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    I have seen old ships sail like swans asleep
    Beyond the village which men still call Tyre,
    With leaden age oercargoed, dipping deep
    For Famagusta and the hidden sun
    That rings black Cyprus with a lake of fire;


    Farewell SD, fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw.

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    Here’s my list of must-haves. It’s geared toward southern (hot) weather so some things might not be appropriate. Water, water, water. All you can get. There is no such thing as too much water. Fill your bathtubs and any other large containers. Fill ziploc baggies and stuff into the nooks and crannies of your freezer [...]

  • once upon a time… at least a couple of weeks ago… I was convinced we were descending into serfdom. Was quite excited about my prospects. I can produce more squash than anybody I know so I thought I might be able to trade up for a chicken or possibly a goose. Lately though, I’m beginning to think that was wildly optimistic as we seem hell-bent on destroying ourselves with greed and willful ignorance. If they are very lucky, whoever or whatever arises after us may not discover evidence of our existence. Too, too embarrassing if they did.

  • Of course it always wins. I’ve spent this month dealing with customers who are convinced their payroll software is not calculating their taxes properly. They believed their net pay would go up and their taxes go down. Sadly, I’ve had to inform them that just because the gubmint says a thing, does not make it entirely accurate. You should hear the amazement. Who knew.

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    Vegetable gardens would be a good thing regardless. Saw a curious thing on the History Channel the other day. Guy was saying that the average meal travels 1500 miles to get to your table. So, if gas goes to 5$ what’s that going to do to us? There’s no way to cheaply transport food to all the nooks and crannies in this country…and we’re not doing anything about it.

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    Me too. Spent lotsa time in NM ar AZ. Got customers there and they tolerate my mangling their language, give me great recipes and send me chiles every fall. Some of my best times were spent in their company.

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    Funny thing. He won going away over here in the Panhandle, but now I can’t find a soul who will admit voting for him.

  • Bingo. And last I heard very few pre-existing folks were signing up for the interim plans due to the high premium costs. Me for one.

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    Yes please more. Yesterday my daughter came home excited by her history prof… told the class the one thing he wanted to teach them was that the US was not exceptional in the eyes of the rest of the world and that we didn’t always know what was right for others…far less do the right [...]

  • The only face that creates more of an urge to slap than his belongs to Tony Perkins..Fam Research guy..and I’ve run across more than a few slap-worthy faces.

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    Yep, Pensacola FL… Local eatery (famous for Morning Joe location)… took my kids there over the hols…waiter announcing fish dishes…. ‘Alaskan flounder’… ‘Jamaican Grouper’…. nothing from the Gulf… even oysters from somewhere else… Even the local tv commercials for our fresh fish emporium refer to fish from other locales ….. used to be able to [...]

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    I’ve got a couple of theories for you. For sure will be another ten years before implosion. They’re looking for the sweet spot …..keep just enough of the better nail salons open to keep folks temps a skosh below simmer. In an effort to save my tv from flying objects, I’ve given up on MSNBC [...]

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    Maybe some are starting to ‘see’. I’ve got a friend, we were roommates 40 yrs ago. We haven’t often lived near one another, but still consider ourselves best friends. Now, she’s your average grandma…glasses on a chain around her neck an’ all. Staunch Republican… never would listen to me on politics…. ‘Dems will raise your [...]

  • That would be good if anyone was listening. I talked to half a dozen customers yesterday re changing their fica rate tables for 2011… to a woman, not one had any idea this was even being discussed… These are city/county HR mgrs.. in the NE, mid-south and west.

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    damn straight… remember doing that… they still spray..just not ddt…I hope…

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    O/T — Margaret, I don’t know what type of work you are looking for, but have you looked at csc dot com? (Computer Science Corp) They have installations all over, hire lots of ex-military and specifically state they are open to hiring older folks.

    They have several projects going on here in the FL Panhandle, don’t know about TX…. They do a wide variety of projects for business and lots of military contracts… data centers, developing training systems… they seem to like ex-military who speak the lingo.

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    Medical bills weren’t talked about much then because they wouldn’t bust you to pay them. My dad has a copy of a Hospital bill for my grandmother back in the 50′s. I think she was in for 10 days or so. The total came to 65$. I believe the room rate was 5.00. Fee for [...]

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    Thanks for this. The pic of your mom brings back so many memories for me. My folks (still here) had a boat and we spent many many weekends anchored off one island or the other in the GOM. We were by no means wealthy. My dad was a builder and my mom had 5 kids! [...]

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    I have never made but one prayer to God,a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’, and he granted it. ~Voltaire

  • Second that! Doesn’t matter if they are R’s or D’s… Any of them will get their knickers in a twist if they discover they are losing revenue… Another point is that the integrity of their records may be at stake. Local recorders believe deep in their heart that if it’s not in their system, it doesn’t exist. Any assault on that will have them up in arms as well.

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