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    … Well seen and said James Petras … Goes and gets to the middle… Thank you

    >>> Recommended

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    … Had British Empire been held to same ethos and standards it imposed on German conduct and Germany going into 20th century not difficult to surmise British Empire would have insisted that wasn’t fair and how dare anyone even suggest doing so. USian Empire surely has been always quick to claim it’s exceptionalism which evidently so very much like British Empire has much to do with how USian Empire accords to itself all rights and claims to pillage, plunder and kill anyone USian Empire chooses to do so to while also claiming all rights to bash or blast or batter anyone else doing the same.

    >>> What was done to Libya back in 2011 by Barack Obama and friends/ / allies covertly and overtly all of whom condoned Libya being blown up placed / places Barack Obama into War Criminal status. USians who don’t get this still here in mid 2014 likely will not ever get it. How dare anyone suggest Barack Obama (NeoconD) is a War Criminal!? Why it is simply outrageous to even suggest it !! Barack Obama is a Great USian Leader elected twice to be President by USians !! Prior sentence says so much — ponder it well — in light of what Barack Obama has condoned being done to Libya , Ukraine and Gaza.

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    … noted

  • … ( this Apple just jumped ahead — so need to jump with it — touchy little thing this Apple is )

    (continued) FDL? Just try stopping Barack Obama and HillyBilly Clinton — just try.

    >>> as always excellent seeing and saying wd … >>> Recommended

  • … Nicely stated wd … Freaked out works for me when viewing and pondering and surmising what USian Empire seems quite set on doing since 2001 or is it 1991 or would it be 1981 or hell just jump back to 1951. Seems USian Empire wants to jump back to 1914 and repeat the 20th [...]

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    … noted

    … SoS John Kerry(NeoD) ( Useful Idiot NeoD ) being the good UniParty hack / tool JK is serves at B.H.Obama’s pleasure as does AG Eric Holder which should provide anyone who is watching JK as he stumbles along doing his serial bumbling useful idiot performances some extensive and enduring reason(s) to seriously wonder about / question why BHO was / is pleasured by HillyBilly Clinton, JK or the likes of Eric Holder. So Russia “needs” to accept responsibility for what is going on in Ukraine? GeeGollyWhiz SoS John Kerry — have you ever heard of or met someone named Victoria Nuland? Who she works for? What Vicky Nuland has been saying / doing with BHO’s evident approval? Sheesh.

    >>> Not difficult to surmise USian Empire has a agenda — I get that — what has gone way beyond being a mystery tho is why USian Empire insists on being so clumsy and incompetent and needlessly malevolent while pursuing USian Empire agenda(s). What? HillyBilly Clinton and John Kerry are the best UniParty NeoD’s and USian Empire management can / could do? Some people really need to get pink slips.

    >>> Evidently the NeoD’s are now using SoS position as a jacket for NeoD POTUS wannabes ( HillyBilly Clinton and John Kerry ) or NeoD POTUS election wash-outs (John Kerry and HillyBilly Clinton ). How BHO or his current SoS or the previous Obama WH SoS can keep straight faces while lambasting Moscow, Putin and Russians for ” contributing ” to Ukraine Conflict has become worthy of becoming and being a Saturday Night Live styled comedy skit performance. Or perhaps The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart can just replace John Kerry as SoS — at least Jon Stewart knows how to be funny / is funny.

    >>> Gosh — it’s almost like USian Empire is trying to gin up a big war with Putin and Russia using Ukraine as a war prod. Hmmm … imagine that — Nah — USian Empire would not be doing that — USian Empire does not start wars don’cha kno !? — not ever ever ever — just ask any Native American, Filipino, Vietnamese, Iraqi, Afghani or Libyan or Syrian — go ahead — ask’em…

    >>> UniParty DemHacks and DemZealots must be running out of IOKIYAAD Passes to pass around as they must now fondly recall how much easier it was being a DHack / DZealot when Bush and Cheney and Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales — those No Good Lousy R Team guys — were conducting White House policies and affairs. Odd indeed it is to see DHacks and DZealots cheering BHO and his WH NeoD’s for doing / being all Bush/Cheney/Rice/Gonzales so well / so often. The whiplash must really hurt.

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    … oops … late spelling correction to comment #15 —

    … In 2nd to last sentence ‘as consequences’ missing a h — ‘ has consequences ‘ …

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    … noteworthy link ysd … Thank you >>> USian Empire credibilty has been deeply depleted by USian Empire’s long held disregard for consequences of not being truthful, not doing what is right or just once in the while not being so serially venal ( See CIA. See NSA. ) . Barack Obama since becoming POTUS [...]

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    … Thought filled and forward visioned topic pick / essay that presents some genuine advanced seeing and thinking. As shown in and by both the words and deeds of Frances Goldin — a genuine profile in integrity, principled character and political conduct and willingness to step to the beat of social activism and economic democracy [...]

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    … seconded

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    … ah yes — The Freedom !!

    … Which as translated by AHIP means 99% USians Being Free Of AHIP Ain’t Happening Anytime Soon and You Be Dumb To Think AHIP Means / Ever Meant To Do The Right Thing In and About USian HC Access / Delivery With Out AHIP ‘s Fat Profits. Any reform of USian HC not largely based on AHIP taking it’s USian HC skim(s) in 2009? Not happening. Mandated By USG AHIP Skims? Happening.

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    … Zing!

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    … concur

    … to elaborate and expand on your valid observation AshenLight then

    … Honesty and being honest plainly were not in Barack Obama’s and his White House USA national HC ” reform ” Mission And Goal Statement(s) and surely not within several hundred feet of what the NeoD’s up on Capitol Hill chose to be doing and standing anywhere near about or with USian national HC ” reform ” in 2009. As has been the case with so much of what BHO, his WH and the NeoD’s have done, keep doing and evidently really want to keep doing since BHO ascended to the WH Oval Office on Jan.20, 2009 honesty / being honest gets short shrift as Obama WH / NeoD General Policy.

    >>> DemHacks and DemZealots have been busy playing IOKIYAAD UniParty boardgames since BHO became POTUS — it is plain to see and know DHacks and DZealots here in mid 2014 will defend ObamaAHIPCare or avoid or ignore or pretend as needed to keep playing UniParty IOKIYAAD board game(s) as that is what good UniParty DBots do and must keep doing.

    >>> That Obama WH and the NeoD’s went to great concealed lengths and into closed door backrooms only to hatch what AHIP and it’ s allies wanted done or not done while shutting out most others is now knowable / known and in The Book of Genesis of ACA / ObamaAHIPCare … it is fair and accurate to state BHO, Obama WH and Capitol Hill D’s likely never said ” Let There Be Light “.

    >>> ObamaAHIPCare and it’s suggested ” reforms ” very much and likely solely being a Kick The USian HC Can AHIP / NeoD Ruse as was always intended. IOKIYAAD board game rules however allow DemHacks and DemZealots to blame anyone / everyone but BHO and his NeoD’s as long as it takes to avoid being honest about what ObamaAHIPCare always was about doing and not doing to and for AHIP.

    >>> Would be “critics” and naturally the UniParty R’s are now playing the role(s) of Opposition to ObamaAHIPCare as UniParty Rules allow or as USian money politics buy and sell gaming Leads or Folows. Obviously had Bush / Cheney and the Capitol Hill R’s proceeded to initiate and implement anything like ACA / ObamaAHIPCare ( call it National RomneyCare ) the NeoD’s would be doing what R’s are now doing — this is the genius of UniParty D vs. R politics tho isn’t it? AHIP keeps it’s USian HC Middleman GateKeeping Franchise(s) and the UniParty D’s and R’s get to shake down and rake in the USian money politics $$$$$ from one ” election ” cycle to the next.

    >>> That 99% USians lose and lost in all this being so? Gosh — imagine that.

    >>> Time to change this current USian UniParty national politics and AHIP board game? I vote Yes.

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    … noted … spot on links

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    … noted >>> Intended sophistication of this premeditated misdirection and deception reveals much about who has and wants to hide the most from being seen and known … Josef Goebbels likely would approve. >>> One must hope the day will at last come when TelAviv and WashingtonDC are exposed and held accountable and the current [...]

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    … Who said this is not Obama “invading” via USian Empire proxy TelAviv and IDF to further deeper USian Empire goals and objectives either in / across ME / West Asia or East Europe TCU? >>> All too likely what is falling down on Gaza and Gazans with Obama WH / USian Empire approval and [...]

  • … well stated fl … commendable essay … >>> The absurdity and malevolence of I / P Conflict passed the last Sanity Would Stop Here Outpost a long long time ago — USian Empire involvement and the nexus of USian national money politics and USian Empire M-I-C-C Pentagon / CIA Palace politics indirectly / directly [...]

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    … noted … can and will concur with this summation fl …

  • … noted >>> 2012 White House Potemkin Election ( the election the local DemBots and Zealots adamantly insisted was all about not “wasting” ones vote by not voting or heaven forbid throwing your vote to non UniParty Approved R vs. D Junk Politics third and fourth USian political parties cuz why waste it that way [...]

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    … Enough USians voted for The D Guy in late 2008 to elect BHO as POTUS . Golly — as it was USians also voted lots of D’s into political office in late 2006 — in light of what doing so led to in 2007 and 2009 why should USians here in mid 2014 be getting behind the D’s other than to push them out of elected political office and out of the way? Hmmm… so — Jon Walker? — what are you lamenting here or who are you lamenting about? — why lament about D’s being voted out and gone JW? What side you on JW?

    >>> Responses about D’s being LO2E or essential to making “good” SCOTUS picks or about how D’s ” care ” about 99% USians while R’s only want to please WallSt. and 1% USians ? Such knowably political nonsense based responses must and will be mocked as those of political simpletons who peddle R vs. D UniParty Junk Politics — doing so despite the best efforts of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and TheClintons at proving how useless, pointless and ultimately self defeating doing so has been and is since early 1990′s. Mocked silently or perhaps not so silently.

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