would not face the same requirements as state-owned companies to take climate change into consideration.

    We need to alert the nationalist right who were dreadfully afraid of the transnational freeway from canada to Mexico. … states rights down the toilet.