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  • That map might happen if you polled nursing home patients at pudding time.

  • I said, “Okay, what kind of change? What kind of change do you favor?” He simply replied, “Time for a change.” I said, “But Johnny, what is the nature of that change? Do you favor change for change’s sake?” “Time for a change,” he said, stubbornly, smilingly.

    Five bucks says arguing with Jay is a about as much fun as getting a root canal and Johnny’s just not gonna bite.

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    In related news, Veruca Salt deserved that chocolate factory!

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    Honestly,I have not met anyone,left or right who does not agree that legislative action was needed to rein in overly generous benefits.

    Then you’ve never talked to a public employee. We don’t make astronomical salaries. Ten years ago, our salaries were a joke that wouldn’t pay most people’s bills, but the benefits were good enough to let most of us tag onto a very, very modest middle class life. No one is getting rich down here. And we watched those legislative hearings and we watched who voted how. I have never in my life heard such convoluted logic and seen people knowingly destroy many people’s chance to someday retire from jobs they won’t be physically able to do in their old age. But please, do go on about how benefits are too generous. There is no path to prosperous society through damaging your peers; there is only mutual ruin.

    Public workers are taxpayers. And your blithe BS does little to mask your malevolence.

  • Didn’t the Ghostbusters fix this painting’s wagon?

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    Also: picture the annual review.

    Dept. Supervisor: You’re a natural in the classroom but your range scores have suffered.
    First Grade Teacher: I’m teaching kids to read.
    DS: Fine, but don’t let that distract you from being a well-armed militia of one.

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    I love that with my whole black heart, but that’s not dramatizing the Constitutional convention. It’s the Declaration of Independence.

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    Follow the NRA’s dumb premise to its logical conclusion and teaching colleges have to include firearms training in their curriculum. And then you have authority figures in every classroom with guns. Classrooms are supposed to be safe spaces for children. You know that teacher who made your life miserable in seventh grade? Armed. You know [...]

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    In real life, I’m a little old lady who’s goddamn sick and tired of pointing out to smarmy, sneering men that calling each other pussy means that the worst insult is being a woman. That’s what you’re saying.

    If that’s not what you mean, find another fucking epithet.

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    It’s all fun and games until the rulers come out.

    Only pussies complain about people calling people ‘a pussy’.

    And women. Women complain about that. The suggestion upthread that work on a particular femmy topic like Komen means everyone excuses subsequent douchetasm is just silly. It’s got that icky “I was just kidding” smell.

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    There’s no hollow feeling quite like the watching your friend suffer. My best wishes to you and your entire family for a peaceful outcome.

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    For years, I avoided pressing the play button on that video and never knew what I was missing. And not missing.

    Christ on a cracker, if I hallucinated that I’d have myself committed.

  • Yes. Let’s talk about heartburn while cancer patients plan funerals. That’s not at all stressful.

  • Does anyone really think it matters what the govt. said about the conditions at Ground Zero and Shanksville? Someone had to go there and dig for survivors and remains. It seems very likely that what meager protections the workers could avail themselves of would have failed and probably did.

    These people are unimaginably stoic heroes who did work we could not have done. I couldn’t have done that. I couldn’t have seen what they saw and walked away a whole human being. You? Isn’t this obvious?

  • For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Serwer bothers defending the mandate. Citing the Sebelius and Holder op-ed isn’t persuasive. Precisely the opposite: it reads like desperation. Please like me.

    Sorry, buddy. You and the argument flunk a sniff test.