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  • Pity that British Empire did not forcibly impose on more / most of China the terms of 1842 Treaty of Nanking. British Empire wanted to punish China for not letting British trade Opium for Chinese Tea which was mostly about British Empire not wanting to expend it’s held wealth trade reserves being China’s leaders were not interested in importing British manufactured goods for tea exchanges. Plainly the 99 Year Lease British Empire forced on China in 1898 clearly should have been a open ended Perpetual for All Time Lease or better still just buy and own Hong Kong for whatever London felt like paying Beijing. Plain to see and know British Empire had every ” right ” to be ruling a part of China due to Chinese impudence regarding British Empire method of paying for Chinese Tea ( importing Opium ).

    >>> Maybe if in 1990′s had London offered a major chunk of Britain to China on a 99 Year LeaseHold then Beijing would have let London renew Hong Kong Lease for another 99 years? Evidently that option did not occur to London … hhmmm … wonder why? One can surmise how British Empire would handle the politics of this Hong Kong Occupy Disturbance were it London facing some pushback and not Beijing.

    >>> It is a possibility given how USian Empire seeks to keep China within a USian Empire shaped box that USian Empire may well be puppeteering this Hong Kong trouble in hopes of tormenting Beijing and scoring some Planet E pop politics points. It does not matter that USian Empire is just as repressive as China often enough — marketing human rights and democracy is a useful USian Empire deception and misdirection. For instance — See Iraq. See Libya. See Ukraine. See Syria. See Bahrain … oh wait … don’t see USian Empire condoned conduct in Bahrain being that would make Bejing look quite tolerant.

    >>> Barack Obama showed those troublemaking Bahrainis who was Boss when they got out of line — USian Empire and USN were not going to let any troublemakers in Bahrain raise hell over and about USN basing rights in Bahrain. Crushed it like a Coke can. Pow!! Shut Down!! Barack Obama showed Bahrain how to crack the whip and apply the lash. Get in line or die!! Maybe Beijing should declare Barack Obama Rules on Hong Kong and call it just that — Barack Obama Rules. Imagine that.

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    … noted and concur

    >>> Misdirection as ploy, method and means of distraction integral to USian economics and politics. As intended by those who seek to avoid being tasked with explaining why things are as they are and who likes and wants to keep it so. See FedResBank, WallSt., IRS regime and simpleton political ruses of R vs. D junk politics . USA is not a poor nation yet has so many poorly served poor citizens who are punished and get to lose because they chose the wrong parents and not lucky families.

    >>> I understand USian capitalism is a one way of conducting economic society but it adversely has distorted and keeps distorting USian commonwealth play outs and outcomes. USian ” democracy ” has become stagnant and moribund due to 1% USIans abusing it with their wealth.

    >>> I don’t begrudge anyone deserved success but just one USian or a few USians in concert should not be able to thwart USian democracy just because they have too much $$$ to throw around. USian Buy and Sell $$$ politics should be absolutely shut down. KochInc. is Exhibit # 1 as to why. How Wall$t. operates and games USG holds Exhibits # 2 — Open Ended. See post 2008 Wall$t. outcome(s) vs. 99% USians.

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    … One can be thankful for how we sometimes arrive at moments of reveal and dot connect — I find your observations and drawn insights and considered leads to be often worthy ones eCHAN … …..Tho we may be unable to change much as is it is essential to better know why what is …is.

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    … Seconded

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    … well seen and said … concur

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    …noted and concur BC … always worth a chuckle or two how Demowarcraps act like they have not been running the WH and Executive Branch of USG since early 2009 when giving one of these ” speeches ” — naturally the DemHacks lap it all up and then want to bash the R’s some more cuz that is how R vs.D junk politics tick tock. What has become most galling is how some and likely quite a few USians can ignore Barack Obama’s war crimes and betrayals of 99% USians in favor of MICC, WallSt., AHIP and how Barack Obama pounded Chelsea Manning down hard and has given Edward Snowden the Basic POTUS Middle Finger. As for FedResBank it has no credibility at this point and should be taken down and replaced in entire ways. Obamapologia? D vs. R junk politics being done why again? What was / is the point?

  • … Zing!!

    >>> I don’t mind Equally Done R / TeaNut AND Demowarcrat / DemoAHIPcrap / DemoWall$t.crap bashing / blasting but when it is lousy bash the R’s and TeaNuts but conveniently slide by the Demowarcraps sell out / dishonest politics my BS Indicator Gauge reads Big R vs.D Junk Politics BS. See Nancy Pelosi. See Harry Reid. See Diane Feinstein. See Hillary Clinton. See Joe Biden. See Barack Obama. All Demowarcraps. Look at what these Democraps condoned and did not stop since 2009.

    >>> Facts are Barack Obama ( Demowarcrap / DemoWall$t.crap / War Criminal / AHIP Front Man ) is who has been / still is POTUS since early 2009. Demowarcrap POTUS Barack Obama has a bunch of Demowarcraps he runs with and runs things in WashDC with. Sam Brownback ain’t selling anything some actually effective standup D’s could not refute and shut down IF such D’s existed.

    >>> Question — who needlessly rehabbed and empowered the R’s after winning WH and Capitol Hill in 2008 elections? Answer — Obama WH and Capittol Hill Democraps is who. Why did they do this? Likely to keep R’s in play as the UniParty Alternate Choice so R’s can be used by D’s to hide behind or as misdirection R vs. D junk politics while the Democraps do Wall$t. / WarSt. Agenda(s) and drop big turds on 99% USians like ObamaAHIPCare.

    >>> DemHacks plainly don’t care very much about going after the Democraps who have been / are the real malefactors since taking the WH in late 2008 or enabling the R’s to regain political power on Capitol Hill in 2010. This is what makes DemHacks useless R vs, D junk politics zealots and political simpletons. Too bad the DemHacks too slow ( dull witted? ) or just plain happy being and staying DemHacks.

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    … noted

    >>> Fed Reserve Bank is doing what it was always intended to be doing … Janet Yellen is doing what she is expected to be doing by the ptb that own and run FedResBank. FedResBank is the WallSt. / Big USian Banking $$$ Cookie Jar that serves it’s select clients all the $$$ cookies they want and bakes more $$$ cookies with ease — note who has been getting the $$$ cookies and how many $$$ cookies since 2008 — just as the Moguls Of WallSt. intended back in 1913. Imagine that.

    >>> Until common USians assert themselves and reclaim USian Commonwealth $$$ power to create and distribute USian $$$ there will be no meaningful change to what now is ailing common 99% USians — USA is not a poor nation — just a nation poorly run by a too greedy and rapacious USian aristocracy largely composed of arrogant and ignorant sociopaths, conquest war bastards and fascists. Common USians now need a new Independence 1776 Moment. Plain to see it will not be led by the likes of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. Plainly obvious.

    >>> So a USian Empire Imperial Army General claims Iraq is central to USian Empire ME Big Long Plan — gosh — after all the Big Lies from Barack Obama about USians ” leaving ” Iraq in 2011? But Barack Obama keeps saying USIan Empire does not exist. How coincidental that CIA conjured ISIS Crisis facilitated USian Empire 2014 Baghdad regime change and return of USian Empire into Iraq ( not that it ever really left ) and has now opened up Syria for some USian Empire ” No Fly Zone ” imposition — echoes of Libya come to mind. Gosh imagine that.

    >>> War Criminal Barack Obama belongs in a jail house — not in the White House.

    >>> War Criminal Barack Obama’s Nuremberg Moment beckons as it does for many Post 1990 USian war criminals. USians who do not get / refuse to get that USians doing what Germans or Japanese did during WW2 is just as evil and wicked become and are no better than WW2 German and Japanese warmongers / killers. What part of this is not plain to see?

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    … noted and concur … thank you omc … essential seeing and saying … Recommended … USians will need to confront Barack Obama about his lies and war crimes. When you choose to become POTUS you should not get to pick and choose which levels of morals and ethics you will ignore or circumvent. It [...]

  • … Been feeling Barack Obama’ s ” trickle down ” since late December 2008 when Barry The Trickler started dropping big hints that War Criminals Bush and Cheney and Pentagon Iraq War grafters and grifters and CIA torturers would not be facing any ” looking back ” from Barack Obama and all those D’s elected in late 2008 to not be R’s. Guffaws ensued at how duped I had been by Obama during 2008. Little did I know the laughs were just getting started. See ObamaAHIPCare. See Libya Sacking.

    >>> Riddle me this — What is the difference between Chinese Communist Party that rules China and USian UniParty that rules USA? Answer — Chinese Communists upfront about No Other Choices Allowed while USian UniParty is not upfront about how USians can pick D’s or R’s but since both R’s and D’s owned by UniParty there is little genuine difference on anything that actually matters to WallSt., WarSt. or to USian aristocracy 1%. UniParty R’s and D’s both act as fronts for aristocratic class USian Empire USians who largely run USA to suit USian Empire which does what suits USian aristocratic fascists, militarists and corporatists.

    >>> Should a large number of 99% USians do a Hong Kong to WashingtonDC demanding actual democracy and not what Jon Walker describes above what would likely happen? Especially if this USian Hong Kong moment has to do with stopping USian Empire’s ME and Asia and Africa empire and imperial acts and atrocities? Now remember— Barack Obama claims there is no USian Empire. So — what do you think would happen? Me? I think Obama would let USian fascists crush it all —with few / no ?’s asked.

    >>> Why does Barack Obama’s trickle down and the Demowarcrats / Democraps trickle down feel warm and look yellowish? Why has this warm and yellowish trickle down been trickling down on 99 % USians so easy with Obama and the D’s since 2009? Why should I vote D anything in 2014 or 2016?

  • … concur with and second this spot on comment SB…..

    >>> DemHacks not interested in facts and truths about ObamaAHIPCare — much more important to peddle the R vs. D junk politics. Cuz electing more D’s really ” helps ” 99% USians don’cha see!? Heck — just look at how 2008 big D Party election wins translated in getting The GOP Romney Obama Sell Out Democrap ObamaAHIPCare ” reform” in 2009 and 2010 which ” conveniently ” did not kick in until late 2013 — well after War Criminal and WallSt. Frontman Barack Obama ( D – WallSt. / War St. / AHIP ) was able to game 2012 WH election calendar cycle.

    >>> So now as 99% USians finding out what ObamaAHIPCare is not and can not be thanks to what Democraps did and did not do back in 2009 and 2010. But hey — lets blame Obama AHIPCare on the R’s cuz thats the EZ Way to do dumbed down R vs. D politics. Facts? Truths? Big Deal.

    >>> What matters now to the Democraps and the DemHacks who support Democraps in WashingtonDC is blaming R’s for whatever can be pinned on the R’s while telling lies to 99% Usians about how D’s really care about 99% USians. D’s really do care — really — just read Sarah B.’s comment @ # 9 which lays out how the D’s ” caring ” in ObamaAHIPCare pans out succinctly.

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    … One sided slaughters? >>> Historically since WW2 was ” ended ” USian Empire has meddled / interfered / regime changed in places where it was a known given said place(s) would not be able to inflict any sizeable / knowable consequence(s) on North America HomeLand USA or were rendered unable to do so locally [...]

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    … continued comment ( this Apple jumped to Submit unexpectedly — gosh darn touchy piece of electronic fruit this Apple be ) — that was a early revelation for me of how little I knew or understood about what was done to Native Americans by the Civilized White Europeans. Needless to say it has been [...]

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    … Coming along here late wd … Absolutely essential seeing and saying wd uptop and the many comments in this comments thread merit attention and viewing … The illustration shown above regarding Native Americans having hands cut off I do believe is the same illustration I saw and have seen in a book I own [...]

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    … Actually Barack Obama could have helped Wisconsinites recall and toss out of the magnificent Beaux Arts Capitol on Capitol Square in Madison, WI Snotty Scotty back in 2011 / 2012 but Barack Obama could not / did not / would not find his ” soft shoes “. So in that sense Barack Obama does [...]

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    … Comments noted and largely seconded … Big Corp Soda here on The Big Island E Pluribus Unum and around Planet E enjoys a status that still trades on those old Coke ” feel good ” commercials from 1960′s and 1970′s which was some damn effective advertising and persuasion / opinion molding bang for the [...]

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    … Concur and second … One more and more is required to challenge the myths and fables and falsehoods of what USians have been doing with and thru USian Empire going back into 19th century — the causes and effects of USian Empire being and doing what USian Empire is and always has been are [...]

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    … USians speculating about what happens when USians ” take out ” the Bad Leader Of The Moment should have learned post Iraq Regime Change and surely post Libya Regime Change USians way too clueless too often too much to be doing so. The theory this will magically lead to flower strewn streets as USian troops toss candy bars and chewing gum to the adoring crowds who are so happy the USians ” took out ” whomever USian Empire decided was ” bad ” has not been a viable theory. Only reason Assad now likely viewed as being ” bad ” has to do with Assad not playing ball with USians who want something Assad has some say or sway over and did not bend over far enough for USians to do it.

    >>> See Saddam Hussein. See Muammar Gaddafi. USians now thinking and talking that Syria’s Number One Problem is Assad being in power plainly are clueless in light of what has befallen Iraq and Libya post USian Empire ” regime change “. Only point of Iraq being given a ” stood up army ” by USian Empire was to hide USian puppet regime in Baghdad and USian control of USian installed puppet behind.

    >>> So USian Empire now trying to find some stooges in Syria who want to be ” stood up ” by USian Empire for a paycheck to serve as window dressing while USian Empire subjugates Damascus in order to do USian Empire business in Syria? Gosh — bet that will be worth the billions of $$$ blown on trying to make that so. USian Empire not going to create a Iraqi or Syrian crack fighting force anyway as doing so would surely be a knowable threat to USian Empire intentions. USians stupidly think they can tell Iraqis, Libyans or now Syrians how to walk and talk to suit USian Empire? USians don’t do that to USians do they? Or does Texas let Californians come to Austin and run Texas? USians got plenty of big problems at home to sort out and solve. Arrogant and ignorant USian’s got few / no solutions for MENA and Asia.

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    … USian Empire ” corruption ” without and within USian military complex undoubtedly has been on full display and parade across Iraq since 2003 or should one go back to 1991. Done as both implicit and explicit example(s) and shown on high repeat both implicitly and explicitly done with knowing complicity by USian military officer [...]

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