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    You are totally correct! However, I am so tired of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Obamacare, and neither party seems to be able to offer anything better.

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    Sadly, I do not think that the Republicans particularly care about anything but continuing the healthcare gravy train, and the money that is being made. At age 60, I am paying $600 a month for a high deductible health insurance policy. I had to have retina surgery a month ago and the bills are beginning to come in. I am astounded at what the various actors submitted to my insurance company vs. what the contracted rates are!

    I guess what it amounts to is that I am paying $600 a month for “protection” against whatever the medical actors want to charge. Don’t get me wrong — I am grateful to the surgeons and doctors who fixed me up and saved my eyesight! But until I hit my $7500 deductible, it comes out of my pocket.

    Republicans cry about any attempt to limit “free enterprise” but there are some things that truly should not operate based solely on profit, and I think that healthcare is one of them. There are too many abuses, it is too expensive…and eventually profits must fall dramatically or else we will all go bankrupt!

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    But about ten years ago, those web sites started forcing name, address, phone number, and most importantly a preset topic before it would accept the communication.

    Another interesting tactic of late is to prove that you ARE a constituent! I live in Texas, and used to routinely write several different critters to voice my opinions. Within the last year or two, they compare your address to a database to make sure you are truly a constituent. Otherwise, you cannot write to express an opinion. This troubles me greatly, and I have tried to point it out to some others without any reaction.

    I worked for a trade association years ago, and we routinely corresponded with congressmen and senators from across the country to voice our viewpoint. Why should trade associations and business groups have greater access than constituents?

    We don’t matter…

  • If our illustrious Justice Department is so concerned about truth, justice and the American way, why have they done nothing against the bankers who have stolen so much of our wealth and left our country in shambles? I think they need to prosecute those crimes before they begin to worry about anything Mr. Snowden has done…

    I alienated my family by voting for Obama…”Change I could believe in???” Huh!

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    Yes, Harry Reid is a big part of the problem… He has no balls to stand up to the Repugs and stop the shenanigans.

    Respect Ted Cruz? As a resident of Texas, I am terribly embarrassed that we have another blowhard politician who is full of fecal material and himself…Bush, Perry, Cornyn and Cruz. Not all of us down here are idiots! I didn’t vote for any of them!

  • Punkkitty, as some of the others have noted, don’t give up hope! I was laid off four years ago, and fortunately got back to work as a contractor in IT. It is not bad, at all! You do have to keep your wits about you, and I have wound up with a bad gig or two — but all in all, I have stayed employed for the last three years!

    To address another issue mentioned on here, our government HAS to begin enforcing H1B visa rules! I ran a project a couple of years ago that was comprised of workers from a prominent Indian computer firm, and virtually ALL of them had overstayed their H1B time limits. That means that they were taking jobs away from Americans! That is just wrong! The company that hired the Indian firm was not saving any money though — they were all being billed at US worker rates!

  • But…but…Obamacare is for LITTLE people, not US! It is a tough life… I am paying $600 a month for a $7500 deductible policy in my state’s health risk pool. I have no chronic conditions — I am just older. People in Congress have no earthly idea what things cost. It is time that they find out the cost, and how unfairly the profit motive treats people.

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    I keep thinking something is about to break…There just seems to be this huge tension that nobody is talking about. The recent polling that shows most politicians perceive their constituents to be much more “conservative” than they really are just shows how out of touch they are. These criminal activities, at the expense of every [...]

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    One other point that I failed to mention… If you bank with Chase, DON’T! Take your business elsewhere! I heard today that it came up short in its latest stress test. By moving to another bank, you can help put this criminal enterprise out of business!

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    I wanted so badly to watch the hearings live, but work demanded my attention. Slightly off-topic (but I will circle back)… Since corporations want so much to be have all the rights and benefits of personhood, isn’t it time to implement a corporate death penalty? J P Morgan Chase has a whole big long list [...]

  • Maybe we should just eliminate Congress all together.

    I am SO tired of John Boehner and his ilk continuing to try to suck all the air out of the room with the continued fiscal cliff idiocy. Others I talk to are angry, as well… It is just more of the same — there is no respite from all the drama queens in Congress, despite the fact that there was a very clear message in all the polling and elections.

    Are they all that dense?

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    I have posed this question on a couple of other blogs, but I have to wonder about the liability and effects on companies that issue notarial bonds, as well as the notaries who attested to the signatures… In every state that I know of, notaries public are required to post a bond in case of [...]

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    David, I lurk a lot, but I have always enjoyed reading your reports and insights — which are almost always spot on! As one of those who got caught up in all the mortgage mess, it was always a help to me to know what was going on — and what wasn’t!

    Somehow, I don’t think you will be far away… But I wish you the best of luck in getting things figured out!

  • If JPMorgan Chase “submitted inaccurate financial statements to regulators,” as the report indicates, top management is responsible under Sarbanes-Oxley. Criminally responsible, in fact. Anything less simply ignores the clear duty under the law.

    I work a lot with SOX-related controls. Jamie Dimon had to have signed off on the financial statements and assertions to the SEC of their correctness. He was supposed to KNOW what was going on. If he did not know, then shame on him! If Dimon skates on this, no CEO will be held accountable for anything and SOX enforcement will collapse.

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    Actually, I have an account at another bank that is my primary one… I am finalizing some other matters that were using my BoA account and I just don’t want the hassle of all the paperwork. About 2 more months and I am done with BoA!

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    There is another side of this to be considered. In order to cut its costs of doing business and improve its outlook, BoA has laid off quite a number of people. The trouble is, there is no one left to do the actual work of the bank.

    I decided to bite the bullet a couple of months ago and do a Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure, and just get on with life. A very nice woman in the BoA Customer Service Department offered me a Lease-for-Deed opportunity to allow me to stay in the house and figure out my next moves. I agreed, and we began the process. She warned me that the foreclosure process would continue, but that the DIL should be executed well before any foreclosure sale took place.

    Guess what? My house is up for foreclosure sale next Tuesday, despite the fact that everything else has finally been approved (we are just waiting on the final documents to sign). Bank of America cannot seem to get its ducks in a row. No one seems to know who to contact there to pull the sale down, which means that I am headed for court on Monday to get an injunction to stop the sale.

    I went by my local branch office of BoA a couple of days ago to make a deposit, and they appeared to be terribly short-handed!

    Enough already!

  • The Regulators are a joke… With all the austerity measures and screams to get the government out of business’ hair, there is no way to enforce any laws. It is too expensive, and besides — it might hurt business.

    So, the civil settlements are a great way to stir up a bit of dust and say, “Gee, look at what we did!” without going to any real effort or expense to enforce the laws.

    Now, since there is no longer any need for laws, shouldn’t we abolish Congress? Just think of the money we would save!!

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    Not a bad idea at all!

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    I hate to say it so bluntly, but I guess we have all become so dysfunctional that we almost “appreciate” here saying what she did.

    Personally, it really pisses me off… I would like to tell Ann Romney where she should stick her comment!

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    What kind of businessman permits the founder and sole stockholder to sign all the federal papers that he himself should sign, for three years?

    I have wondered the same thing… Every CEO I have ever known has been extremely cautious about what gets signed and by whom. Was Romney, if he was the CEO, just signing whatever people place in front of him, or was he asking major questions? You cannot be a part-time CEO… Will the real CEO please stand up? I would like to know who Romney trusted so much…

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