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    >>> USian Empire has been in and over Iraq since 1990 — during 1980′s Saddam and Iraq were gamed by USian Empire to attack Iran in hopes Saddam would succeed in blowing Iran wide open upon which USian Empire could then slither back into Iran. When Saddam proved incapable of doing so his days as a favored USian Empire ME strongman were numbered. Along came Kuwait and letting Saddam walk into a USian Empire Double Cross Dead End. USian Empire after it’s Kuwait ” triumph” had and has no intention of not being in and over Iraq until Iraqi oil has been fully exploited and converted into profits for a selected energy sector minority of humans Meanwhile USian Empire is in Afghanistan still and now in Iraq ” again ” which on a map looks like USian Empire trying to box Iran in. So where is any peace taking place as done by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama?.

    >>> Plain to see USian Empire was not walking away from Iraq. Maliki likely has been as competent as could be given the hellish ethnic, sectarian political hellish mess Iraq now is thanks to USian Empire making it that way. War criminal Barack Obama had been stringing 99% USians along since 2009 about ” leaving ” Iraq while trying to arrange for USian Empire to be doing anything but leaving Iraq. Now along comes ISIS — a likely CIA creation to be doing what ISIS now is being presented as being quite shamelessly by Obama WH and USian NeoCons — D and R alike.

    >>> If USians living in North America, Hawaii and Alaska had to endure just one third of the mayhem, death and horror so many USians seem to think Iraq should be getting and taking many USians would be screaming in outrage. Far too many USians today still thinking USians entitled to be mucking around across ME and Asia and Africa cuz USians are exceptionally entitled to do so. Calling BS on such USians and on USian perfidious conduct as done by USian Empire.

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    … Commendable and Recommended … Thank you DS …stay with it. … NATO is a Cold War artifact that has exceeded it’s original charter and should have been retired in early 1990′s. Instead NATO has now been shapeshifted into aUSian Empire puppet in search of enemies and conflicts behind or around which USian Empire can [...]

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    … ” war mongering Dem Party tribalists ” who exalt in USian arrogance, ignorance and USian Empire malevolence as long as it is being done by a D POTUS with IOKIYAAD pass but not when done by a R POTUS. Insisting imbecilic R vs. D UniParty junk politics are the only doable / allowable ” realistic ” USian national politics to be doing. 3rd or 4th USian political parties? DemHacks say No! Boycott R vs. D Junk Politics sham national elections? DemZealots say No!

    >>> Much better according to the DemHacks and DemZealots to waste one’s vote on a WarMongering WallSt. / AHIP SellOut Dem like Barack Obama. Much better helping to make legitimate sham R vs. D UniParty junk politics ” elections ” — the kind that puts a Bush / Cheney or a Obama / Biden in the White House. DemHacks have become little more than political imbeciles and simpletons.

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  • … Gosh pesky — seriously? … amazing to see others on these same comment boards agreeing with you … sheesh…

  • … Gosh pesky — seriously? …

    … amazing to see others on these same comment boards agreeing with you … sheesh…

  • … Thanks eCAHN for the CR link … As an act to incite heated warmaking talk and acting MH17 downing tale and saga seems to go around the bases and back to homeplate effortlessly …distant echoes of the Lusitania? … Imagine that …

    >>> Any USian who harbors doubts about 9 /11 now will have and has MH17 downing to ponder as well. That post MH17 downing initial propaganda toss jobs were slapdash junk is now plain to see. USian Empire stooge SoS John Kerry ought to step down in disgrace for being such a useful idiot while his slicked up boss — Barack Obama — warmongerer, warmaker and warcriminal that BHO is — should resign as POTUS and surrender to somebody who can arrest him.

    >>> That MH17 followup story(s) now being boxed up and kept hidden by multiple vested interests speaks volumes as to the evil and rot in all this. Absolute tragedy for MH17 innocent victims and families and friends. Hopefully the perps of this wicked deed will come to very bad and painful ends.

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    … Zing!!

  • … Worthy essay Jsp … Thank you … concur 100% with your last sentence in this comment. >>> Recommended >>> One hundred years ago — 1914 — one more big European war was about to ignite and engulf much of Europe in a upgraded mechanized war that was initially intended to be a repeat of [...]

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    … As always thank you BJ for pulling these early AM news and events and what’s happeing around / being done to Planet E.

    >>> Glenn Greenwald ‘s rundown ( shown link ) on USian Empire and USian M-I-C-C machinations across ME,Asia and Africa is on point in laying out the tilt-a- whirl agenda USian Empire has been deploying since 1980. It is in line to connect the dots from what USian Empire was / is seeking to be instigating, empowering and doing from 1980 to 1990 to 2000 to 2010 to 2014 and conclude it has always been about who at top of USian society / economic distibution within USian Empire is profiting from the warmongering, warmaking and Big Lie telling done by USian Empire.

    >>> USian Empire is not about seeking peace or allowing peace or engaging with any imagined or actual opponent(s) to resolve any conflict in ways that could lead to a outbreak of peace. USian Empire is all about sustaining or creating or compounding conflict(s) as doing so maintains who in USA has access to large post WW2 USian fascism / militarism $$$ pools and streams. It is a diabolical script and dark hearted scheme right out that 1960′s USian TV show ” The Wild Wild West “. It now is in play in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine. G.W.Bush owns two of these — Barack Obama owns three of them . So much for the R vs. D UniParty junk politics too many USians pretending is actual democracy.

    >>> It is way past time to disenfranchise the R’s and D’s from being in power and control #1 and time to disembowel the Pentagon Money Machine,NSA and CIA #2 and reset USA national political governance regime by taking out the $$$ Politics #3.

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    … From ” The News We Did Not And Will Not Be Seeing ” …

    … UN yesterday condemned the USian Empire for the vicious violence it seeds and incubates and then fosters while wreaking atrocity after atrocity done by USian Empire directly or indirectly across ME, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Obama WH and USian Empire spokespersons yesterday then vehemently denounced the UN for not staying within approved USian Empire UN Talk Points.

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    … Zing!!

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    … concur and second >>> National elections boycott would be a legitimate political and legal means to expose USian so called ” democracy ” as done by R + D UniParty. See WH election outcomes in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 as to why to just keep voting R or D and expecting any real [...]

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    … Commendable topic and essay DS …Recommended … Pentagon now spending $65 million on what is not truthful or factual regarding USian Empire’s defeat and being expelled from Vietnam would illustrate USian Empire still does not get why that took place. Not to suggest USian Empire should have ever won whatever USian Empire was trying [...]

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    … Excellent and Righteous JS … Goes and gets to the middle … last 2 sentences as summations go saying what needs to be said and acted upon and brought about. Sooner. Better.

    >>> Recommended

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    … can and will align / concur with this comment … last sentence spot on …

  • … When the term ” US ” is mixed in with terms such as ” US national interests ” or ” US vital interests ” or ” becoming growing threat to US interests ” or ” imminent threat to US vital interests ” wording salads it plainly is not about 99% USians held or seen interests in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Syria or anywhere around Persian Gulf. Many 99% USians likely do not know any Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans or Syrians and likely do not have any financial or social or cultural or religious connections in or with ME lands or peoples.

    >>> Odd and suspect it is how 99% USians expected to make big sacrifices and pay taxes so a small % of USians can have ” interests ” in ME and Asia and Africa or pile up fortunes by being hooked up with USian M-I-C-C money pools and streams.

    >>> It would be honest and factual and truthful if USian Empire’s main and key operators as found within R / D UniParty and WallSt. and Pentagon / NSA – CIA and White House and Capitol Hill were defining US interests to be about and using words like oil, gas, pipeline and transport promotion / prevention, minerals and mining or who gets to do the investing, banking and profit booking that come with US ” interests “. Iraq and Iraqis may still not see it / know it but USians being in and over Iraq since 1990 has been and is all about USian Empire’s doing to Iraq what USian Empire did to Native Americans during 19th century.

    >>> Barack Obama had no intention of leaving Iraq and if that being so is not now plain to any USian paying some attention then when would it ever be? ISIS has been and is a useful stage prop for USian Empire just like the Taliban and AQ and Saddam. USian Empire is making some USians quite wealthy and making it possible to keep that going for some USians plain to see. Most USians just getting fed long lines of BS about US ” interests ” being about 99% USians interests when it is much more about what WallSt. and Pentagon / CIA and M-I-C-C held and sought interests are and who can put telephone calls into the Oval Office and have them picked up by a POTUS.

    >>> It sure as hell has not been about any R2P BS claims USian Empire has peddled or is still peddling about Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya or Ukraine and now ISIS as well. USians and USian Empire been killing innocents all across Asia, Africa and ME year after year ( See what C. Maning revealed ). USian Empire spreading R2P claims as being it’s big motivation is some big propaganda tossing and hypocrisy being shamelessly done by USians.

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    … Seems some USians who like doing R vs. D UniParty gameboard politics like evoking Bush / Cheney while not mentioning which Side of USian UniParty has been in the WH since Jan.20, 2009. Barack Obama ( WallSt. / CIA-NSA / NeoCon D ) as POTUS has made it plainly obvious that as POTUS Barack Obama was not going to be looking back at Bush / Cheney in ways that could politically or legally damage or discredit Bush / Cheney. Indeed what Barack Obama and Obama WH did and condoned being done to and in Libya in 2011 was all Obama / Clinton NeoCon D orchestrated via Obama WH conducted CIA and Pentagon and the USian Empire’s NATO allies and satraps.

    >>> But DemHacks and ObamaZealots were all in with standing on IOKIYAAD for Barack Obama despite Libya being right out of the Dick Cheney Club PNAC Playbook. DemHacks like to just stop at Jan.20,2009 when mentioning how bad and no good and really really bad those R’s are and Bush / Cheney were and are. Evidently what was done to Chelsea Manning by BHO and Obama WH and how that contravenes any Obama / Clinton claims to being agents of R2P ( See E.Snowden and Obama WH / Obama NSA conduct ) or the deep mess Libya now is due to what Obama / Clinton did in 2011. See Barack Obama’s and the Obama WH current Syria / Ukraine / Iraq / ISIS wind ups and USian Empire malevolent machinations.

    >>> Bush and Cheney not in the WH since Jan.20, 2009.

    >>> Barack Obama has been POTUS since Jan.20, 2009. Update the calendar DemHacks.

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