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    Greenwald’s non-answer “answer” on Iraq is the type of weak-tea bullshit that he’d rightly swat away if somebody else who is now a major opiner uttered it. And, for people to defend that non-answer falls in the same category. For people just now realizing that GG fellated the Citizens United decision? Wake up. He’s a [...]

  • Ohh, this is all nice. Or, “nice.”

    Too bad Greenwald speaks to this same conference about every year and always talks about civil liberties, rather than … uh, socialism??? and then uses said Socialist Conference speech as proof he’s a real liberal.

    When he’s not.

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    The Green Party already has statewide ballot access for 2012 locked up in the top four states by population, and the author of this post and 37 posters before me can’t even mention the party?

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    Why I’m cynical about Dear Leader’s alleged plan to sue the banksters over CDOS. Let’s say such a suit is launched. It will be settled for pennies on the dollar. And then? Said money is used by Team Obama to create a successor to HARP and HAMP called HEMP: “Home Equity Maintenance Program.” God, I love [...]

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    And, Eli, we’re still waiting for you and other FDL proprietors to tell us you’re going to vote Green.

    Until then, posts like this are nothing but weak farts in a desert windstorm.

  • OK, now, how many of you people who read this are going to nod your heads in agreement, but still vote Obama in 2012 rather than Green or Socialist? Be honest.

    Above all, the FDL proprietors.

  • With the Texas Legislature officially passing a new state budget that, from the start of the current legislative cycle, officially said “eff you” to school districts in the state (among other entities), will we see lawsuits by Texas school districts? After all, the Rick Perry-sponsored franchise tax revisions are what led us to this point in [...]

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    Have you read his self-serving apologetic book?

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    Actually, on the contrary to the last graf of this post.

    There’s plenty of reason to think the insurance execs know *exactly* what they’re doing.

  • Actually, I don’t think Gates is that bad. Kenny Boy Salazar, on the other hand? He’s definitely in the top 3 with Holder and Geithner.

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    I encourage disaffected Democrats to vote Green in the general election! Ron effing Paul? Both a nutbar AND a racist. Besides that, if I wanted to vote for a real libertarian in the GOP, I’d vote for Gary Johnson LONG before Ron effing Paul. The man aligns with the Xn Right Constitutional Party more than [...]

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    Even for him, Brooks is teh stupid today. He bemoans that, while in 1954, 96 percent of American men 25-54 were working, today it’s only 80 percent. Without noting that we’re in the worst economic situation since the Depression. Without noting why the “structural changes” he cites later occurred. To be fair, he does talk about structural [...]

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    I agree with the issue of “debasing” a president. It’s all a matter of trust. It’s not like Richard Nixon lying about tapes. It is not even Bill Clinton seeking to hide details of his anatomy.

    Rather, it seems that because a President of the United States is black, and has a weird Muslim name, he is therefore inherently untrustworthy to a significant sector of the United States.

    Per Dayen, that means we’re NOT a “postracial society.” Agreed again.

    Surely, that too is part of why Obama held off on this step. He surely wanted to believe that even whites who weren’t latte-sipping Volvo drivers had “evolved” since 1954.

    And, truth is, many have not, including members of my own family and people younger than me than I have run into at previous newspapers.

    Question: “Angry black man” stereotypes aside, does this mean that Obama will stop being Preznit Kumbaya? Probably not.

    As for 11-dimensional, not 3-D chess, he may actually be doing that, and halfway well: http://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com/2011/04/obamas-birth-certificate-political.html

  • As Glenn Greenwald makes clear , Obama is NOT a “bumbler” on budget negotiations with the GOP. This is all deliberate. Given that Preznit Kumbaya’s now been in office almost 2.5 years, he will clearly only change his stripes to move them further to the right. So, will Jane, Marcy, et al, fallow the logic of their [...]

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    I followed up on my blog. I’ll say here that, per the TPM link, there’s no “outright denial” in that story and the first two grafs are nothing but spin. Per Larson’s FB page (and a Politico story that referenced it, as well as a Gawker blog), if the Wisconsin 14 really had nothing new [...]

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    What else can you call it? If this WSJ story is correct, “cave” is the only word to be used for the 14 Democrats of the Wisconsin state senate. The 14 think that bill Gov. Scott Walker wants to pass, ending collective bargaining for state unionized employees, will “taint” him and the rest of the state [...]

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    It’s called a paywall, not a greedwall. Newspapers are a business, not all of them are equally capitalistic, and I’ll bet, elsewhere, you mourn the decline of media even as papers lose money.

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    It will wave nothing progressive. HuffPo’s original news reporting wasn’t always that progressive. Besides (and ultimate note on this to David) what’s so progressive about hiring a bunch of serfs? Incidentally, that’s exactly why AOL wanted HuffPost — a bunch of serf writers to help grind out the MASSIVE SEO-gaming spree that’s just around the corner. http://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com/2011/02/aol-buying-huffpost-for-315m-ugh.html

  • AOL bought HuffPost precisely because it needs serf writers (most of them on HuffPost don’t cover politics anyway) for its pending tsunami of SEO gaming. http://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com/2011/02/aol-buying-huffpost-for-315m-ugh.html

    And, if anybody things HuffPost is really that liberal, it’s aout 1 degree more so than TPM, per another commenter.

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    Really? Because “association,” in a context like this, sounds very close to “associate.” As in “Walmart associate.” Or maybe “Amway associate.” As for the wisdom of Craig Newmark? First, NPR has an oftimes dysfunctional relationship with member stations. That will probably get worse before it gets better, if it does. Second, just because Craig Newmark, [...]

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