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  • All of you are worried about the obvious when comes to groups. First you have to frame what OBAMA has not done when it comes to foreign and domestic policies period. It also true he has thrown his base under the bus numerous time and we have to remind him of what he has done on a continous basis. At the same time we have make sure that 13 million or so supporter are not supporting him any longer. The coalition you formulate must be relentless and unforgiven. The REP say whatever they want about OBAMA he remains silent I had a plan and offered to JANE HAMISHER she ignored it completely. In addtion lot of money will be needed and it can be raised,but it must be use wisely. I like Howard DEAN idea of a fifty state stragety and we pick the canidates. I also think the sooner we get started the better. I want us to be the ones who pick the canidates. By the way think of us like the teaparty as a movement except we are not bought by anybody. It going to take planning,money and a willigness to face all opposition from both parties period.