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  • We need to nip this. One Justice said it was a tax; eight Justices said it was not a tax. From SCOTUSblog: “Justice Ginsburg (joined by Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan) agreed with the Chief Justice’s bottom line – that the mandate is constitutional under Congress’s ability to tax – even while disagreeing with his Commerce Clause conclusion; those four Justices would have also held that Congress could use its power to regulate commerce to pass the mandate.”

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    Appreciate your efforts, Kit. How long have you been in Austin? Don’t you know that outside of 78704, South Austin does not exist to the powers-that-be?

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    Obama can pound him on all three. Keystone is the one area where Republican hyprocisy can be best exposed. Romney would have the Federal Government over-ride the wishes of land owners in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. Why this has not been exploited before now reveals the weakness of our elected Democrats.

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    “you’re going to have a whack at Thomas, facts be damned”

    Yeah, tbogg and those other leftist socialist de facto Kenyans Alito, Roberts, Scalia and Kennedy.

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    Perry’s position becomes clear when you realize that his biggest contributor is homebuilder Bob Perry. Everyone in Texas knows that housing is cheaper in Texas because houses in Texas are built by undocumenteds. Perry and Perry like the status quo. Plus, there are lots of Hispanic voters in Texas.

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    When Holder next appears before Congress, someone should ask him about this. His Oath requires him to uphold the law, not read polls. He, then, should be threatened with impeachment. (I know. Not gonna happen.)