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  • Petrov deserves that……a talented young driver for Russia who just needed a better card to show his talent .

    I am annoyed however how F1 always just wants to race the weekend when Le Mans 24 is happening ……I wish they would just act classy for a change and let Le Mans have the weekend to itself (the same with Moto GP).

    Worried that their drivers may want to race at Le Mans, thumbs down.

  • I think Schumacher is in great enough shape where he has a lot of his powers.

    I don’t think he would step back in Formula 1 if he did not feel he could be at his optimum best again. Even with factory Mercedes arguably being just the fourth fastest team, they are must more competitive than last year it appears.

  • What a mistake that was by Button and Hamilton, and Hamilton this time wasn’t fully at fault, but still, what a mess again for the still young former world champion.