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    She totally rubs me the wrong way. She seems like a slimy corporate executive type.

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    She is the one who through her role got them into that mess to begin with…and actually it still isn’t straightened out as the Obamacare website is like Potemkin village where the public-facing front end has been taken care, but the back-end still hasn’t – this is due to Obama and other politicos (like Sibelius) who made political decisions that resulted in messing things up by not letting there be enough time to build the website.

  • Here’s an amusing DKos post:
    With the Democrats getting into bed with PHRMA, they now feel like cuckolded lovers…also nevermind the cognitive dissonance in ranting about Republicans selling constituents down the river.

    All across the web I’m seeing where – particularly as far as Obamacare is concerned – being pro-corporate (as long as the corporation appears to align with supporting Democrats) is considered liberal. So many Democrats are falling all over themselves in justifying a mandate for people to buy products from private companies.

  • Also many of those who do sign up are paying 10% of their income merely for a plastic card before the cost of any actual medical care, which I call that a scam

  • “If permitted to stand, the district court’s order would impose upon the government a lose-lose dilemma: disclose sensitive classified information to defense counsel—an option unlikely to be sanctioned by the owners of that information”

    We the People are supposed to be the ‘owners,’ but the Obama administration is just showing how much it isn’t actually working for the People nor does it care about them

  • Yes, the Democrats were given their once in a generation opportunity in 2008 and I can’t say they squandered it because I expected them to be amply rewarded for their sell-out at our expense.

  • “Ok, explain how not having any insurance at all as a low wage/low income worker is better than Obamacare?”

    A) You can get medical care without medical, which hospitals have to treat you B) You have 10% of your income in your pocket that could be used for medical bills

    “Explain how Democrats nationalizing the entire healthcare sector in a mutual suicide pack resulting in Republicans taking over the House, Senate, and White House by 2012 would be better?”

    That is what the Democrats did where they nationalized it into an government supported oligarchy where all they did is add on layers of expenses, but did nothing to actually bend the cost curve…such as the Dorgan Amendment.

    “Explain why progressives who sat on their hands as the Democrats were under constant attack over their policies”

    They didn’t sit on their hands. They were too busy getting drug tested.

    “everyone was losing their health insurance to be replaced by whatever health care the government decides they should get from the doctors the government lets them see”

    You are aware that you’re describing Obamacare? What you describe isn’t an inherent problem if what you get as a replacement is better, jut Obamacare costs more for less.

    “And it is in the Red States that the attacks on Obamacare are the loudest by people who…don’t like corporations in bed with Obama”

    You’ve demonstrated just how far Democrats have fallen. There was a time when Democrats were opposed to things like Cheney having secret meeting with oil companies in the WH, but now Democrats are following the Cheney model and see it as something to be admired.

  • But even after the passage of Obamacare, Glitch Girl still won’t go out with Pajama Boy

  • The key driving force behind Obamacare is doublethink – the pre-Obamacare insured weren’t really insured because their insurance was inadequate, but on the other hand the uninsured were a bunch of leeches getting health care for free. For Obamacare to perpetuate, it will have to keep running on doublethink and even with full doublethink mode, it may not sustain Obamacare.

  • Obamacare is so great you need insurance for your Obamacare insurance if you actually need health care, but Obamacare isn’t about health care anyway.

  • If you’re voting for politicians you don’t agree with you’re throwing away your vote and when they do something you disagree with, you endorsed it by voting for them.

  • Everything about the election from the design of the Senate, the shape of the House districts, and turnout patterns strongly disadvantage their younger, more ethically diverse coalition.

    FYI, I think you mean ethnically

  • So Hillary is the decider. Mission Accomplished!

  • You seriously think FDL is a right wing website? Also, it is quite true that Democrats are in the pockets of big business.

  • It surprised me that Bob Laszewski is saying that Obama only has a month to save Obamacare:
    However, lately I have been getting the sense that Obamacare was threatened ever since the insurance companies started saying they’d be increasing their rates by the double and triple digits next year. Previously a lot of excuses were made saying that it really didn’t matter how many enrolled or who the enrollees were (which is of course false), but now that is being blown out of the water. If insurance rates go up 10%+ per year under Obamacare, it will be the death spiral both politically and with enrollments.

    The insurance companies – WellPoint in particular – thought it would be so great to write their own bill to hijack 1/6th the economy, but I don’t think they realized how vain, egotistical and incompetent Obama was. The sheer incompetence of Obama might be leading to Obamacare slowly swirling down the drain.

  • The level of complexity with Obamacare has been ongoing problem where I think people who even think they understand Obamacare have turned out to be wrong. One of the things for instance that is said is to check the lists to see if a doctor you want is on a plan, but even if a doctor is on the list it doesn’t mean they’re accepting new patients. There’s all sorts of complexity built in everywhere.

    Also separately but related to Obamacare, the Democrats are basically showing their ‘fix it’ agenda is a scam because they want it just the way it is:
    The Democrats are afraid that the Republicans will try and get these things moving, which the Democrats don’t actually want to pass the fixes. The Democrats deserve to lose the Senate for their years of ongoing lying and their selling out to the highest corporate bidder.

  • “Democrats, being the worst debaters in the history of politics, have failed to make a credible case for why Medicare works, thus opening the door to Paul Ryan and his cockamamie idea of Medicare Groupons.they leave DC. Poor elderly can’t afford the bribe payments.”

    Actually the Democrats passed Obamacare and claim it is so great, which that undermines their challenges to Ryancare, which is basically just Obamacare for the 65+ set…If Ryancare is bad, then so is Obamacare and conversely if Obamacare is good, Ryancare would be good too. I of course don’t accept the Democratic line of how great Obamacare is and I thought the bill as it was never should have been passed in the first place.

  • But even in that worst case scenario Social Security will still be able to pay out 75 percent of expected benefits to seniors for a century.

    No, the worst case scenario is that it is privatized and switches from being a defined benefit plan to being a defined contribution plan. Both Democrats and Republicans are in bed with Wall Street and I don’t think it is a question of if Social Security will turn into another 401K, but when. When you’ve got Democrats cutting Medicare while at the same time turning the populace into serfs who must tithe 10% of their income to insurance companies, Democrats previously gutting Glass-Steagall, etc…it isn’t much of a stretch to see further privatization done by either Democrats or Republicans down the road.

  • Unless you think there might be a conflict of interest in having your own lawyers – paid to defend you – investigate your conduct.

    So if Christie gets into the WH, there might be job security for Holder

  • The Daily Beast has published a report on President Vladimir Putin’s “latest dirty trick.” The “trick” is that the Russian government is allegedly “intercepting and leaking the private phone calls” between Western and Ukrainian officials. That is how phone calls have allegedly been surfacing on the Internet over the past seven weeks.

    I took that to be true since it started and along with that it making Putin look good while making those he intercepted look like idiots. With all that the Obama administration knows about snooping on calls, you’d think they’d be able to protect the likes of Nuland getting intercepted or for that matter if Nuland didn’t know if she was on a secure line that she’d be smart enough to bite her tongue.

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