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  • And five Republicans on the panel — including potential 2016 contenders Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida — voted against the measure.

    Compared to pathetic subservient democrats, at least some republicans have balls to show when it matters.
    No war on Syria. antiwar protest rally, Los Angeles

  • Nice thoughtful thought but, sadly, these people OWN: your president your congress your media (seen anyone honestly reporting such issues in the main U.S media?) your banks and the financial system (know who are responsible for financial crash and worldwide financial suffering since 2008?) your judicial system (seen any U.S. bankers being prosecuted, let alone [...]

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    All this IRS scandal is a load of trash talk. Lois Lerner is being clobbered because she is a woman; she should be reinstated back to work.

    We have already seen bankers and government officials evading and lying to the congress and openly covering up and facilitating crimes without any adverse consequences. These includes treasury officials including former Treasury Secretary Tim Gaithner (who did not pay his taxes); regulators from Controller of Currency (OCC) pretending bullshit investigation of bankers and the justice department officials like Attorney General Lenny Breuer refusing to prosecute criminals.

    This is what IRS should be doing – investigating and auditing. Where are those high profile people now who often, on other issues, say you have nothing to worry if you have nothing to hide? Fact is the Democrats are a bunch of sissies who can’t get anything done and the Republicans are a bunch of destructive crooks and irrational determined loonies who can make an issue out of nothing just to demolish or destroy anything.

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    The US Chemical Safety Board, responsible for investigating the horrific fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX, reports on their website that “Investigators will arrive onsite Thursday.”

    Some how, a whole Texas town blown up, dozens dead and hundreds injured was of no importance at all compared to fewer casualties but thousands of cops faithfully eating Dunkin donuts in Boston.

    As the Republicans say, less government, lesser taxes, lesser regulations, lesser regulators, investigators and enforcers is good for everyone because, after all, it is business friendly.

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    I haven’t heard anything about all the other 143 (or more) injured and how their medical bills will be handled.

    Unfortunately incidents like these are a reminder why it is necessary that we should have a fully covered, fully paid national health system where nobody in need have to think about paying the bills. Unfortunately, our opticians, including President Obama, have deliberately made it worse so that everyone will forever remain hostage to corporate interests.

    You MISSED this important NEWS:
    DUNKIN DONUTS Stays OPEN During Boston Lockdown ..

    Above all, I don’t understand why they were doing a marathon on Monday?
    My understanding is marathons and similar high profile sporting events are done on the weekends because it requires mobilizing a large number of human resources. Besides, the participants, the runners need the next day to recuperate without having to worry about going to work.

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    President Bipartisan thinks he can lead us all to drink from the fountain of wisdom he found between the Crazy Party and the Spineless Party,

    Sometimes it feels that the President Bipartisan neither has brain nor balls.

    Tenet Healthcare Corporation is home of crooks. In 90’s Tenet used to be called National Medical Enterprises (NME) and was headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. They got caught raping American public anally by fraudulently billing for Medicare type of things. They paid several hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, I assume it was over 700 million, to settle the charges and avoid prosecution. After that they reincarnated themselves by changing the name to Tenet and moving to Santa Barbara, CA because it was closer to the house of their interim CEO of that time.

  • Considering how big that fat domino donut Christie is, everyone will look like a boy to him.

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    Dear Hat Squad boys from Justice Department, FBI and other Regulators:

    You don’t need to worry about this sequester crap because it won’t affect you at all.
    For the past several years you all appear to be in the pockets of wall street crooks.

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    Every 3 years in India, in “less than three months. . . a tent city [is built] for 2m residents … Why not erect such “pop-up megacities” for the millions living in poverty throughout India every day?

    Don’t need to go that far.
    Why not erect such facilities for homeless right here in the USA? Just walk around and take a look in New York, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, around Veteran Administration facilities and other places. There is abundant evidence of disgraceful hypocrisy in our own homeland.

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    This is an interesting post. First of all this DOOR must be the REVOLVING DOOR, so often talked about, that crooks use to go back and forth from being corrupt bankers to corrupt government regulators. Second, what you are suggesting is that people should used commonsense like they, unknowingly, use elsewhere: keep the front rows [...]

  • I sympathize with their general story but how are two women reproducing by themselves and why?

  • This is all flipping B.S.

    Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America is former SENATOR Chris DODD. He is capable of directly calling President Obama on the cell phone and, if he wanted, he could have this Palestinian filmmaker released within seconds from ICE or, more importantly, could have made sure in advance that this kind of treatment does not happen.

    Bottom line is this is just a way for JEWS and ISRAEL to show who controls America. Of course, they do. Look what they did to Mel Gibson. They made issue out of nothing and banished Mel just to teach a lesson that Jews run Hollywood. They have no way to control who gets voted for Oscar but they can make your life miserable in may ways if you are a Muslim/ Palestinian or someone who dare to say truth against Israel and Jews.

    The only thing good coming out of this shameful incidence is maybe now this guy has found material to make another documentary because of this experience.

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    Why the hell LAPD shooting at these look alike, though different color and make, pick up trucks? LAPD has already said that they found Donner’s burnt pick up in Big Bear mountain area. A few words of safety ADVICE if you are from Los Angeles area: Just keep you fat, lazy ass in bed until [...]

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    Jewell has been very outspoken and public in her support of LBGT issues

    What does Secretary of Interior got to do with gay issues? We just want her to protect the nature and wilderness where it does not matter whether a hiker is gay or not. I would doubt her abilities. One thing she could have [...]

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    All this path to stuff is just bullshit. Just swear them in and start collecting the taxes and be done with it.

    That is correct. All this path to stuff is just bullshit. One thing these people are better at than native born Americans is the knowledge of path (and geography). They don’t need no guidance of path or GPS type of nonsense.

    Just do like they did in old American West: ask the guys to raise the hand and promise to obey the law (although nobody knew what the law was) to be deputized and then give them a tin star. It always seemed to have worked and left everyone content.

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    President Barack Obama promised yesterday to “watch the US financial industry to prevent what he called ‘irresponsible behavior’”.

    Sure reminds of the POLICE INSPECTOR from the movie “CASABLANCA” who was pocketing bribe money with one hand while screaming “I AM SHOCKED SHOCKED GAMBLING IS GOING ON HERE.”

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    There was almost no reference in his speech to compromise and bipartisanship.

    Where have you been asleep, Jon Walker?
    That is what he (President Obama) does in the speeches before he really has to do something. When the time comes for action, our man is no show; all you see is compromise, super compromise, super-size compromise, negotiation to himself, wonder and surrender in the name of bibartisanship.

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    John Mackey,
    Food is supposed to be eaten not smoked, which is what you seem to be doing. The problems with American health system (calling it health care would be disgrace) is that it is operated by so called free enterprise system and, just like the WHOLE FOODS market, takes your WHOLE WALLET for some shitty and inadequate service or exchange.

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    A UK court has ok’d the extradition of Kareem Serageldin, former Credit Suisse banker, to the US

    Is it because the U.S. does not have enough of mother F* bankers of its own to prosecute and to put in jail?

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