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    Wait a month and Obama will use these proposals to begin negotiations again.

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    So much for ability to be on public land and ask Government for a redress of grievances.

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    I say, if you have heroes, flaunt them. And Republicans do a grand job of some things. Of which honoring Ronald is one.

    Another thing Republicans did very well was indoctrinate anyone who rose above bootstrap level into believing they got where they are by their own mustard. And anyone one not making it to their level deserves to be left in the dust.

    I fear our present Democratic President is a child of Republican ideology. That at all costs, save the capital and everything else will spring back in the future. And it is a lie.

    If you are busy taking capital and jobs out of the country and refuse to invest in infrastructure or education, you are building a dust bowl where nothing can thrive.

    Our nation has, for 50 yrs, supported some of the most vicious repressive regimes. Not for the good of our country, but for the good of International Corporate monopolies. That have no loyalty to America or her people.

    So now we have a Democratic President dithering over support for a regime that regularly secretly detains its citizens and tortures them, plus any we send along as well. Or maybe he should support a revolution calling for open elections and free expression and independent media. One would have guessed it would have been a no-brainer, but it is not.

    Our nation’s banks and Wall Street stole our economy/treasury, and Obama’s DOJ can’t find anyone to prosecute for the crimes against us. Really?? No–its like the post-Bush debacle. Obama and Holder are refusing to call out and prosecute the guilty, so that this nation can gain some long term stability.

    FDR did not allow citizens to languish with nothing to hope for like Obama has done, and no one will forget when our next bubble breaks.

  • Kudos to Capt.David Price JAGC USN (retired)for making it more clear that there should be a chain of command that can be called upon to bring justice, where it appears to be lacking, at this time.

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    Now wouldn’t this be a different change of events-if the Haitian police arrested Baby Doc. Hard to see how justice wouldn’t be served by this turn of events.
    Maybe they can also retrieve some of the wealth he ran off with too. It is much needed now to rebuild the country.

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    New information concerning how our economy is ‘managed’ & the ones owning and holding vast amounts of our money will,no doubt, go a long way to letting us know why some of the latest ‘happenings’ have been allowed to go on in our governance.

    I’ve been astounded that Obama has gone to such lengths to save Wall Street and just let the middle class keep falling into poverty.

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    I wonder if WL has anything about how news of Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s kidnapping by the US Government was covered up by the American news agencies?

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    Thanks for the reference.

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    I’m not seeing the link to where all that info came from.

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    I live in rural Arkansas and know there are many here with multiple guns and are not inclined to liberal persuasions. So am well versed with knowing that this segment of the community is very riled up. And, for the most part, not inclined to listen very well to contrary opinions.

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    Patrick, I’m astounded at your detailed collation of facts. *respectfully bowing*

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    Maybe some of you know people that are academics and can enlighten us all on what higher education facilities might/might not have in place for their students.
    I’m under the impression that there is precious little set up now.

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    With the stigma society puts on mental illness, not only now but throughout history, there will not be a any call or effort to make mental patients records publicly accessed.

    There is a very large % of our society who are effectively maintaining productive, skilled lives, tho they have a mental illness. Most people who are given the time to stabilize on whatever meds are effective for them, go on to lead normal lives. I’d wager that each one of us unknowingly know these people and would be surprised if one day their records were put in the paper for all to see.

    I’m focused on the institutions that work with young adults, taking their money, and when faced with obvious mental problems, chuck the individual and do nothing to resolve an obvious threat to their community and that person.

    It isn’t rocket science and it isn’t rare.

    It is just that hate speech and the selling of guns, were not at the crux of what went wrong in this case. Tho they are major contributors.

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    No doubt you are correct.
    But most people working in a store that sells munitions can’t tell if a person (who one minute is just fine and in the next 2 weeks will have a break) is or has been treated for a mental illness. Those evaluations and diagnosis are usually not on public records.
    Until you are around someone for a while and in varying situations there is hardly anything that would clue anyone into a person’s mental state.

    Not to mention that almost anyone of us have periods, when we are more inclined to be disruptive than we are at other times.

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    It appears that the propelling factor in the shooting spree was Loughner’s mental state, and the lack of effective attention his blatant instability received.

    Not only are guns easily available in some states, or that provocative hate speech is rife in our culture, both are true contributors.

    But if Republicans think they can hide behind the excuse that Loughner was just some demented fool, they are in desperate need of a re-think.

    Until the late 70′s, America was beginning to come out of the dark ages, concerning mental health. Most States and the Federal Government was making advances in helping those in our society whohad mental illnesses.

    All that got put into reverse gear by President Reagan cutting off funding to institutions housing mental patients and members of the society who didn’t have the mental capacity to take care of themselves. All across our nation there was an abrupt dump onto unwitting families and our streets, of people in desperate need of help and care.

    To this day, gaining access to vital help is a maze of difficulty for not only the affected people, but for their families also. And that is WITH the person’s/family’s willingness to seek help and ability to follow instructions. Not to mention that the lack of funding makes waiting times for available services, all but ineffectual.

    Most patient intervention is done by law enforcement, and if the person isn’t violent or making threats at the moment of contact, they are jailed, and usually all drug therapies are suspended.

    When that college knew of his instability there should have been direct intervention procedures and his family called in to help guide the professionals. But as far as I’m seeing nothing of the kind was available.

    It isn’t a secret that most mental illness manifests in the late teens and early 20′s. Particularly at times of stress.

    Institutions whose job it is to deal with this age group need to be mandated to have interventions set in place. Not only to protect the immediate environment (school or home), but also to guide the individual towards mental stability. And maybe even continued education.

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    It might be worth mentioning that this can be construed to be intimidation of the public using sites to gain information too. Not to mention how this sort of thing would intimidate the owners of Twitter or any other site that WL information flowed across, or more specifically ppl writing articles about WL.
    All the information I’ve seen asked for would already be known to Big Brother.
    Hey, all those intelligence agencies have to justify their existence somehow. After all, we wouldn’t want to spend the $Billions$ on them for nothing….would we???………..Oh I hear the Republicans are trying to make budget cuts, any suggestions?

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    My thought is that without fundamental camaign finance reform, it will be very hard for the Republic to continue.

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    See this is the hard part, you have to read.
    Not just the Party Charter and Platform, but also read your state rules to become knowledgeable with your state’s laws, depending on what your club wants and needs to do. Like what does it take to help with elections, where ballots and voting machines or what ever can be found.

    What offices your party will work on, who in the area is running for office and what it takes to get them on the ballot, ect ect.

    After you do the home work, it gets a bit easier. And some people skills is always a pretty good thing. But once it gets off the ground, you will have help, if you are lucky. lol And sometimes it takes off and begins to fly-you will love that part. Too bad it doesn’t start off like that tho. lol

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    I live in a sleepy little rural area of Arkansas, home of the 3rd biggest Democratic party club in Arkansas-Carroll County Womens Democratic Club.
    Five years ago it didn’t have but 2-3 members under the age of 70, we are now becoming something any club in any place in America can become. It only takes the will and some time, patience, and work and willingness to put yourself out there. party web page with button to 2008 platform. Democratic Party Charter

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    google is your friend.
    Give me a few, I’ll come back with some links.
    Its about my 3rd rum & coke tho so give me a few–k?

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