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    Does Obama use the same domestic political calculation when it comes to issues such as war? Our “disengagement” from both Iraq and Afghanistan seem more about short term election politics than follow through on a promise.

    Similarly with Iran. Will we go to war because he perceives it the only way he can be re-elected? Those are depressing thoughts, but thoughts I and I’m sure others are having.

    I’m afraid I do care who wins but feel as you that the end result may well essentially be the same. Not a good thought to be having.

  • That was my (depressing) thought when listening to their less than enlightened coverage. Using the debt downgrade “as an argument for cutting Social Security and Medicare”? I’ve been ambivalent about NPR’s news coverage for some time now, but I’ve not thought they were necessarily joining the bandwagon in promoting Social Security and Medicare cuts. Then [...]

  • I was struck recently by the parallel between the use of “body counts” to tout signs of success in the Vietnam war with the current “we’re making progress because we’re killing oh so many al-Qaeda leaders” refrain.

    At least when you’re using robots to kill at a distance you can’t get into the business of cutting off ears (I don’t remember if it was the left ear or the right ear that counted – you didn’t want anybody to cheat and get credit for two when they only killed one). There really is very little that’s new under the sun.

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    A “liberal” Larry Summers which “also may actually be correct, relatively speaking, which is of course even more horrifying.”

    It’s best I read that after breakfast, otherwise I’d not have been able to keep it down. What kind of a world do we live in where a Larry Summers could conceivably be considered to reside on the left? Oh, boy. Maybe I spoke too soon about breakfast.

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    And what exactly is it that you want America to be?