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  • Margaret, I suspect the outlook for trans people may be better than you think. I am a parent of a gender nonconforming child as well as a member of a support group for parents of trans/gender nonconforming children (elementary school age). We are not parents trying to change our children but to support them in their gender identity. There is increasing demand for such support groups, I am told, by the PFLAG group near us. More and more parents are supporting their children rather than trying to change them, which leads to all kinds of activism on trans issues. I can tell you this life experience has transformed me into a serious activist for trans equality, respect, and rights.

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    I do think that, as adults, children are obvously no longer children and have to answer for their actions. I am glad you brought up both Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter, each of whom made quite different choices from the other. I would argue about assuming “stuff runs in the family.” I would say people should be judged by their own actions rather than those of their parents or other family members. My dad watches fox news and believes lots of tea partyish things. I don’t, to say the least. Anyone assuming I share any political views with him would be making a serious mistake.

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    I responded to ECahn at 15. He/she refers to Obama’s children as “rapacious” and wanting big weddings, implying that as children of the president, even if they are only barely tweens, they are looking ahead to their “expensive weddings.” This is not a political statement I am making (maybe it is, in its own way, now that I think about it). It’s a statement about decency toward children even when you believe, as I do, that their father is doing a wretched job as president. Can a 10 or 12 year old really be rapacious? I’m not sure they’re even mature enough to have that in them. Some kids might, but I would definitely give them the benefit of the doubt at this age and because as people, they have the right to not be personally attacked.

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    I apologize if this has already been addressed, so please correct me if that is the case. I can’t stand that Obama’s children are being trashed here. How old are they–10 and 12 or so? As much as I have been critical of Obama and his seeming presidential incompetence, I have no contempt for his children. This just seems hateful to me rather than productive in any way. I don’t want to become hateful even if our political system is in a shambles.

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