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    You know what most people think when they see a photo like this these days? They think about how much money it must take to support all of these human beings.

    Ordinary working people hear about Romney’s giant family and the many vacation houses in which said giant family spends its many vacations, and they come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney does not understand the financial problems of ordinary working people.

    This is surprising only to people like Byron York.

  • Coming up next: “Oh yeah, well, who wants to be president of your lousy old country anyway. You hear that, America? We said we didn’t want it ANYWAY!”

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    When the jacket copy alone is enough to make you cringe, you know you’re in for a rough ride. If Tom Wolfe is the genius responsible for the “wanna-go-muckraking” journalist, the “Yale-marinated” editor, and the “oh-so-light-skinned” Haitian, then the man must be paid by the hyphen. That’s certainly not the way anybody on this earth talks today.

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    The problem is not that the right wingers are somehow forbidden from joking about Obama. The problem is that they can’t think of a joke about him where the punchline doesn’t boil down to OMG HE IS A BLACK MAN! BLACK! That’s all they can see. They remind me of Basil from Fawlty Towers trying not to talk about WWII to the Germans.

    Are all these columns about Mittsy’s amazing sense of humor being written because his convention speech is deadly dull, and the Repugs want to have an excuse ready for him?

  • Oh pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, Great Spaghetti Monster, let Mitt Romney follow this advice. It’ll be like those Comics Curmudgeon posts about trying to figure out the “humor” of the Archie Jokebot 3000.

  • So their explanation is “We needed to hire a psychotic American to explain all those other psychotic Americans to us”?

    Ever get the feeling that the U.S. is now the country that other countries point at and giggle to each other?

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    I saw WUSA, the Paul Newman movie based on this book, last year. I’m not sure the meaning of it all came through — kind of a shame, since I think Newman really believed in the project — but it was quite creepily prescient in a lot of ways. I’ll have to look for the book now.

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    This guy is NBC’s biggest hiring mistake since, well, ever. I know, at first it seemed like a cute idea to hire the kid, and it brought a tear to the eye of everyone in the newsroom who loved Daddy Tim. But it’s become clear that Tim made virtually no impact on anything since the world has largely forgotten him, and now NBC is stuck with a halfwit who literally twitters about some shiny object that caught his eye. Oooh! Shiny! And worse yet, this guy will, if he has an average lifespan, have a sinecure at NBC for the next 40 years.

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    Still working on Portrait of a Lady, my big important summer classic read. I’m enjoying it, but it takes effort, so I keep breaking away for other things. Like Destiny of the Republic, which I liked. I’ve been wanting to know more about Garfield ever since I read Assassination Vacation.

    I also read 11/22/63 and didn’t like it at all. I had high hopes because many friends recommended it, but it had all of the things I dislike about Stephen King in abundance.

    Just recently went to a book signing by the British crime writer Sophie Hannah and picked up her first book, Little Face. Looking forward to it when I’m done with Isabel Archer.

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    Imagine, this guy actually managed to figure out that kids would be interested in a guitar-playing rock and roll star! Nobody’s ever had that insight before, that’s for certain! Pay that guy a zillion dollars and cut his taxes, pronto!

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    Shorter woman in Range Rover: “I have to come up with a reason not to vote for Obama that isn’t ‘I got mine, screw you all.’”

    And she just can’t accept that her cosmetologist is a better person than she is.

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    And if Mitt wins, we’ll have Enforced Family Fun Day, featuring you and all your relatives competing in Olympic events, with tax cuts handed out to the winners to make sure everyone is properly “enthusiastic.” And the Patriarch must not come in last, or else.

    So either way, the Fourth is pretty much a dead holiday.

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    Pretty astonishing. In the wake of this Supreme Court decision, the wingnuts have decided to argue that reading and writing in themselves are forms of liberal apostasy. I mean, we all knew they were against knowledge and education, but now they’re against literacy, even.

  • Aaaaaugh. No wonder you had to stop doing Five Brothers Blogging. Nobody wants to look into this abyss of desperate family values and Good Clean Fun.

    Seriously, who does this kind of manic hypercompetitive insanity for a vacation? I came from a big family (Catholic, not Mormon) and the most we ever managed was a game of whiffleball in the backyard, played at a speed and intensity level where no one had to worry about spilling his or her beer.

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    Will the damn Palin takeover of our television sets never end? There’s so many of them, they’ll probably be clogging up our airwaves for decades to come.

    It’s the number one thing I hate about our current society — our famous people are eternal. Once you achieve fame, no matter what you do, it’s assumed that everyone is interested in you for the rest of your life. It’s impossible to fade into well-deserved obscurity anymore.

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    They wouldn’t do any harm at all if everyone treated them with the amount of respect and attention they deserve, i.e., none.

    But for some reason the media lives in a world where the thought of a brainfart like Ben Shapiro accusing you of bias on Twitter must be Taken Very Seriously and Responded To. The howler monkeys cannot be ignored.

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    I have spent my whole life wanting to be present on the day we liberals managed to kill America, and finally it has come! If only someone would bottle Ben Shapiro’s sweet, sweet tears and sell them at my local organic foods co-op, this would be perfect.

    Now to get back to the War on Christmas! Victory, my comrades!

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    Somehow I suspect more “God of Drooling on Fuzzy Blanket, While Posing for That Guy So He’ll Get Out the Treats Already”

  • Found guilty? Found guilty? Might I suggest to the erstwhile Zimmerman clan that they should probably stay away from metaphors that remind everyone that George has yet to even be charged with a crime, let alone found guilty of anything?!!!

    Talk about tone deaf.

    Oh wait, I forgot, George has “been chastised.” Well, there you go. Clearly the ghost of Tom Robinson is weeping copious tears for him.

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    Well, no wonder so many people believe that Barack Obama is an illegitimate president! I’ll bet the vast majority of Americans have been sitting at home ever since March 18, 2008, saying, “He got the season of the Constitutional Convention wrong, Brandine! Clearly he is unqualified to be president! Why isn’t the lamestream media telling us this? It can only be because they are in on the vast conspiracy! Get me a tricorner hat and a “Government Out of My Medicare” sign, I’m convinced!”

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