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    David Cameron and Barack Obama will on Wednesday agree tentative plans for British and US troops to end their ‘lead combat role’ in Afghanistan by the middle of next year.

    Perhaps because “the London Olympics will host the biggest mobilisation of military and security forces seen in the UK since the second world war. More troops – around 13,500 – will be deployed than are currently at war in Afghanistan.”

    Please take time out to read the extraordinary article in the link.

  • Perhaps they once were. I’ve heard tell of a mythical beast called the “Eisenhower Republican”, apparently they once stalked the wide open prairies advocating strong Unions and a top marginal tax rate of 90%.

    Those days are long gone. Some social issues aside (and we’ll need our gay wife or husband by our hospital bed to discuss whether or not we’ll need to sell the house, it seems) both our conservatives are cut from the same cloth. They went to the same colleges, they’re advised by the same experts and think tanks they’re funded by – and recieve sinecures from – the same corporations.

    The lockstep has accelerated since the 80′s.

    Reagan: “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.” / Thatcher: “There is no such thing as Society.”; Air Traffic Controllers / Miners; Savings and Loans / BCCI and Lloyds of London; Grenada / The Falklands; Bosnia / Bosnia; Iraq / Iraq; Global Financial Crash…

    Same attacks on Unions, same disregard for the poor and infirm, same fervour for deregulation and corporate welfare.

  • Well indeed, which is why here in the UK the Conservatives are pushing through reforms which could, effectively, turn 49% of NHS hospital practice over to the private sector.

    Not only will 60 years of progress towards an integrated health service disappear, but we can be sure that the privateers will cherry-pick only the most lucrative procedures (vide: the UK and US postal services).

    Any current user of the NHS recieves a chain of care from her/his Practice Nurse through GP, through Consultant to Specialist with nothing other than the best medical option for the individual patient under consideration. I fear we are about to lose this.

    Would you be shocked and amazed to learn that the Chairman of the NHS NHS Co-operation and Competition Panel (which oversees the interaction between the NHS and private companies) collects a $1,250,000 salary from Mckesson?

    Our elites are pushing your failed health system, your elites are pushing our failed austerity policies.

    Why… it’s almost as if they’re one and the same!

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    Thanks. I had trouble getting a stream in the UK, but Gingrich’s “Palestinians are not a people” interview has been front page stuff over here (not in the States it seems). I was wondering if he’d be called on it.

  • That long? Damn.

    Thanks. But it is strange right? US has 2nd ammendment rights, UK has forbidden handgun ownership for over a decade, yet our mutual police response to civil disobedience = carry the same weapons, wear the same armour and use the same “pacification” tactics?

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    Thanks for the Brit Clip. I was dozing off until this alarm clock woke me up

    That’s the British right wing’s newspaper of choice’s reaction to the Neo-liberal austerity agenda being pushed in by both our countries.

    2 million UK workers are set to go on strike.

  • I know, I’m dreaming.

    But you’re not the only one.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    But I certainly see your point. The move from community policing to compliance policing has been (personally on occasion!)painfully evident over my 30-ish years. Becoming a good neighbourhood cop requires courage and conviction. You can’t replace those qualities with an “LTL” arsenal and an ingrained adversarial attitude.

  • It’s late here in the UK, so forgive me if I’m off…

    Thanks for posting this. I was watching it and thinking about the development of pepper spray and the militirisation of the police – both of 80′s origin, or so it seemed to a kid in the North of England during the Miners’ Strike.

    I was also reminded of the heyday of the war on drugs – another child of the 80′s – and particularly the terrible scourge of PCP.

    PCP. It turned ordinary children into supermen who could punch through plate glass without feeling a thing, could fight off a dozen EMTs with broken arms.

    Except it couldn’t really, when Scientists did the research. And the violent PCP addicts were pretty much all violent shitheads anyway. But by then the police had their pepper spray, and their tasers and new rules of engagement for people “who were acting a bit funny”.

    (TBF those jittery cops probably watched the same news reports and dramas I did.)

    But PCP fell victim to the market and was superceded by meth, crack and the guy in the turban and the kid with the sign. The response remains in the same.

    I think they knew it would.

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    Joe Gagnon’s take on HARP is (with some reservations) fairly positive.

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    Yup. I remember 1997. That was all about hope and change. And a “Third Way”.


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    Sheffield = good people. And this is from a Lancastrian. Really hurting at the moment thanks to the Tory’s austerity programme. Lost their steel and mining industries under Thatcher – as I’m sure you know.

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    Wood smoke… Now I’m envious… If you’re on the coast that Autumn air must be exhilarating. The same way that you know instantly that it’s snowed by the play of light on the cieling, a good deep breath of crisp air will tell you that Halloween (Bonfire Night) is coming up.

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    Lancashire, specifically (really, ‘cos I had Google Earth open: 53°37’29.55″N, 2°33’54.53″W) Ehehehe. Cold and wet here, but the house has that Autumn smell that makes it OK.

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    Early, early morning this side of the pond!

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    So… Guardian reporting that Naomi Wolf got arrested at
    OWS NY:

    Love from the UK