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  • Wow, that was quick! I was hoping for a slow, agonizing death to this bill. But I guess the Democratic leadership in the Senate forcing Senate Republicans to vote on it was more than they could stomach, politically. The irony being Seniors and almost Seniors who oppose the dismantling of Medicare will still be riled up and pissed off, and Tea Partiers and others who like the idea will be angered that insufficient muscle was put behind the effort to get the bill passed. And Paul Ryan was thrown with glee under the bus.

    But any Republican who loses his or her job over this vote, should have no one but themselves to blame for it. Four Republicans had the good sense to vote AGAINST the bill, even Ron Paul voted against it. Anyone who voted for it had the political instincts of a gnat, not to mention no morals or sense of social justice, and they deserve anything they get.

    And I, for one, am extremely grateful for them making it so much easier for Democrats to take back the House, and keep the Senate.

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    I actually had a dream the other night in which I won the lottery. Know why I was so excited in this dream? Because I could afford to have some dental work done that I cannot have done now, and won’t be able to have done for the foreseeable future. Because I was laid off and am still unemployed. I have to take massive amounts of painkillers to get through the day, every day, day after day. And yet I realize I still have it so much better than so many people.

    Rich folks like David Koch dream of using their enormous wealth to control the strings of political discourse, to form politics so that they can amass yet more great wealth. Rich people like Charlie Sheen dream of making $3 million per episode, taking private jets to glamorous vacation destinations, porn stars and threesomes, and getting even with former employers and estranged wives. All too many people are like me these days, counting every penny in their grocery budget and dreaming of actually being able to get our teeth fixed. Anything beyond that would be gravy, so to speak.

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