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    I don’t wanna sit and agonize over my ten favorite songs so I’ll just do another random thingy.

    Get Up – The Dropkick Murphys
    Summertime – Miles Davis with the Gil Evans Orchestra
    Elegy – Jethro Tull
    Mother of Violence – Peter Gabriel
    Gone Hollywood – Supertramp
    Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
    Paranoid Android – Radiohead
    Outro – M83
    Sometimes – Candlebox
    So Deep Within You – The Moody Blues

    And the LAST ONE EVER: Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen (HOLY SHIT. I swear that’s what randomly came up.)

    Anyway, a fine sendoff. GOODBYE FOREVER EVERYONE! (Except those of you I see on Alicublog and/or Balloon Juice.)

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    Is the Hunger Games ‘preparing’ me to make out with a hot, sweaty Jennifer Lawrence? Because I’m totally down with that apocalypse.

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    Onward – Yes
    Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Don’t Stand so Close to Me – The Police
    That’s the Bag I’m In – The Jayhawks
    All I Want Is You – U2
    Crime of the Century – Supertramp
    Purple Stain – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    It Won’t Be Wrong – The Byrds
    Neon Bible – Arcade Fire
    Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas
    We Never Change – Coldplay

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    Don’t forget the most important kill target of all, Osama bin Laden! Harmless religious leader who gave jobs to young men and supported traditional marriage! But he crossed Obama, so ZAP!

  • Well, now the Pats finally have a QB who knows how to win!

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    Easy to Love You – The Grateful Dead
    Cogs in Cogs – Gentle Giant
    Don’t Let Go – Weezer
    Triveni – Rodrigo y Gabriela
    We Will Rock You Remix – Queen
    Iron Man – Black Sabbath
    Love Like a Sunset – Phoenix
    To Repel Ghosts – Manic Street Preachers
    Propane Nightmare – Pendulum
    Keepin’ It Real – Shaggy
    Lost Message – Air

    Wow…that was random.

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    I do love that the company that provided a lot of the software is named Palantir. Really, guys? Couldn’t have come up with something a bit less on-the-nose, maybe?

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    Breaking News: 15-year-old boy makes bad decision.

    I wonder about all the piling on: last week, everyone seemed to like FF6. A lot of the reviews sounded like the writers had Stockholm syndrome: surrender to the stupidity, accept that it’s not a great movie, etc. I guess one dumb is bad and the other is good. That’s why I don’t get paid the big bucks, I guess.

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    No dishonesty from me, it’s all butt butt butt.

    And music.

    In The Canyon – The Jayhawks
    Life and How to Live It – R.E.M.
    Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead
    One Hundred Years From Now – The Byrds
    Tear-Stained Eye – Son Volt
    Baby Loves to Rock – Cheap Trick
    Call Me – Blondie
    Bag’s Groove – Thelonious Monk
    Everybody Pass Me By – Pepe Deluxe
    The Day Walk – The Byrds
    Two Suns in the Sunset – Pink Floyd.

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    You know, from that angle Fenway’s brown spot looks like a map of the US. That’s Florida right by his right paw-pit.

    No, I’m not stoned.

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    I Am the Resurrection – The Stone Roses
    Stay Free – The Clash
    Fool’s Gold – The Stone Roses
    Visions – Pendulum
    Albert Goes West – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    My Strange Uncles From Abroad – Gogol Bordello
    Hickory Wind – The Byrds
    Please Call Me, Baby – Tom Waits
    Flight of the Rat – Deep Purple
    Where the Boats Go – M83

    And one more: Who Needs You – Queen

    Pretty good lineup this week. Double dose of Stone Roses and Cave, Waits, and Hutz all sharing space.

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    Dear Fellow Patriot,

    You know, this never works when I use it as a pickup line.

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    Also, does the Romney family have some sort of financial stake in the blue-and-white shirt industry?

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    Slenderman/Shmoo 2016.

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    Cry to Heaven – Meat Loaf
    Places West of Shawnapee – The Skygreen Leopards
    Chimes of Freedom – The Byrds
    Lawyers, Guns, and Money – Warren Zevon
    It’s No Use – The Byrds
    Worthless Thing – Elvis Costello
    Call on Me – Chicago
    Glad To See You Go – The Ramones
    Dear Old Shiz – Wicked
    All Stripped Down – Tom Waits
    And for the weekend…Femme Fatale – The Velvet Underground

    Meh. Kind of a B-Sides feel to this one.

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    And given that the city was on lockdown, Goldstein’s Makeshift Militia would have no choice but to bust down doors and look for suspicious people. And given that they all know what ‘suspicious people’ look like, they’d find the target. You know, after a few tries.

    Goldstein sees militarized police forces, but his answer isn’t ‘stop giving them military-grade weapons’ so much as ‘give everyone ELSE military weapons.’ He will not rest until the entire world looks like the scenery in a Fallout game.

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    I’ve still got some pretty good record stores in my area that I go to pretty often. Got shit to do today, though.

    Day Tripper – Cheap Trick
    Summersong – The Decemberists
    Arriving UFO – Yes
    Stranger Than Fiction – Bad Company
    Bad For You – The Bodeans
    Liberty Belle – Super Furry Animals
    1969 – Boards of Canada
    I Will Follow – U2
    Scars – Rush
    Peace Frog – The Doors
    And one more: The Black Angel’s Death Song – The Velvet Underground

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    I’m amazed that Jennifer Rubin is still employed. Even beyond her nutjob political opinions, everything she’s written just makes her seem like a callous, passive-aggressive asshole, to her own co-workers at this point. That’s some kinda job security.

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    I’m just mad that hunks of burnin’ love like Mike DeWine and Ken Cuccinelli go so unloved. (But yeah, I didn’t get it either. He said she looks nice, not that she’s incompetent or hysterical or slept her way to the top. Pick your battles, folks.)

    Knife Edge – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
    Blight Takes All – Trail of Dead
    Italian Guy – Cake
    The Weeping Song – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    03:45: No Sleep – The Cardigans
    Old Shoes and Picture Postcards – Tom Waits
    Margaret in Captivity – The Decemberists
    The World Keep on Turning – Fleetwood Mac
    The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down – The Band
    The Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin
    and one more: The Sweetest Things – U2

    See you at the movies, Roger.

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    If There is a Chance – The Cardigans
    Gimme Some Lovin – The Toasters
    Following Rita – Train
    Stranger Than Fiction – Bad Company
    I Don’t Blame You – Cat Power
    Too Late – Asia
    Close But No Cigar – Weird Al Yankovic
    Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel
    I’ve Lost My Baby – Fleetwood Mac
    Terror Bird – The Mae Shi
    Stones in the Road – Mary Chapin Carpenter

    Solid lineup. Hope things start going better for you, Mr. Bogg.

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