• “But since what the family says could stop a war”

    The spice must flow. We’re not going to hear about this for the same reason we don’t hear about the Benghazi ‘consulate’ being used for arms smuggling to Syria rebels.

  • “make no mistake, bombing another country is an act of war”

    I wonder what Obama and all those others who try to say aerial bombing isn’t war would say about Pearl Harbor.

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    Major Cassius Starbuckle impersonates Basil Fawlty

  • “Sovereignty is inter-national recognition of a state”

    So at what point was the United States sovereign? What about the Confederacy? Sovereignty is when a government possesses full control of a geographic area, which from what I can tell the Islamic State in a good portion of territory is the government and they do exercise full control. A country doesn’t need UN recognition or international recognition for the reality of the situation of the people living in territory to be governed by an entity.

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    Yes, a strategy of relying on a subordinate – Bush at least seemed to know he wasn’t the brightest bulb around and would delegate. That’s why I brought up if subordinates are afraid to talk to Obama, if Obama still thinks he knows more about everything than his subordinates (“I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors”), etc. as one or more reasons why Obama is perpetually reactive and caught flat-footed, like regardless what should be done with ISIS this isn’t some organization that is coming out of nowhere without months of advanced time for planning.

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    Obama is coming off like a bigger idiot than Bush. It isn’t like Hurricane Katrina that relatively speaking came out of the blue and caught Bush unprepared, but Obama has had months to prepare. Whether Obama’s ‘strategery’ is good or bad, at least Bush had a ‘strategery.’ Obama seems to be perpetually reactive and caught flat-footed on things that he shouldn’t be – like the ACA website – is it that subordinates are afraid to give him bad news, his ego getting in the way or a combination?

  • Certain police bodycams are designed to give “only part of the story is recorded, seen or understood,” which they only go on when they’re officer activated rather than being continuously run.

  • The reason Obamacare looks the way that it does is because Democrats made a deal with corporate lobbyists. The Republicans were merely meant to be used for cover, but they didn’t acquiesce to being scapegoats, so the Democrats keep on trying to make them scapegoats anyway. There’s certainly innumerable problems with Republicans, but one of their problems isn’t that they’re responsible for the way Obamacare looks.

  • “The more President Obama’s strategy in the Middle East is analyzed the more clear it is that there is no real strategy – just a series of half-witted interventions based on imperial arrogance”

    I think this explains much of Obama. I think as far as governing goes that Obama is even worse than Bush in that he has an ever bigger ego and is as short-sighted if not moreso than Bush. It seems like it is an international sport for heads of state to outwit Obama.

  • “He must go to Congress or he will have committed more war crimes”

    A Nobel Peace Prize winner a war criminal? Say it isn’t so!

  • “The cops have always had a license to kill…I’d shoot off the whole clip and reload if I thought I was going to die.”

    You are assuming a set of evidence. There are circumstances where deadly force can be used including shooting suspects from behind, but potentially that’s not the case here. If as multiple witnesses have alleged, that Brown was in the process of surrendering after being shot at from behind, there’s no legal right – even in a combat situation in a war zone – where you can shoot someone who is surrendering.

  • As a subset of #5 I’d define accountability to include dashcams and officer audio devices as part of police budgeting/policy. If the PD acts legally, they’ll benefit by having recordings of their actions and save the city on the cost of lawsuits.

  • I am talking about the President’s personal exit strategy as in he plans to keep waging war until he leaves office and then have Clinton take over where he left off. I am not saying that I think Clinton is going to win but rather am talking about plans.

    However, to summarize Obama on the ISIS situation right now would be: “I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive.”

  • Obama’s exit strategy is to increasingly take away people’s rights and keep waging perpetual war until Hillary comes along to replace him, then Hillary can rinse-and-repeat.

  • What – if anything – is the penalty for police taping up their badge numbers to conceal their identity? Along those same lines, what would stop a cop from taping over a video camera at the same time they’re taping over their badge in preparation for planned troublemaking?

  • Not that I expect he would have any problem if he did, but before too long isn’t Obama going to have to get Congressional authorization?

  • “Did the police have a properly executed warrant to seize specific things at the church or church school? If not, they had no business there.”

    Which nowhere in what I wrote am I in disagreement with that. You are talking about standard 4th Amendment issues that have nothing to do with a church claiming special rights. Raising the whole issue of special rights muddles the 4th Amendment issue rather than bringing clarity and focus to it.

    “There have been sanctuary cities for undocumented workers, for example.”

    Yes and as I said there’s no legal sanctuary that precludes otherwise lawful search and seizure. A sanctuary city isn’t declaring they won’t execute search warrants in certain designated buildings.

    “but both of your posts in this thread have very ah, casual syntax, which can make it hard to decipher them. So perhaps I just misunderstood whatever you were trying to say.”

    I’m sorry if that’s the case. I’m saying to keep the focus on Constitutional violations rather than to distract from them.

  • I’m speaking legally in that there’s no legal concept of sanctuary that excludes a building from otherwise lawful search and seizure. Also you conveniently ignore that I said this “most of the criticism sounds like things that would be criticized irrespective of said special designation,” which is hardly me not believing in the “right of citizens to be free of government harassment and intrusion.” Quite the contrary as I am a strong supporter of the 4th Amendment, but I’m not a supporter of medieval English ecclesiastical law, which it was not by accident me bringing up Becket and Henry II as I viewed this like dark ages church law.

  • Whether the church is a special ‘safe place’ is irrelevant. We’re not in 12th century England and this isn’t Thomas Becket versus Henry II. Whatever actions the police take in or around the church shouldn’t be praised or criticized based upon the church having some sort of sanctuary designation, which most of the criticism sounds like things that would be criticized irrespective of said special designation.

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    Particularly with Ferguson I thought #2 came into play. You’ve got a bunch of people rightly or wrongly unhappy about what they view as excessive force by the government and the government responds militaristically with an excessive response, which tends to validate the reason for the unhappiness and turn it even further into an ‘Us versus Them’ situation. What’s going on in Ferguson gives the impression of ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves.’

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