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    There’s somebody besides Romney who could clear this up but hasn’t said a word yet. John McCain has seen the returns in question but I don’t hear him calling Reid a liar. His silence is deafening.

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    “Can you imagine if a republican president _________________? There would be outrage exhibited by the democrats. I don’t hear any outrage now.”

    Kind of a recurring theme in the last 3 years, isn’t it?

  • Count me as glad to see the deal dead. Not just because of the potential damage to SS but because the overriding argument has Democrats and Obama adopting Republican talking points as policy, not that that’s anything new for O. Putting the payroll tax rate back where it was is not a “tax increase.” That’s the exact same argument Republicans used against letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

  • Maybe if our the initial reaction of our so-called leaders was to…you know…lead, get out in front of the will of the people instead of having to be dragged into doing the right thing kicking and screaming there wouldn’t have been a need for the 99% movement.

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    Yep, would have been a great speech from a candidate for president, not so much from someone whose nearly three years of actions contradict the words.

    The criticism of the Bush tax cuts for producing slow job growth and massive deficits might mean more coming from someone who hadn’t extended those cuts for an additional two years, at least.

    The call to end outsourcing might mean more from someone who hadn’t already signed three free-trade agreements and was in the process of negotiating several more.

    Speaking out against the fraudulent practices in the financial sector might mean more from someone whose so-called Justice Department hadn’t spent the last three years looking the other way, meanwhile launching a full-scale investigation into food stamp fraud. So much for the rhetoric about “everyone playing by the same rules.”

    And as Mr. Dayen pointed out, the words about vetoing anything that would de-fund financial reform might mean more from someone who hadn’t already signed the appropriations bill which does exactly that.

    Sorry, Mr. President. I bought your snake oil once, it won’t happen again.

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    What change isn’t.

    Change isn’t an economic team made up of those responsible for the crash. Change isn’t keeping Gitmo open. Change isn’t extending the Patriot Act. Change isn’t extending the Bush tax cuts. Change isn’t continuing the assault on the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. Change isn’t the continuation, and in some cases expansion, of the Bush national security policies. Change isn’t a candidate who says one thing to get elected and does a 180 the minute the election is over.

    Change IS a president who can unilaterally order the assassination of an American citizen.