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  • Correct. If you are “being criticized by the west” you are probably late with the protection payment.

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    10,000 words….If you consider that the entire corporate media output dealing with the “events in Ukraine”, its more like 10, million words. They are pulling out all the stops to promote Obama’s and the finance sectors new “cold war ” Corporate media (particularly print media) Coverage of the US orchestrated Coup, the subsequent installation of [...]

  • These kinds naked exploitations are an old ,traditional, career move for the wastrel younger sons of imperialist oligarchs. One of Biden’s Ivy League pals (one with more experience in the mineral extractive industries) who also found himself on the board is reported to have said “it will be just like Exxon in the Old days!!” [...]

  • Oh God do we have argue with the Moonies

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    That’s always the real aim..more for them less for the rest of us. Even 10,000 troops would have been inadequate as a real threat of war. The fact they threatened with 10,000 and sent 600 is, rather a strong statement of present priorities. The aggressive US expansionism should not be taken lightly in Europe or the Pacific but it cant be forgotten, that the US has spent the past 30 years de-Europeanizing its forces. The military has been reequipped and retrained to fight neocolonial wars in the Middle East, Africa and East Asia. The 5 or 10 heavy divisions it would require to fight (an always potentially NBC) war against Russia in Europe(something like 150,00 -200,000 with all support including heavy armor and artillery, hospital, massive air defense coverage etc.,) and that we used to keep in Germany for that purpose – are gone. They aren’t something the US can make appear again overnight either, or inside a year or two and it would require a STAGGERING reversal of course and redirection of monies from the,now entrenched, in power “full spectrum” rapid deployment interests. Remember any force structure is supported by a gravy train of industry lobbyists and the politicians they elected to protect it. Threats by a Hyper- aggressive and still way over armed US cant be ignored but, for the present at least, 600 troops is proof they aren’t going to be backed up. Still it would only take only 30 minutes to exterminate most life on earth with the nuclear capabilities which both the US Russia, and also increasingly, China posses. Cant forget that either.

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    “Doing that will help explain why globalization’s plans for Ukraine are not going to be that easy to implement.”

    And it doesn’t even scratch the surface of why “globalism” is another one of finance capitals deranged world domination gambits

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    I was both glad and very depressed to read that. It was the only scientific study of American “democracy” i’ve ever seen. I hope there are many more such studies, enough to be undeniable (lol, unfortunately, I know) and that they are published far an wide

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    Western Liberalism as a (weak) historic force for change is utterly spent. Remember that Chait is squarely representative of that school. He falls to the center/left of that class. Western Liberalism has fully embraced wretched, demonstrably destructive even theoretically wrong and systemically flawed (and undeniably racist) Neoliberal economic policy. Western Liberalism has fully embraced such [...]

  • Without getting into a partisan argument which I have less than 0 interest in, it may be that Americans and the people of the rest of the world would have been better off if we had all blindly opposed everything the Bush/Obama administration and congress has done over the past 14 years

  • I think it was sarcasm..I also think that its gotten past the point where sarcasm gets swallowed up in the monstrousness of it all

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    It is true that New England Abolitionists and their numbers who flocked to Kansas were undeniably, fervently , Christian. That their greatest light, John Brown knew he was directly guided by “the Hand of God”. He once called his followers “the Party of God”(in Arabic thats “Hezbollah”). He would undoubtedly be considered a “terrorist”, and would have been rubbed out along with all the rest of the Insurrectionists at Harpers Ferry. There would be no trial today to sear the moment and the movement into history and define the conflict for the ages and provide a rallying cry for Liberation. They’ve learned too much since then to allow those kinds of trials to ever happen anymore. But Demints revisionism is childish and simplistic. Obviously without the massive weight of the Federal govt intervening the Issue wouldn’t have reach critical mass. Slavery has to be understood through its place in American Capitalism and the idealistic, symbolic, kinds of analysis so common in America doesn’t really shed much light. This is s great book written from a materialist perspective that illuminates slavery, and the American Imperialist Capitalism of the 19th century in a way that helps us understand it better today..Its call “River of Dark Dreams”

  • Whats to deny ? The whole thing is out..Whats striking is that our government is on a rampage of aggressively overthrowing governments around the world and the MSM is treating it as if its not only legal,ethical and normal, but really a non issue. What’s even batshit crazier (but hardly surprising) is these “ops” don’t seem to be part of any coherent policy or strategy at all ,except, to tear open societies to the IMF and western resource pillage industries..All done very piecemeal – geographically strategically, historically, culturally and economically Cuba, Ukraine and and Libya have nothing to do with each other, nor do Kosovo and Venezuela.nor do any of those places and anywhere in sub Saharan Africa…each job is a one off, paid for by the public (with some large oligarch charity donations).The US government appears to be acting as an imperial geopolitical demolition company for its owners

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    “And what if a civil war started in America? That’s totally possible. And what if there was a civil war in Israel too — between its secular neo-cons and ultra-orthodox extremists?” Not to be nitpicky but there probably aren’t enough Orthodox in America to hold up one side of a civil war (even if you [...]

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    Don’t you know that there is nothing but individuals? No society, no community just an ocean of rugged individuals fully and freely expressing their “rational self interest” in a market utopia

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    “the employer mandate” was always a mirage that was never going to be implemented. The white house and the corporate lobbyist writers of the bill used it to attract another layer of support for the bill, and they needed it too. The whole system of employer provided health care benefits is being “phased out”. There is no reason at all for employers to continue to offer health care and they will start dumping people onto these sleazy exchanges within a few years.

  • “those steps need to be taken in context with other realities we face, including lifting much of the world’s population out of poverty.”

    When did that get be one of the Priorities of Exxon OR the Federal Government ?

  • “This is not unfortunately how the federal government spends its money on drug policy,”

    That’s because, as with nearly every other federal spending issue, the pie is divided up by lobbyists. Good policy doesn’t have any lobbyists .

  • FDL -”A sizable number of veterans may think about the impact their actions had on Iraqis or Afghans. That could be why only 52% “like talking about their wartime experiences with casual acquaintances.” Or, perhaps, this is a product of the insular warrior culture fostered. They find it much easier to talk to other veterans about the wars and believe that most Americans misunderstand them.

    The warrior culture of the military also conditions soldiers to think they are morally superior to citizens. The poll found “63% think service members are more patriotic than those who are not in the military.” Fifty-four percent said they think they have better moral or ethical values than the general civilian population.”

    This is all part of the language of “warriors” and “heros”..They aren’t “Heros” because of anything the did but because the culture has created them (very superficially) as a class of “Heros”..From the beginning of the age of modern armies troops in the singular have been referred to as “soldiers”, not “Heros” and “Warriors”. That’s partly because of the needs of modern war fightings’ tactics, the need for group cohesion, and its also a conscious decision to leave “warriors” and “heros” in the barbaric past. When there really were “Warriors” and “heros” they did not exist serve the “national interest”..So the whole verbal construct is (like so much else today) staggeringly cynical. They are called “warriors” and “heros” in the Wshington Post, and by presidents and Senators, and their commanding officers, but in reality, where it counts, they are treated like temps, like the rest of working class America.

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    Start sinking Japanese whaling ships

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    When that day comes perhaps the surviving remnant of humanity can use the Rich as fertilizer, to increase productivity

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