• LOOKOUT!!! INCOMING!!! OFF TO THE SEWERS, RUN… Our Orwellian ‘big brother’ operating murder drones without inform or consent of the people… WE ARE the drones of the two party hegemony scam, us americanos, duped by vested-interest government corporatists from stem to stern, a ‘free populace’ reeling from 50 plus years of corporate board room disregard for humanity, profits over people, and today’s horrific income disparities are criminal…
    …thing is, torches and pitchforks, albeit historically carried by pissed citizenry, are now useless, even as symbols…our nation is lost…
    Does anyone anywhere want any govt tracking, surveillance… or a pres. who, since 1st elected, has allowed 273 drone murders in foreign countries… unmanned aerial assaults… wtf? Brilliant piece of writing!

  • FYI, our esteemed US Govt. conducted extensive marijuana aptitude tests at UC med center in San Francisco (roughly 1975-1978). The Parnassus campus was chosen due to the proximity of chronic stoners (Haight Asbury storefront hippies) who would jump through hoops for Govt. green… I lived with premed students doing the testing. The plug was pulled when the dope was good: no adverse effects, good pinball, table tennis and reading comp…. they couldn’t quantify any negative results, period. I have tried to google the study.. zip. When Uncle Sam decides to shut down they do a pretty thorough job (in spite of countless millions of tax loot spent)!
    They studied newbies, compared them to chronics… outside of some initial disorientation, newbies weren’t a threat to civilization either.
    Frankly, legal weed could dent our gigantic national debt, provide solace for millions of embittered, underpaid citizens, and likely help recruit the millions of remedial AG and eco-recovery workers needed to fix the FUBAR caused by our 100+ years of corporate rape of nature, soil, water… and humans… I have huffed almost daily for 43 years and can still build homes, manage a sales force, sell aerospace GSE, design security systems… I may have exited the bigger clouds, but still enjoy weed (and it placates my need to fix government malfeasance)…
    When THC enters blood though lungs or ingestion, it IS NOT PSYCHOACTIVE until it is metabolized/altered by the liver, where it is stored up and available the next time you spark… Ever wonder why, after stopping for 2,3 or 4 weeks, very little is needed for a buzz? The new THC pushes the psychoactive residual ‘breakdown THC’ back into the blood and into the brain… oh yeah! Like wow man! It is also why, when trying to get newbies buzzed, they can’t (no residual). Only now, here in geriatric SW FL, has cheap weed become scarce (high grade is too pricy here too). I periodically would do extended cycle touring (50, 80, 135 miles a day) to rebuild my lungs, and the first week or so would cough up lots of tar/resin… I’ve won tennis tournaments after smoking enough weed to floor a football team (first string). Ask yourself, have you ever seen, even once, horrific vehicular accidents from pot? Personal electronics will kill more in a decade than all the weed ever smoked on earth! Hemp Hemp Hoorah!

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    Yes, the Duning-Kruger Effect takes hold…

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    Many vet IT gurus contend that the core ACA is so messed up it will never work right…kaput, just call doc hollowpoint! So, look to the loot… who got what and who payed the vig to whom at the outset… something is fishy.
    When Obama’s rhetorical platitudes, bullshit and lies become obvious incompetence (ACA) in a business sense… folks slowly realize that a fish stinks from the head first, and maybe the whole presidency has become a mackerel in the moonlight (as a former senator once ‘splained “Well, sumtin dat shines and stinks at the same time.”… as of 2013, the stink is entrenched and the moon is bright… I saw it early-on by monitoring Obama’s clever rhetoric during atypical, long speeches where nothing of a definitive or pro-active sense is ever said–mere comparisons of the existing ‘parameters’— and the ‘great potential’ we now have to enact change… (implied progress). The only progress being a flow of coins into pockets shrouded by tax laws and sleazy government… SNAFU

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    BTW, who can say if the new hydra(s), by rote self-made millionaires (pot growers), won’t redistribute wealth and create jobs locally and regionally… “Man, that CT valley skunk bud 44… phew man, really puts my D in the D….”
    Hybridization, cloning, genetic manipulation and the quest for more THC–the holy grail of ganga–has created super weed varieties–exponentially more ‘stony’ and ‘heady’ than the 1970s/80s… This plethora of delicious delectables spells opportunity, and hundreds if not thousands are poised for (legal) production… this staggering tax base could become a tax bonanza… Encourage your elected sleazoid to get it done right or get out for those with vision… as American jobs and careers decline, who can tolerate a meddlesome, arrogant government intruding on human liberties?
    If it creates work, dispels stress, builds community (I am imagining some bitching bake sales, bro) and fixes the deficit… wtf not? What human hubris to presume to control a weed from heaven… shame on the USA, pansy politicians, cops…
    hey, our own feds studied weed in SF at UC Med Center (mid 70s) and were unable to substantiate any prohibition… no bad press… deep-sixed the entire study… even google can’t find it… imagine, right now, the 17% of employed workers, ole’ reliable ‘wake n bakes’, whose consummate expertise allows them to multitask with a buzz-on… out there, building, patching, driving America… thank-you for your service, go spark a fatty…

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    The preface (the -flawed- premise), 911 and the indiscriminate targeting of civilians and non combatants (terrorism), is the stepping stone to the moral authority to exceed typical military boundaries, OKAY SCUMBAG… here’s some of the same… What sublime luxury to learn Akmed the car bomber is in cave so and so, use mind-boggling surveillance technology [...]

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    I see rap as music crap, exploiting childish end rhymes with the cadence of fear, exploitation and stupidity. With so much beautiful music in the world, how did this pathetic swill reach the mainstream? Nothing actually sucks completely, yet rap comes very close… Shame on FDL for bothering to report on such trivial offal… do [...]

  • Misogyny aside, this skank insults humanity. When Doomacrats vote, their brain shrinks. DiFi is the poster child for the Duning-Kruger effect: incompetence has never stayed her tongue, and, like most morons, she lacks the ability to truthfully say ‘How should I know?”

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    Brilliant piece… cannot wait for the book. It is funny, during WW2 and Korea
    (real wartime), the maximum tax rate was 91%… Um, maybe Lord Obama should mandate anyone earning in excess of 500K enters a War reparations tax zone, say, 90% of every centavo over 500K pays down war, poverty, Social (in)Security, SNAP… Hurry, while we are still ‘at war’…
    BTW, I despise doctors, the AMA, JAMA, ACA… the first ‘fine’ I get for not having health care will signal the start to my own, personalized civil disobedience school…this way, I will be a true American.

  • I enjoyed his sage comment “they’re no pockets on a shroud.” As a force-fed catholic and altar boy, i saw first hand the pompous, pedantic and pseudo nature of the church; layer after layer of dogmatic BS… Now, finally, a Pope with a soul!
    FYI, Buddhist monks, during Vietnam, had high praise for the Catholic Relief Fund, which kept untold thousands from starving…

    Hope he allows priests to marry, nuns to screw and public yokes for the priestly pedophiles… along with permanent excommunication…

  • Was 9/11 a targeted killing operation; a covert planned assassination of Americans? Does the jihadist bother to differentiate, as we do? No. If you could see the enormous checks, double checks and chain of command decisions our military imposes upon the front lines in our attempt to destroy the enemy using drones, you might want to shut up. As with any command, the inability to exercise lethal force in Afghanistan due to red tape has prolonged the conflict immeasurably. I have read letters written in frustration by trained soldiers hog-tied by regs… is it War or not? They can’t do their jobs, period. Dear USA, GTFO of foreign countries, stop the interventionist mindset once and for all! If I were el Presidente, I would mandate ANY FUTURE WAR TO BE FOUGHT WITH PSYCHODELICS, ACID, mda, mescaline… if you can’t beat em, dose em! Then, as they meander about noticing the soft textures of their cave dwelling, we round them up, like kids in a schoolyard… we have the technology… but outside-the-box perspectives aside, our military rarely shares command decisions with the herd.

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    As our geriatric baby boomers recoil in abject horror at the money pit of aging and health care in the USA, medical tourism will more than likely explode, perhaps enuf to save the airlines… with countless thousands having procedures done ELSEWHERE… saving billions and stimulating a global marketplace…

    …and, as competition gets more global, and regional corporate price fixing fails… prices will creep back down. I am going to Thailand this fall for periodontal work and acupuncture… easily saving 60, 70 and 80%, including food, travel and lodging! FU AMA, JAMA… may U all burn in hell for your greed.

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    The federal fear mongers have been busy since the 1950s… and with the demise of the American dream of a good life free of fear… we can see our pathetic culture swirling towards the big flush (revolution, civil disobedience) FUBAR

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    The SUN, heretofore ignored, has emitted its cyclic increased sunspot activity for most of 2012, cooking our planet… so global warming has to be prefaced by the sun for all of 2012…
    … what rankles me is the utter denial that chemical cocktails and oceanic dead zones will get us long before florida sinks…

  • The ‘whole world’ will watch exactly nothing happen… Why?

    #1 everyone who wanted cannabis already had/has it…. illegality is/was a technicality.
    #2 All those existing dopers had jobs, paid taxes, drove cars, rented movies, bought extra munchies… what now will change?
    #3 Again, since it was ‘illegal’, most huffers will do so discreetly, old habits die slowly…

    During the 70s, our beloved government studied marijuana at UC Med Center, SF, Parnassus branch, choosing this location because of the large pool of chronic stoners in the nearby Haight/Ashbury area….

    Unfortunately, the chronics exhibited better pin ball, chess, word associations and table tennis with a buzz-on… and career dopers had tar residues but none of the tissue inflammation found with an equivalent nicotine tar deposit…(zero negative findings)… so the federal G men deep-sixed all the results, making it very hard to find… even the pre-med students had to sign lengthy docs to be in on the study… even the brits challenge that usage causes sterility remains BS…
    As for legality, our FUBAR federal G was never intended to infringe on human rights, but to protect and police them, man. God bless Bob Marley, poster child of ganja!

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    Flashback 100 years ago, When farmers typically bred early and often, sowing the seed that would eventually yield 10 healthy male/female farm workers who, when in season, had many double shift 16 hour days because their lives depended on it…crops coming in, ptting up hay, etc..starting by around 10 years old… farms have endless chores [...]

  • Pot has changed a lot since the 60s; stronger, greater variety and a far stonier buzz. The hybrid stuff costs more and seems to make the baby-boomer group tweeky and paranoid… some weed is so stony it makes folks a tad nervous.

    Genetic manipulation has now created superweeds, and cultivators are now isolating medicinal attributes: mild detachment, pain deleting… what chronic pain? It doesn’t remove the pain, it allows you to transcend it!

    Regardless, jailing non-violent offenders for an herb the Great One placed on earth is utter hubris. 2-faced Obama’s first act should be 2 mandate re-judging every drug conviction sans violence! Do it.

  • Flashback to 2008… Lord Obama vows to never allow federal laws to interfere with state run, legitimized, medicinal dispensaries… then they shut down a third of CA’s dispensaries…. The premise; Illegal Profits at Marijuana Dispensaries! Oops! Nonprofits are allowed to earn profits… legal start to finish, but the use of those profits is subject to usage and distribution laws…

    Flashback to the late 70s, when our federal govt concluded an in-depth study of cannabis but failed to find much wrong… the UC Med Center Marijuana Study (it vanished completely) disappeared…

    As an American, a citizen and a human, my civil rights, including pursuit of happiness, is my inalienable right! In our ant-mound planet, many require the detachment and reverie afforded by good ganga… countless millions smoke weed and work… you’ld never know, BTW…

    Alcohol is exponentially more destructive, yet legal. The challenge along the legal trail will be to tax and regulate equitably the entire supply chain, fairly and sanely enough to ensure that what happened in CA by the feds will never re-occur.

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    “More to the point, will President Obama’s legacy include emerging American authoritarianism, or instead the recovery of constitutional freedoms lost over the past decade? While machinations in Washington will of course influence the answer, We the People will play a crucial role, well beyond the 2012 election, in determining the outcome.” I would like to [...]

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