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    IMHO, we’re going nowhere fast. I think it’s because there are so many very important things that desperately need fixing: Global warming, abortion rights, education, pollution,hungry children, permanent war, the war on drugs/prisons-for-profit, women’s rights, bigotry, etc., etc.

    It’s just possible that, if we concentrate on Just One Thing, and push as hard as we can on that One Thing, that we could get somewhere. For my money, the thing to concentrate on is the rule of law. The “Constitutional Scholar” in the White House (for whom I voted, twice!) has completely abrogated the rule of law for the Fat Cats. Reinstating and insisting on the execution of the rule of law, for everyone, would fix a number of problems in America.

    It might even take a few of the bastards in Congress off the playing field.

    Another Vietnam Vet

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    The right is waay better than the left, when it comes to hysteria, shooter. Have you so soon forgotten what got us into invading Iraq? It was hysteria, all right, but not from the left.

    Then there’s the execrable Peter King, who is not exactly a leftie.

    By the way, does that handle make you feel powerful?

  • Excellent post, frankBel! You hit the nail on the head with your suggestions for punishment, as well.

    It appears that the “hoping for money from the banks” syndrome, (Rugger9,@2) is affecting much more than just the DNC. Take our Prez, for instance, who has obviously told the “Justice” Dept. to forget about the rule of law, and lay off the Banksters. Next November will definitely be nose-holding time!

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    I’ve been wishing and hoping the same thing. OWS might just be the catalyst that the Next Big Thing requires. It can’t happen soon enough for me, being sick to death of the status quo.

    What tripped it for me was watching the “Constitutional Scholar” abrogate the rule of law in America to protect the Banksters.

    My fingers are crossed.

  • Please. King is not from Texas, although I must admit that he’d fit right in. The fact is, we have waaaay more than enough assholes here already.