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  • The threat to US national security if US going to war over Iran wanting or getting nuclear weapons, not Iran’s nuclear weapons. There is nothing Iran could do with nuclear weapons that the al-Qaeda regime in Pakistan cannot do with nuclear weapons now.

    US should have a plan for going in and destroying all Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, a regime that supports al-Qaeda, that employed Bin Laden for terrorist attacks, that sheltered Bin Laden for years after 911 attack. That would be justified.

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    The “burning the Koran” is a bit overblown. Muslims have no problem stabbing cartoonists to death on the street, pedophilia dancing boys, killing and maiming women for men’s “honor”. The Koran is a book like any other book, a bunch of paper that goes into the trash if too many around taking up space. Spare us the faux religious outrage. We see enough of that in Santorum and his whacked push for a “Christian government”.

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    “Santorum is just another side show. The main event will be Jeb.”

    Totally agree. Neither Romney nor Santorum will win the GOP nomination and Jeb Bush will be called on to save GOP. Jeb Bush will likely defeat Obama as Obama has alienated his 2008 base while Bush will unite the GOP corporate and religious bases of the GOP.

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    Obama’s reply should be that America, being run by a secular government, uses science to guide its government policy. That science tells us we are dependent upon and a product of the earth’s environment. That the environment is the life support system on which human’s depend and that our industrial activities of air and water pollution are destroying our life support system.

    Unfortunately, Obama will take the bait and get into some kind holier than thou Christian contest with Santorum and completely miss the chance to focus on what people know to be true and to remind us that US is a secular and science based nation not to ruled by one particular religious sect on its beliefs.

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    Sadly Jeb Bush would likely beat Obama. Obama has spent four years disappointing and attacking the base of progressives, moderates and independents who elected him for real health care reform with public option, no Bush tax cuts, restoration of habeas corpus, no dumb wars like Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan, no cuts cut so Social Security and Medicare. Obama did the opposite of what he campaigned on and lost the people who voted for him.

    Obama disappointed from day one leading the GOP regaining the house and winning key Senate seats like Massachusetts as angry Obama voters sent a message.

    So progressives, “professional leftists”, moderates and independents will not show up to vote for Obama while Jeb Bush will rally a witches brew of billionaires and religious zealots that are the GOP base. Bush unites the GOP. The idea the name is “toxic” is more in the imagination of Democrats than in the heads of voters who are more into throw the lying incumbent out.

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    Oy vey…the cat shit is as bad here as DKOS. What is it? A PC and broadband with every 10 stray cats?

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    Obama coming out as Bush III is not much a strategy for him politically and it is certainly a disaster for the nation. Everybody dislikes Obama as unprincipled and generally incompetent opportunist who can’t even get sitting on the fence right.

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    It’s the Fraudulent Foreclosure Settlement, a fraud by Obama and the banks perpetrated on US citizens. Banks steal 5,000,000 homes worth $3T using criminally fraudulent documents and Obama doesn’t prosecute and cooks up sweetheart deal where the banks charge their current customers a few bucks each and the banks pay fractions of fractions of pennies to the crime victims.

    The deal is picture in microcosm of Obama’s failed presidency.

  • And persuasive arguments based on facts.

  • US military spending $1.3T per year.
    China military spending $150B per year.
    Russia military spending $100B per year.

    Keep in mind EU spends more than Russia and Japan, Korea and Taiwan almost as much as China.

    Obama’s new Oman base of 40,000 troops “home” from Iraq are not at “home” Oman with 100,000 Halliburton support workers. Obama’s new 2,500 Marines and 10,000 Halliburton support workers in Australian outback…in case China invades Australian outback.

    US should cut military by 50%, free up $500B per year and use it to cut US oil use which eliminates the Middle East threat of Iran etc. which US military uses as the reason it needs to be 10 times what China spends on military…as China kicks US alternative energy companies into bankruptcy.

    US should be closing all US overseas bases.

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    NDAA protestors should have been around the White House like the (successful) XL Pipeline protesters.

    Obama’s signing of NDAA with its provision that US military can kill any US citizen, any place, any time, for any reason is about the craziest thing Obama has done to date. Previously he was just lying when he extended the Bush tax cuts he promised to kill, or never proposed the public option he promised for health care reform.

    Obama campaigned on restoring habeas corpus and instead he eliminates the need for it.

  • Federal workers “make more” because they get health care and retirement benefits that have long been stripped away from private sector workers. Next the GOP will be complaining that Federal workers only have to work 40 hours and 8 hours a day and have to be 18 or older.

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    They should have had the exact same asset rules for the $1T in Wall St bank bailouts or oil subsidies or coal subsidies or ag. corporation subsidies. Median income in the US is $45,000. People should have a year’s income as a safety net so $100,000 in cash not counting 401K, IRA or other retirement [...]

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    Will Komen cut off payments to Komen as US Senate begins investigation of Komen’s finances?

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    How about US military/Obama use of drones in the US against US citizens?

    “Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front Unmanned aircraft from an Air Force base in North Dakota help local police with surveillance, raising questions that trouble privacy advocates.

    Lets connect the dots.

    1. US military has been using drones against US citizens since 2005.
    2. US military has killed US citizens via drones without trial.
    3. Obama just signed bill codifying US military having power to kill US citizens anytime, anywhere for any reason.

  • $20B down the mortgage company rabbit hole vs to homeowners who had real losses due to fake bank documents. All these “reduction in amount owed” are payments to banks to cover their loses created by their criminal fraud. Similar to the first $1T they got.

    Time to help the 5 million homeowners who lost their homes and the thousands of dollars in downpayments and settlement fees and insurance and mortgage payments.

    Mortgage companies and banks have to produce every mortgage for which they falsified documents with robo-signing or other methods

    Every home owner to whom this happened is paid $100,000. If actual damages are over that amount, those actual damages are also paid.

    The settlement we are looking for is about $500B paid to defrauded homeowners.

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    “Whitehouse will call it the “Paying a Fair Share Act,”

    Nooooo….it’s the Buffet Rule you political moron. Buffet suggested it. People respect him as non-partisan, the ultimate capitalist. His name on it is PERFECT.

    Repeating the meaningless Congressional jargon totally takes the political power out of the tax proposal.

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    Fact checkers are great. PolitiFact just isn’t a fact checker.

  • Call in the Drones!

    “Terrorist Americans rioting! Obama calls in US military drone strike against US terrorists”

    Now THAT would get him so of those Tea Party voters he so desperately wants and keeps appealing to.

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    Money and copyright issue seems main point. They are rebroadcasting an NBC product. I’m guessing they could redo the ad (a good one for Democrats to repeat if Newt is GOP candidate) with a collage of “NBC NEWS” “CBS NEWS” “CNN NEWS” and, coolest of all, “FOX NEWS: GINGRICH GUILTY OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR AS SPEAKER [...]

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