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  • Seriously? You mean we can’t have a discussion about one set of policies being more effective and another set of policies being less effective? So, middle class table manners trumps the need to critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of different policies in addressing the very pressing problems of lack of development in the periphery?

  • Do you live with your energy needs being met by this method. Or you live on a conventional power grid? The arrogance of first world people is astonishing. Again, Yunus is a libertarian. John Mackey, the Whole Foods guy, is a libertarian. Yunus and Mackey love microcredit. Shouldn’t FDLer’s be more critical of this stuff. Respond to the Bond article. He is a real economist, not just some huckster.

  • “Of course if governments were able to effectively do their jobs around the globe, then maybe we wouldn’t need these solutions, but unfortunately that is not the reality.”

    But you’ve given up fighting for them.

    “And I want to point out that Yunus’ results are quite impressive and have made a huge dent in past 30 years. They are on track to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals unlike neighboring (and far richer) India, because the work of Yunus and other groups like BRAC are focusing on the poorest of the poor and lifting them up several levels.”

    And Chavez/Morales/Correa/Kirchner have accomplished more in Latin America. Seriously, The Pink turn in Latin America has lifted more people out of absolute poverty that Yunus.

  • yes. $400 is enough to start a small enterprise. What about Ghana’s needs for serious infrastructure? The best infrastructure in the country was built by Nkrumah using that boring old un-sexy, un-libertarian state to make the necessary large-scale and long-term investments that provide a real foundation for economoic growth, and not just the feel good charity (posing as development policy) of privileged elites in the core of the world economy.

  • “but with social business Yunus is able to tackle their lack of access to so many services that we take for granted: clean water, mosquito nets, sanitation, health, food, etc.”

    And these needs have been met far more effectively in literally dozens of cases across decades via the Post ww2 post-colonial Keynesian, import substitution policies. Why settle for microcredit’s micro results when you can actually make real gains by using the state to socialize long-term fixed costs (like the costs associated with real infrastructure and not just porta-potties and generators). Power grids, water system, railroads, that is the real basis for industrial development reequire large-scale and long-term investment and (gasp) planning. At best microcredit is a wee tiny band aid on a serious wound. At worst it is a libertarian ideological distraction. If libertarians like Yunus and Mackey love microcredit, shouldn’t the interviewers here offer even a bit of critical thinking on the topic?

  • I can understand if folks were still enthralled with microcredit back in 1998. But in 2013? Really? Get a library card folks. Or at least start here:

    Microcredit is libertarian enlightened shopping social justice for the whole foods crowd. It is micro-politics (can it be any less effective?), its micro-justice for a world that has given up on the idea of either democracy or economic development in the periphery of the world economy. Dollar for dollar the efficacy of microcredit pales in comparison to the real gains you can make with an old fashion Keynesian, import substituing, state-led economic development model.
    It is a question of Chavez/Morales/Correa/Kirchner versus Yunis/Harris/John Mackey (the libertarian who owns whole foods). The choice is pretty clear. Whose afraid of using the state for economoic development?

  • watch her on Democracy Now. The link is on comment 13. She is a vile imperialist who uses genocide and human rights as a pretext for US domination around the world.

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    Anyone want to start placing bets now on which election Sunkara calls on the left to be responsible and hold its nose while it votes for the lesser evil Democrat? I’m betting 2016.

    BTW, don’t subscribe to Jacobin. They take your sub money but don’t send you the magazine.

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    So what is the difference between what I call a “liberal” and you call a “pragmatic progressive”??? The point still stands that opening a post with the trope that Obama is dummy and scores own goals is a fundamental mischaracterization of Obama. One that makes our task more difficult.

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    “President Barack Obama has once again started his negotiations by scoring into his own net.”

    NO! After 4 years only the mentally disabled (i.e. liberals) still believe that Obama is a liberal. The US has one far-right and one center-right party. There are only a handful of liberals in congress and we haven’t had a Keynesian President since Gerald Ford. If you stop imagining that Obama is on the side of the 99% his policies become much easier to understand, analyze and organize against.

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    You are playing into the right’s hands when you characterize Sweden’s income distribution as a far off socialist utopia. So the New Deal and Eisenhower’s tax codes are also “far off socialist utopia”? None of these involve the core of the economy being planned to serve the needs of the working class. Sweden, the New [...]

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    Yes, Public sector pensions receive far more negative attention and scrutiny than private sector compensation. Welcome to the last 5 years. Welcome to the reality where the mainstream media are an instrument of the ruling class. Yet, this doesn’t compel us to just nay-say the ruling class media frame and knee jerk defend Ms. Muranishi’s [...]

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    Another response to the PM piece is the call into question the linking of social benefits with waged earnings. Instead, earnings and wages should be at least partially delinked via basic income grants (benefits, the dole etc.). Many people are not able to work per se, and many more are not able to work because [...]

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    For good or ill, the 2000s were most certainly not Keynesian, and certainly not the most Keynesian in “world history.” One simple piece of evidence against your “thesis” is that these have been times of low inflation. The downside of Keynesian high employment, high wage, monetary pump priming, is supposedly high inflation. So where is the high inflation that your side has been prattling about since the early 90s? Also, Glass Steagell was a core component of Keynesian approach to finance capital. Deregulation and bringing down the G-S firewalls drove the financial crisis of 08 far more than low interest rate mortgages.

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    Wray is a top notch Left-Keynesian with much to offer. As much as I wanted to like Graeber’s book on debt, it is too simplistic and marred by a quasi libertarian (individualistic and small-is-beautiful) understanding of how capital, class and the state actually operate.

    Here is a useful, generally sympathetic but specifically critical review of Graeber.

    On the wider point, the US is so far from broke it is absurdly funny. There is plenty of room to renew a rational policy of appropriating revenues from economic elites in order to fund a robust public sector.

    The current phase of cannibal capitalism is entirely self inflicted. But here is the thing, the problem is political, not technical. No one with the power to save capitalism from itself, has an interest in doing so.

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    First. 99 heart felt and genuine huzzahs for the IWW. Great people. Great work……But…..the IWW still today take the seriously mistaken view that labor law is an obstacle to organizing the working class. After Walker in Wisconsin, SB5 in Ohio and similar laws around the country, isn’t it time to accept that despite their inevitable [...]

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    Gaza is one of the poorest and most densely populated places on earth. The Israelis are running an outdoor prison camp and you suggest it can be Riveria. Lay off the hallucinogens.

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    Israel should be forced to annex all of Gaza and the West Bank, including its people. Full Israeli citizenship for all people now living in historic British Mandate Palestine!

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    The initial impulse of Occupy was brilliant, as was the “we are the 99%” framing of inequality. Discussion of economic inequality is now back in the mainstream. Kudos. Now, the prefigurative horizontalism of occuppy has condemned the movement to becoming more of an inward looking subculture than a outward oriented mobilizer of the masses. Occupy [...]

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    Neoliberal Urban policy. Neoliberalism has been the dominant form of institutional arrangements in U.S. capitalism over the past thirty years. Neoliberalism involves organizing political and economic policy in a manner that that privileges private enterprise operating in markets over and against the state operated public sector. Neoliberalism views taxation as mostly inefficient and wasteful “rent-seeking” [...]

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