• I suspect it is for the same reason that everything looks like a nail to a hammer.

  • I fear this is just a white-wash to provide cover for the decision already made. Under what theory can new evidence, let alone secret evidence, be presented at the appellate level? Isn’t remand to the district court where the new evidence is supposed to be given?

  • Congratulations FDL,

    This means that bloggers are now recognized as “the Media!”

  • Skilly commented on the diary post Kill Decision, hosted by Spocko – Book Salon Preview by Elliott.

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    I thought this was fascinating and terribly scary. 100% on with the analysis of how technology will outpace the ability of human monitoring and the decision making will likely be be shifted regardless of regulation i fear.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Is it just me or did they sample (pirate) Elvis Costello, “Pump it Up” riff?

  • Kevin,

    thanks for your reports. I am sorry if I missed it before, but what is the “media Center” like? What amenities are available? Has attendance of other media outlets dropped or stopped completely? Is any one evidencing an inclination to escalate coverage?

  • I just wish He would look Romney straight in the eye and ask him, “Do you really believe the rules do not apply to you?” Are you unable to control yourself to follow the rules?”

    Please just ask that mr. President.

  • Kevin,

    Why hasn’t the gun control crowd realized that this is the mechanism that would be used to take guns “if we are not vigilant” as the NRA might say? Just tie these puppies to gun control and they will be history.

  • Skilly commented on the blog post When the Circus Animals Are Gone: Rowling and Political Rot

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    Very well written and well said. I do quibble with your assertion that Ann Colter id not to be taken seriously. I think she plays a very real and intended role to push the boundaries to an extreme that cause other changes that would have been seen as too extreme, as more middle of the road and “reasonable” in comparison with the Colter alternatives. She is endured and encouraged as she continues to play a useful role for the media (controversy sells) and the right to make their absurd proposals seem positively sane by comparison.
    Her “ravings” will not be policy today, but others will cite them and eventually adopt them as “tried and true” alternatives to them. Here is a lesson for President Obama. This is how you negotiate. You place a completely unacceptable proposal on the table and then work toward the one you really want to see implemented.

  • In my small town (61,000) I have personally had contact with 4 cases of home invasion prior to sale in a foreclosure cases: 2 where the Mortgage company thought the property was abandoned (and for the most part it was) except there was personal property being stored inside and the owners had title and full rights to access the property and the locks were changed property was stolen and converted. The mortgage reps left tags with phone numbers, a mess and very little else. Only things of value were taken. The other two involved wrong houses. The houses were uninhabited, but again, they took only things of value and left a phone number to contact posted outside. We settled all cases without filing suit, and I imagine that happens more often than suit being filed. Settlement, I would expect happens far more than suits being filed. My efforts to get information about the actual burglars, was (successfully) fought by throwing money at the victims.

  • I have had instances for my clients where this occurs. It is not isolated or rare. The companies use layers of contractors to insulate themselves from criminal acts of their employees. They hire people who steal and pawn everything they can get their hands on. I have my clients file burglary charges with the local police and then I do discovery to learn who the contractors are and bring treble damage suits and more discovery to make them name the persons who entered and stole the property.

    But, the major point you make David is terrific. Are the same computers that send contractors to the wrong sites keeping track of payments and balances? Clearly every computer and program has an error rate. What is being done to verify this rate and reduce these incidents? The true costs of Mortgage Servicer fraud is not known or being examined yet. I think the the mortgage crisis is as much related to that as it is the securitized mortgages.

  • There is no “Better” venue for a child molester. They are despised in all corners. Just take a look at the penalties and post convictions release limits.

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    Cynthia, You highlight a great point about Police Officers as persons; as workers on a job, subject to harsh working conditions. If it weren’t for the overtime pay they are getting, many would probably walk. But, one wonders where the money for all the overtime they must surely be putting in is coming from? And [...]

  • Malpractice by attorney at a minimum.


  • I have not done any criminal law in a while, but one wonders whether the advance information might have any exculpatory evidence in it that would have required the DOJ to provide it, gratis and unsolicited, up front?

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    I still miss Eureka Springs!

  • Skilly commented on the blog post New Beginnings

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    Change in inevitable. Marcy-gone. Christy-gone. Ian-gone. pacho-gone. Spencer-gone. Yet, T-Bogg and Lisa Derrick remain.
    I am sure I will grow to read and enjoy the new guys, like I have grown to like Dayen, but……

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    Well said Phred.

    I too have been a long time lurker/stalker of your work. I like your analysis and writing style. I do not always agree with your conclusions but I respect you and your work tremendously. Sad to see you not in the same place. I have to be fully honest. You’re the reason I am here at all. I probably will drop FDL.

    Best wishes with your new project.

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    Are you Rorschach-ing us?

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    Showing some fire! I am not expecting a response from the PhD, but I sure would like to his face when he reads it.

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