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    if only one person had been packing heat at Batman, things would have been so so much better

    Forget for a moment the insane lapse of logic required to make that scenario work. I just have on question: How the fuck do we know there WASN’T one, two, three or fifteen people packing heat at the Batman movie? And those people were sensible enough to realize that it would be wholly irresponsible amid the chaos, tear gas, etc. to try to play Bruce Willis in that moment?

    Jesus. I’m so sick of that stupid excuse. “If one person … ” How do we know they weren’t there? Hello?

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    You know, I think you’re on to something there. Romney hasn’t secured the nomination yet, though! There’s still time! If the Republicans were smart (wink*wink) they’d nominate someone else in Tampa, thereby throwing a wrench in all of liberal Socialist Hollywood’s dastardly plans!

    To the battlements, Wolverines!


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    If Liberals are so good at long-rage planning, communications strategy, use of the mass media and pop culture to achieve political ends and so forth, surely we can run your fucking healthcare and pull the country out of an economic recession?


    Seriously. Conservatives are hilarious. Liberals are at the same time wholly inept and completely dastardly and efficient. We’re peacenik, daisy-chain stringing effetes offering therapy and compassion to our enemies, or else we’re rabid moonbats viciously assaulting those innocent, gun-toting Teanuts and we riot every time three of us are gathered in the same place.

    CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, ASSHOLES. Pick one. For God’s sake.

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    When I blogged about Mitt being an abortion profiteer, one of my conservative commenters said that was why he was voting for Gary Johnson. Which I think is a splendid idea. I think we should convince all true conservatives to vote for Gary Johnson, don’t you?

    Republicans in disarray! Tally ho!

  • If this develops as past culture war issues have, it will unfold in a predictable way. First they fundie righties will blame “Hollywood” and the “liberal media” for indoctrinating their children with shows like “Glee.” And then the Christian media (which is a lot bigger than anyone things) will develop their own version of “Glee,” but with a few key twists: it’s set in an inner city Christian charter school (does such a thing really exist? Of course not! Pay no attention…) and each episode’s storyline will focus on “Biblical values” and CCM music. There will be some moderately successful CCM pop hit out of the show — a song that uses the word “love” instead of “God” but we all know what they mean! — and there will be a “controversial” episode in which a gay kid is turned straight through the intervention of prayer which, they will say, is based on a true story of one of the show’s producers!

    And some of us liberals will laugh and point at these people and others (like, I dunno, Newsweek) will take them very very seriously and feature the cast on an issue cover.

    And we’ll continue to inhabit this little cultural gray area instead of telling the ‘phobes and bigots to STFU and take a hike.

    * sigh *

  • I can’t wait for “citizen journalist” Victoria Jackson to be all over this one since, as she never fails to remind us: “the mainsteram media refuses to talk about this!” Um ..yeah, there’s a reason for that, honey.

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    You know those Santorum kids are all gonna grow up to be hookers and crackheads and Hollywood horror stories. Except for the one who decides to be a televangelist. There’s always one.

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    What an ass. Half of Americans pay no tax because of REPUBLICAN policies, like the child tax credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Let’s see Democrats try to repeal any of these. WAR ON FAMILIES!!!!!

    This, by the way, explains more …. and it’s from the very Republican Keith Hennessey, who was an economic advisor to Bush The Lesser.

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    Wait, you mean she didn’t go to Mexico to find (and destroy) her dad’s real birth certificate? I’m confused now.

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    Saw a thing a couple days ago claiming Tim Gheithner was arrested (and released) last week but no one covered it because … liberal media, blah blah? Anyone else see this? The link was to some Fox News clip that didn’t get to the point fast enough for me to stick with it.

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    (Now, a half-dozen bankers stealing money and wrecking the whole world, that’s another story! That’s capitalism, baby!)

    Yes of course. This argument is always a one way street. If people cheat the government welfare system, well clearly the system is wrong and must be abolished! When Rick Scott does it as CEO of Columbia/HCA, we elect him governor of Florida and use it as proof that we need to privatize even more government services.

    It’s a false argument. It’s always “a few bad apples” who “learn their lesson” when Republicans do it. When poor brown people do it, it’s the worst thing EVAH and ZOMG the nation is falling into an abyss!


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