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    Where are the street recyclers when we really need them?

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    Wasn’t Korea one country before being manipulated and twisted by various Imperialist powers? Like the Chinese, Japanese and hey, even US?

    Where in post-WW2 Korea we simply took over the reins of the Japanese Imperial Army, leaving their hand-picked puppets in charge? Or, if you like, you can go back to 1871 for some prime US military imperialism in Korea.


    Its one country, like it or not. Only outsiders think of it as two.

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    Give a guy a gun, a badge and near-total immunity from personal responsibility on or off the job and what do you get? A thug. A bully. It ain’t rocket science. Eventually you wind up drawing from a pool of applicants those individuals seeking the opportunity to abuse. No surprise here either. And after a few decades of advancement within the system, all you wind up with is abusers, protected, coddled abusers. And prosecutors afraid to challenge them and judges afraid to judge them. And the rest of us, on the short end of the billy club.

  • Ya know, maybe we’re looking at this torture and Wall Street stuff the wrong way. I mean, lets think like entrepreneurs for a minute here. We’ve got so many scumbags on the sidelines ready for Cell Block 9 that with a little lobby action by the Prison Industry promoting new facilities for torturers and Wall Street slime balls it could be a win-win for corporate incarceration AND the public. A great way to sell prosecution of our lowest of the low and congress rodents would get their fair cut of the kickback action too!

    Build it and they will come.

  • And torture? Hey, we’ve got the Official Version: it was ‘just some folks’. You know, like a little food poisoning at a family picnic from the mayonnaise. Some folks get sick, some folks get tortured. Yo, pass the jello salad!

  • Forget it Jake. Its Arizona.

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    SRV is one of those elusive genius guitarists, hard to catch on LP, best when his playing isn’t scripted. Here’s a great example of his free-flow method at a surreptitiously taped sound-check.


    God, it was an awful day when he died. Never flown in helicopters since.

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    “Violence is as American as cherry pie”.
    H. Rap Brown


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    DBW, you bet your sweet ass WE are responsible.

    Marches in San Francisco? Who cares. Protests in Beverly Hills? Who cares? Protests in NYC? Who cares. Forget letter writing, collecting signatures, voting and all the other assorted circular-file methods. They’ve learned to totally ignore crap like that, rig the vote and ignore the ‘inquiry’. . The Usual Methods are the numbing salve on a rash that won’t go away. You might feel better after writing that burning letter to your congress rat about torture but all he/she is gonna do is shitcan it.

    So, yes.. WE are to blame. YOU are to blame. I am to blame because how many goddamn decades will people willingly fool themselves pussyfooting around following the rules? Three? Four? Forty YEARS of ‘activism’? For what? Nothing.

    But hey, protests marching into the Capitol Building four abreast a mile long? Surrounding the entire building? Stomping their feet and shouting their lungs out? You bet your sweet ass they’ll care. You can’t throw a half-million people into the circular file, at least not when their right outside your door.

    Resistance doesn’t do squat unless you do it in front of their house, shake their foundations, make ‘em shiver in their $2000 suits that the mob has come for THEM and it ain’t about counting votes and chads anymore. Its about payback. Believe me, they’ll understand that. Criminals always do.

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    Citizens asleep at the wheel is not an excuse. WE are to blame. WE knew what was going on. WE refused to act decisively by marching on Congress, bringing the discontent and outrage to the very steps of the Capitol. WE might not be the perpetrators of these heinous crimes but WE are no less to blame. Stop pointing fingers at Cheney and the rest and point that finger at ourselves.

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    The Property Party wins another one!

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    Hey, I’ve got an idea! Lets make it illegal. That’ll fix the problem.

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    Great job as usual Mr Walker. Sad to say but I agree with you. Talk means nothing now, its one of those ‘freedoms’ that are essentially worthless if nobody in power will pay attention.

    Not only is the fix in, its set in concrete. I’ve been waiting since the ’68 riots in Chicago for this country to make some meaningful swerve towards recognizing that the citizens of this country are more important than the corporations. I figure it’ll never happen in my lifetime. And frankly, if change does come, it will probably be so cataclysmic that it’d roll right over me and my geriatric buddies in the process.

    Watch your back at NC, they seem to have a short fuse over there.

  • Special Prosecutors in every single case of police misconduct, from littering to murder. They simply can’t be trusted to judge their own. Anything else is !obviously! a whitewash. Its like asking a bank robber to judge a car thief —

    Yes, it would take years to break the backs of the badged crooks and their supporters but allowing sanctioned criminality to continue unchallenged hoping they will correct their own problem is a fatal mistake — and exactly what they want.

  • Seriously, what the fuck did you people expect? All the shock and handwringing going on about cops getting away with murder, you’d think it never happened. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS. Cops, prosecutors, judges, Gjuries.. they’re all part of the same hard shell of the system, interlinked, protecting each other.

    It gets to be a little too much to see people gasping in shock about this stuff. Anybody old enough to vote and not recognizing what is going on in our ‘society’ ‘s either willfully ignoring reality or is too fucking stupid to pick up on the obvious.

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    The only thing I can’t understand is why it took five years

    Time is money.

    Before the bill, the lobbyists and elected parasites feast on the money train.

    After the bill, elected parasites and lobbyists feast on the money train.

    Drag it out as long as possible, its just brings in more loot.

    Extreme cynicism is the only logical position.

  • “Stakeholders” is the new buzzword. Meaningless like all the others but it adds a whiff of “responsibility” to whatever scam is being pushed at the moment. In truth its just another exclusionary tactic to dump the poor and powerless in favor of the Owners… the real shareholders.. “stakeholders”.

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    Jane, take it easy and you’ll be riding your motorcycle again in no time at all! And if you didn’t ride before, you’ll feel so good after the op that you’ll probably run out and buy one!

    Best wishes and come back soon.

  • They proved that if you have a good idea and the data to back up your idea, you can eventually win over the public

    Especially if wages and the economy are in free-fall.

    When you need money, anything seems like a good idea. Heavy taxation is the key to legalization.

  • Just like some historians look back at the fall of the Roman Empire and blame lead poisoning from the pipes, future beings will look back on the collapse of the USA and Western Civ and blame something in the water for the persistent insanity and refusal to seek solutions. Fluoride? Omega Fish Oil? Yoga?

    After the next Dark Ages– to be known as the Leibowitzian Era — we’ll be scrabbling around for answers.

    There are none. Its just us being us. The species that COULD shoot straight.

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