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  • As a Senator Hillary promised to get rid of our Private Mercs, instead they seem to have grown. I’m no fan of Hillary Clinton and this is not likely to change.
    Hillary also said the reason for NOT legalizing Pot was because there is too much money involved. I wonder how she gets her cut ?

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    The Tactics told in the story have been used for a couple yrs now in Ca. Some Judges forced the return of the Pot and money, others went right along with the fake program. Slowly but surely the Ca. Dept. of Justice ruled that dispensaries could be kept out with Zoning Laws. Easily pass by [...]

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    As a disabled white person living on SS, who spent his retirement fight my wifes cancer, I’m living way below the poverty line. The only way I have been making it was living in a HUD apt. Since my wife and her son moved to her daughters house for Hospice I have to re-interview with HUD tomorrow because they won’t let me stay in this 2 bedroom apt. If they approve me it will be for a one bedroom or Studio. They will be charging me a 1/3 of my benefits a month in rent. That doesn’t leave much for food and hygiene products. The amount is just a couple bucks too high for Food Stamp help. I don’t own a car and couldn’t afford ins. if I did, besides my meds making it illegal to drive. My COPD is not bad enough yet to qualify for a scooter and yet my legs give out after walking a city block. Shopping only gets done when I can beg a ride out of someone. Since I have been so focused on my wife I haven’t met anyone in yrs and we no longer have friends in the area. Her son and IHSS worker had his brothers car to use but that went with them and has since blown the clutch. My choices are shrinking almost daily. HUD has caused us to move twice now in 2 yrs and I wasn’t alone then. I can see no possible way to make another move.

    Our benefits should at least allow us to live with some sense of dignity left. Some studies have recommended doubling the size of benefits, or at least the taking of all expenses when figuring out the COLAs instead of the way it is done now.

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    Soon the Soup Kitchens will be raided as if it is a protest. Seems the only thing stopping then is enough money to feed and shelter with enough Guards and Guns. Your Crime ? You are poor are you ?

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    Without the newly declared Unconstitutional “Stop and Search” and decriminalization of Pot, the NYPD might actually have to do some real police work for once. Don’t count on it thou they would probably just spend the extra time ruining the rest of our civil rights with their new drones and the cameras that see thru walls and ceilings, not to mention the GPS they use against us already.

  • Without the extreme amounts of Narco money the banks would of collapsed during the big crash. Even Sec. of State Clinton when asked about the War on Drugs admitted it could not and would not ever be won because of the amount of money involved.
    During Nam thousands of soldiers came home strungout to the max on some of the best drugs in the world. Doesn’t anyone else find it impossible that Americans spending yrs in the Golden Triangle aren’t coming home with major habits ? I have yet to read a single word in the press about our troops smoking hashish to shooting pure heroin. How is that possible ? It is not possible and yet they have managed to hush it up beyond belief.

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    Hillary was asked about ending the drug prohibition a few months ago and in a surprisingly candid moment she said it was because there was way too much money involved and that someone should try following the money. I’d bet money she had a small wry grin and was a bit tongue and cheek when she said it. I know it really hit me hard to hear her just come out and say something so plain and honest that the general public would never take it serious.

  • Medical Marijuana IS a JOBS Program.

    The Unions in Ca. are in progress of signing up growers, bud-trimmers, Bud-tenders and others into their Unions at a Living Wage. Add in the growth of Hemp for out Farmers and they would have 2, not just 1 new Money Crop. Right all the hemp grown for comm’l use is now grown outside the US and yet we can buy the finished products without any problems.

    Does Obama really want to go against the Unions over this ?

  • Why should we be surprised ? After all, they are just practicing and trying hard to ward off the G8 protest, among others. They must think if they have a bad enough rep like the LAPD or the NYPD, they no one will ( cough ) get out of hand. Makes me long for the late 60s/early 70s.

    What I fear is how many songs and patriots will join the ranks of ” Four Dead in Ohio ” before someone comes to their senses.

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    If Reporters without Borders took the Fusion Centers eavesdropping on every reporters cell, computor, Ipad, Iphone, etc, etc, one would have to imagine we would of dropped to the same ranking North Korea or Iran. Of course my statement on the fusion centers is pure conjecture. Did you know we once thought torture by the US Army and CIA was pure conjecture also ?

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    Now that was / is a rant for the ages !

    My Compliments, Sam

  • When those wrongfully foreclosed are given somewhere about $250,000 each, and more if they had bought a home of higher value, then the talked can begin in earnest.

  • The Republicans have done the formal process of having faux session every 3 days to stop Pres. Obama to make a recess appt.. That said, it is usually during the Xmas break that there comes a time the pres. can force one thru. Pres, Obama has not done a recess appt yet if memory still serves this old man right.

  • So Big Pharma is making its first big move. The key fact is that Dispensarys will be done away with so Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart, and the rest will enjoy a monopoly. The Gov. Wash. was just on CNN talking about this move. She described it so it sounded as if the Dr.s could be deciding the strength and type which Marijuana to be given to the patient. I’m willing to bet Medical Marijuana was not taught in their classes at school or on the States test, any takers ?

    The only good thing that may come from this move is that the Insurance Industry may have to pay for my prescription sooner or later

  • I hear Corzine is looking for a New Job. Panetta can take over Corzines bank and be bailed out while Corzine steals enough money to keep the Pentagon happy. Right ? right ? hmmm ok maybe not.

  • Pipeline may be on Hold

    From the Guardian,

    Reporting from Washington—
    The Obama administration is considering a move that could delay a decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline by requiring sponsors to reduce the project’s environmental risks before it can be approved, according to people with knowledge of the deliberations.

    The step might put off a decision until after the 2012 election and be a way for the White House to at least temporarily avoid antagonizing either the unions that support the pipeline or the environmental activists who oppose it as President Obama gears up for his campaign

    And a little farther down is this even better ? news.

    Further delays could make the pipeline financially unfeasible for TransCanada and the companies that plan to ship crude through it. The oil industry has argued that if Keystone XL does not get a permit, TransCanada and its clients would develop the oil sands anyway and ship the crude west in a pipeline to the Pacific Coast. But environmentalists contend that there is far too much local resistance in Canada for that to occur.

    “My guess is, if there is a delay, it could very well kill the pipeline of its own weight,” said John H. Adams, founding director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, at Sunday’s rally.

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    I’m all for ” The Boss ” doing it but for some reason I’m not sure he would. Can’t you hear it now ? “Born for the N F L , …. “.

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    Does any modern day Politican or public offical even read the news ? Do they ALL really just say F*uck what the overall public wants ? I can’t remember the last time puclic opinion ruled the day. Many may say that the end of Don’t Ask except if Public opinion was followed it would of been done yrs ago.

    I will admit to having a little higher hopes when I say the Was St. movement start up. I hope they are able to grow and maintain without the NYPD doing something we might all regret.

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    IF and it is a big IF, Obama can pass a form of Means Testing for those who really can afford it I see nothing wrong with it. Why not let those who are rich enough to pay a larger co-pay than those living solely on Social Security. I don’t have a co-pay now for my medicare but I am also poor enough to qualify for medicaid to back-up medicare as my second insurance. I’m sure there are millions of Boomer in much better shape than I am. Any more cuts or added costs to my healthcare would make serious dent in my Ramen Diet.

    I didn’t here enough detail last night to form a real opinion on what the Pres. plans to do with those programs I paid into since the 1960s.

  • Makes it clearer why we have so many bases around the world. It must be hard to control close to 100 Police Forces from Washington.

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