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  • “We are in Your family [referring to God]. Because of that we have a sense of what the rightness of family looks like,” said pastor Steve Hetrick of Cheney Community Church in an opening prayer at the March event.

    This guy obviously doesn’t remember the passage where Jesus talked about the prayer of the pharisee and the prayer of the tax collector. Bragging about your self-proclaimed righteousness is a character flaw, buddy.

  • The statements aren’t even accurate. The word homosexual in the passage they are referring to isn’t even present in the original manuscripts. The word used meant either male prostitutes or sodomites. Many christians try to equate sodomites with homosexuals, but there are huge differences. Sodomites(according to the bible) ran around group raping anyone they could get they’re hands on.
    I’m a homosexual, but I’m not a prostitute, and I sure as hell ain’t a sodomite.

  • So, even children from traditional homes—influenced by the all-sexual-options-are-equal message—will grow up thinking it doesn’t matter whom one relates to sexually or marries. Holding such a belief will lead some—if not many—impressionable young people to consider sexual and marital arrangements they never would have contemplated previously.

    Ok. I didn’t even know what gay was until I was 13. I was always taught that anything that wasn’t the traditional family was bad. I was the definition of sheltered when I was younger.
    I told a friend that I liked guys when I was 7-8. I had no outside influence from anybody. Explain that one.

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