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  • totally agree, an excellent analysis indeed
    australia, too shared cultural, including religious and linguistic, homogeneity, if we ignore indigenous peoples, yet it wasn’t until 1901 that a united federation could be established and this despite a common currency since captain phillip raised the union jack in botany bay- new zealand opted out of the union

    interstate rivalry continues today which was a surprise to me when i came here as an immigrant in 1983 with each state proclaiming their uniqueness that wasn’t evident to me then

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    there will still be a greece come july 1 inhabited by 6m(?) humans
    what there might not be are many european banks holding greek bonds – a firesale is unlikely to save many of them
    the biggest loser in the medium term is likely to be germany if greece is forced out of the euro, paving the way for spain and portugal, if not italy
    trading costs with multiple currencies and customs duties across multiple borders are not going to be useful to the german exporters whose major markets are within the eu and it will not help german tourists across european borders either
    it is easy to blame greece or potugal or spain for borrowing but their lenders were mostly german and french banks and don’t forget goldman sachs’ creative accounting
    greece desperately needs to close tax loopholes, rather than new taxes

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    that has no hope in hell – india is picking up insurance liabilities that lloyds from london would have handled before sanctions
    her other quest, to open up the retail market for walmart, has already been declared a no go
    so, a trip to achieve nothing more than unnecessary harmful carbon emissions

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    if only Greece follows suit

    in a way, greece has already followed suit in reducing pasok, the party that brought in an unelected banker to negotiate austerity, has been trounced from a 40% share of electoral votes to less than 19%, however, greece’s problems are not in not taxing the rich but in too many tax [...]

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    looking at all this insanity from an outside in perspective, why are US men so obsessed with controlling female sexuality, particularly as it relates to reproductive potential? it is usually men, often quite old, and women are mostly silent it is mostly the US that flags the malthusian spectre, yet champions idiots – almost to [...]

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    according to cantor,

    If the Palestinians want to live in peace in a state of their own, they must demonstrate that they are worthy of a state.

    they exist, and as such, why is not that “demostration” enough of their worthiness to aspire for statehood?

    neither aipac nor US congressmen do themselves any favours in insisting on denying human birthrights and legitimate aspirations of peoples to statehood that governs in the interests of its citizens and palestinian arabs, semites, have not had that luxury for over 60 years

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    he never admitted to 9/11 – that video of him gloating about it was a cia fake

    the only person who has admitted to 9/11, ksm, never implicated obl

    ypu can stick tp ypur fantasies but keep them to yourself or out of here

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    wittiest comment that i’ve come across

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    afaik, libya supplies only 2% of the world’s oil, so oil is not really the issue here – both sarkozy and cameron were looking for a war to boost sagging domestic popularity and this is crucial for sarkozy as the presidential elections loom closer

    either way, there is no happy ending to this – the libyan rebels, in seeking active western involvement, including troop deployment, to resolve the chaos in their favour are sowing the seeds of their own downfall – if there is a rebel government, it will not last for long whatever happens to gaddaffi

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    thank you for that norske i believe intervention in libya was the right thing to do since gadaffi had almost crushed the rebelllion until outside intervention and if he was left to win the day in libya, he would have wreaked terrible vengeance not just on his own people but also on tunisia and egypt [...]

  • what’s wrong with thorium? the technology is already here and deployable on a commercial for profit basis and that technology produces no waste products nor does thrium lend itself to weaponisation

  • the biggest deposits of uranium are in australia and canada, in that order and none can be called a third world country but US vassals, yes

  • india does not have a veto but agree she should have voted against along with brazil which also abstained – abstentions are essentially copouts

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    get real india is the only hindu majority country in the world but it is a secular republic and the right wing hindu nationalists have not won a federal election for a while despite what happened in mumbai you are welcome to your anti-india sentiments but get hold of some facts even if they contradict [...]

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    no – whatever else she is, she is smarter than that but it would be a good investment to train public servants as to what diplomacy really is beyond espionage and inane observations of foreign rulers – observations that don’t really surprise anyone, particularly those governed by those rulers

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    a nfz over pakistan is a no go as long as nato and the US insist the taliban and aq as operating from there – this has nothing whatsoever to do with my personal opinion but that’s the reality and perhaps when reagan lauded those freedom fighters that the cia trained, nobody really considered that [...]

  • yes, sharia is common law and has two important elements – the hadith and the quran – the former sets out legal practices actually implemented but only has meaning/relevance in a temporal context while the latter embodies the spirit that allows the precedence of the hadith to be reinterpreted as that temporal context shifts

    for the right to fume against the sharia is essentially a denial of the basis on which western jurisprudence is founded – common law

  • agree and also that reference to the “fringe” has me puzzled – how can such large segments of indigenous population be labelled “fringe”? and as for “lunatic”, since when acting on universally acknowledged human aspirations have become lunacy?

    sometimes i wonder if access to public education has created more orwellian wordsmiths than critical thinkers

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    this was my response to MadDog’s post in empytywheels’s thread, time to reevaluate the importance of bradley manning’s alleged leak

    MadDog’ post in emptywheel’s thread is reproduced here at #56 and so is my response, or rather, questions:

    what does it all mean?

    that assange is an enemy? if so, the cia has the carte blanche to off him as it sees fit? does australia know about thiwhats? more importantly, do australians? if they did, jg is burnt toast, she hasn’t yet recovered from her previous gaffe

    how does any body become a citizen of a belligerent who does not control a state?

    given that assange is australian and now declared an enemy, are all australians enemies now? particularly since assange’s popularity has soared among ordinary australians in defiance of political windbaggery

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    if manning had given the files to the nyt directly, nobody would ever have heard of them

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